My latest YouTube video is now live! You can check out my first impressions and mini-review of the Verteggo from IWOOT over on my channel! I must admit, it all starts off a little slow, but stick with it because there's a few highlights when the egg begins to reveal itself.....


I don't know why I keep choosing these places to live that have such awkward layouts. In my old flat the living room was fairly big yet such a rectangular square of boring that I could not find a way to make the furniture fit in a way that I liked. Since moving in to this house, the living room again is giving me the most bother when it comes to arranging the furniture and fitting the type of furniture I would like in it! Due to the space I am limited to having a sofa on one set wall and the rest of the room is remaining pretty empty, with a big space underneath the stairs within the room too. 

When Lakeland Furniture contacted me to review a piece of furniture I totally hoped that I would be able to replace my worn out red Ikea sofa for something a little more subdued. However, their budget was limited so I chose this wonderful little tub chair instead. Despite being grey, it doesn't stand out too much within the current furniture selection I have. This is mainly because nothing matches anyway and I'm hoping that people will just think that is intentional haha. Assembly was pretty easy and I literally just had to screw the legs on and it's working out to be way more comfy than the vintage leather chair I'd had temporarily in this space. Adding this little chair also somehow makes the room look a little more spacious, yet with a few cushions on it adds a touch of cosy-ness at the same time too - so a good combination to suit my needs really!

Now here's hoping I can afford to upgrade that sofa sometime soon too....

Victoria (from Victoria's Vintage blog) and I are going to the races next month. I don't know about you, but having never been to the races before, I am unsure what I should be browsing to actually wear, and only knowing what *people* wear from pictures in the Daily Mail every year doesn't really help! I know I'll need something quite fancy, but I want to avoid the garish  neon ball gowns and hats akin to a fair ground ride.  At it'll be in May, I'm hoping it will be quite sunny so I kind of want to go for a smart yet sunny kind of vibe. Does that even make sense?!

The SS16 Look Book from  Coast Stores seems to be ticking the boxes for what I had in mind for my classy-not-trashy race day look. But I'm still not sure how smart I should be going? I really love the first outfit! But then will I look like I'm going for a business meeting or something? The middle outfit is something I could wear again after the event so a wise investment, but then the outfit on the right is so fancy I'd quite like to be this fancy for this rather unusual occasion. Coast is always a shop I kind of forget about, but whenever I see someone wearing their stuff I absolutely love it. Their range is so feminine and light, so perfect for summer wedding season too.  I'm pretty sure I can find something there for my day at the races, but for now I will just have to continue to browse.... Decisions, decisions. 
Revolution Deansgate, Manchester

Is there anything better than a massive meal after a busy day out with your favourite little person? This weekend I took 'the baby' (aka, my niece) to Manchester for a day out at the Science Museum and to stuff our faces full at Revolution in Deansgate. I've often proclaimed that Revs is an under-rated and pretty delicious option for food, especially on Monday's when their entire menu is usually half price, so when I was invited to try their new menu I unashamedly jumped at the opportunity. 

Revolution Deansgate, Manchester

Revolution in Deansgate is one of the biggest in the Manchester selection of Revs bars, and it's the one which I also prefer the decor of. It's so light and airy yet still keeps the nice 'bar' vibes for the evening. As soon as we sat down the lovely lady serving us sorted the baby out with some play doh, which is an unexpected surprise when visiting a bar for food. We've been to very tailored family eateries which haven't even provided a colouring book, but Revs had a little box of goodies for little ones to enjoy. Straight away it was a thumbs up from my sister in law! 

The Drinks and the Starters

We ordered some of the delicious mocktails pretty quickly after settling in, and the new coconut and strawberry daiquiri was SO SO SO TASTY. I could have literally drunk about 12litres of this stuff!! Refreshing and sweet but not too sickly, it is absolutely perfect for lazy summer days (not like this was a lazy summer day though, it was a rather nippy busy day in the end!). The 'Naked Sunset' was a lovely, vibrant mango, orange and passionfruit number which was equally as delicious. Needless to say, these were soon gulped down.

For starters we all shared the Street Food Crate. I've had this before and it's the perfect option for indecisive people who are getting a little bit HANGRY from a day chasing a baby around! It includes spicy thick chips, crispy fried chicken, pizza, and beef sliders. The beef sliders are my all time favourite thing form the entire starters menu at Revs, as the buttery brioche bun literally melts in your mouth, alongside the delicious beef brisket. Pour some BBQ sauce on these bad boys and it's an absolute culinary winner.

Main Courses

For main courses we all went for something different each. My sister in law had just had her wisdom tooth out, so had to go for the 'softer' option of the courgetti, which I imagined to be a warm dish for some reason, but it came out as a cold salad. She assured me it tasted lovely and the portion size was huge. The baby had Mac and Cheese from the children's menu, which was the cheesiest mac and cheese I've ever stolen off her plate. She wolfed it down alongside some garlic bread. 

For my main I chose the 'Mother Clucker' burger, which came complete with beef burger, corn battered chicken, smoked cheddar, streaky bacon, spicy chorizo sauce, sweet potato fries, crispy onions, smokinnaise and BBQ fries. It was packed full of flavour throughout and the sweet potato fries added a lovely boost of carbs to this relatively healthy option *snigger* all in all it was totally my bag and I would choose a burger like this time and time again! 

One of the new additions to the Revolution Food Menu was the pork belly served on a pretzel bun. These pretzel buns are next level in the bread department, which just the right amount of density and a lovely, almost chewy, outer layer concealing a soft bready inner.


It would have been rude not to finish such a hearty meal without some desserts! The dessert menu is pretty standard, with the Nutella and Marshmallow Fluffwich standing out amongst the selection of rich brownies with ice cream and cherry, chocolate sundaes. I don't even want to consider the amount of calories one of these fluffwiches contains, but this cripsy, chewy, sweet end to my meal was pretty perfect. Coming complete with additional nutella for dipping, it's perfect washed down with a latte. Yum.

So, as you can see, my love for food at Revolution continues. I feel like people don't believe me when I say how good it is, but these pictures alone can do all of the talking! You can also see a vlog of the day over on my new YouTube channel below!

Can you believe how bloody quickly this year is flying by?! I only realised this morning that it's less than 2 months until Download Festival!!! Last year I made the bold statement that 2015 was the best year for the line up of the Donnington Park event... But it seems that 2016 has crapped all over that! With Rammstein kicking off the headliners on the Friday and some old school bands like Billy Talent and Alien Ant Farm in the mix, it's turning out to be a total trip down mosher memory lane for me this year. So in the spirit of an excellent line up, here's the first Download inspired playlist to whet your whistle....

The Pre-Download Festival Playlist

With the cancellation of Hevy Festival and Sonisphere still not returning to the UK, Download is definitely looking like the best UK festival for 2016. The only thing which could possibly make it better for me is if they add Refused and Sikth to the line up (the only reasons I was interested in Hevy!) So fingers crossed, eh!

Are you heading to Download this year? I cannot freakin' wait!

Elemis Biotec Skincare Review

There's been a lot of hype surrounding the new Elemis Biotec Skincare range across press and blogs alike these past few weeks. Despite looking fairly young for my age of 30, my skin does tend to suffer from the effects of not having a proper skincare routine until I was about 27. Often I find my complexion seems tired, dull and a lacks the preppy glow my skin could do with to match my youthful facial features! My eyes in particular seem to suffer to most and with years of contact lens wear, I feel like this has had an impact on the crinkly area just under my eyes. Being so forgetful in my old age, I also seem to forget that eye cream is a thing and wake up most mornings with the full impact of my 6 hours (on average) sleep.

The new Biotec range from Elemis claims to actively boost skin energy and energise depleted skin cells, with the aid of Zinc, Copper and a range of other hydrating and radiance boosting ingredients. With three products in the Elemis Biotec range (all available at your skincare routine is taken from start to finish; all starting with the gel cleanser.

I must admit, even though I've been using the cleanser for a while now, I am still being slightly over zealous with its use. You literally need 2-3 pumps and you can successfully cleanse a majority of your make up off in one attempt. However, because it distributes such a small amount and doesn't foam up, I still go on autopilot and end up using way too much even though I don't need to! As soon as I wash it off, my skin feels instantly so soft and smooth, which I do find really weird as gel cleansers usually have an uncomfortable, tight result for my skin. 

As you can see, the Elemis Biotec Energising Creams come in a night and a day version. Both are in a duo pump bottle which distributes an even amount of cream formula, alongside a gel. I've been using both the day and night cream every night and my skin really does feel soft and hydrated as a result. My make up seems to be applying smoother and more evenly too, with no horrid dry patches revealing themselves throughout the day. When the weather keeps changing from rain to warmth I usually get dry patches across my forehead and on the end of my nose, but so far, so good and these products are helping to keep dryness at bay. In fact I'm not sure that my skin has ever felt this moisturised so consistently.

Admittedly, the Elemis Biotec Range doesn't come in cheap, with the moisturisers setting you back a slick £75 a pop and the cleanser coming in at close to £40 - BUT, if you're serious about trying the range you can pick up the Elemis Biotec Discovery Kit for £35 to give it a good go.