Then look no further than the most un-romantic present on the internet, which will actually score you some mega brownie points when you give it to your boyfriend. Yep. you saw it here first ladies. A Football history newspaper book, which to us looks like the most boring thing which has ever been printed, but to him will be hours and hours of.... fun? 

To be fair though, I do enjoy looking through old newspapers and magazines, if only for the bizarre and politically incorrect advertisements inside, but this one has very little of those and a whole lot of football. Fascinating for football fans I'm sure. Dating all the way back to 1922, this massive leather look book has every single mention of Stoke City Football Club contained within, perfect for any Stoke fan.

But don't worry if your fella (or yourself) isn't a fan of Stoke. Gifting website 'I Just Love It' has an array of football books to choose from from all the football teams (well, I think of all them, I'm not familiar with this football lark) and you can find them all online here.

When you've been going out with someone for a few years it can be quite hard to know what to get them as a surprise and I think even my fella is sick of the sight of watches, socks and wallets (the standard presents I get every single time) - so this bad boy is going to be a welcome change I reckon.

So, if you're looking for the perfectly un-romantic Valentine's gift for the guy that has it all, give this one a go.

Coast to Coast, Stoke on Trent

On Friday evening I was invited to a romantic meal at Coast to Coast...... With Charl, Sarah and our new Marketing friend from intu Potteries. The theme was Valentine's Day, kind of. Well, it was before we actually went for the meal and we did some shopping and treated ourselves to some wonderful Valentine's Treats.

Coast to Coast, Stoke on Trent

Coast to Coast is one of the latest restaurants to come to Stoke on Trent, as part of the intu Potteries upgrades. 'The Hive' is a hub of chain restaurants and a new fancy Cineworld, and if you're familiar with Hanley or Stoke on Trent then you'll know how far behind we've been with these kinds of luxuries in the past. But not any more - it's 2016 and Stoke is finally catching up. I've never been to a Coast to Coast before and to be honest, the only place I had noticed one is in Birmingham, so I was pretty excited to try somewhere new for a change!

Upon arriving at Coast to Coast, we were given the impressive cocktail menu to choose a drink from. Being a basic girl I went straight in for the Pumpkin Pie cocktail, which despite looking a little unsavoury in that glass, actually tasted AMAZING. Kind of like how a Christmas candle smells but in a drink... I know, weird description, but you know what I mean right? Those candles you sniff which are 'good enough to eat'? This cocktail was more than good enough to drink. Yum. 

We skipped the starters, as we had already seen the portion sizes on neighbouring tables, so went straight in for the mains, with a side of Chicken Strips coated in a delicious blue cheese sauce. They were absolutely delicious and I could have eaten about 5 more plates of just those! We chose them from the starter menu but requested they were served with the main - and everything came out at the same time, no trouble. Despite being incredibly busy on a Friday night. (Every time I usually order a starter as a side when a restaurant is busy they get confused and bring it first, hence my surprise here!)

Coast to Coast, Stoke on Trent

For my actual main course, I chose the 'Roadside Sliders', which consisted of 3 mini burgers presented on a nice big slab alongside a serving of spicy fries. My favourite from the trio was the one with pulled pork on (of course, because anything with pulled pork on is the best, ever) and the coleslaw was perfect for adding a bit of 'wet' to the whole meal. 

The prices at Coast to Coast are fairly reasonable. I suppose the best way to describe the place if you've never been, is like Frankie and Benny's  but without the Italian twist. All in all, very nice for a change and the cocktails were definitely a welcome addition to drinking options in Stoke on Trent.

Thanks for having us intu Potteries! You can see my Valentine's treats and picks by clicking here.

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Still looking for Valentine's ideas? Dunna worry duck, intu Potteries have gotchyoooo (covered).

Hands up if your other half is working on Valentine's Day so you can't spend your time trying to get a last minute booking at your favourite restaurant... *puts hands up* So what better way to spend your romantic evening alone than splurging on a few Lush Bath Bombs and the like? That's what I did when I was invited to intu Potteries Stoke on Trent and was treated to a gift card which made my Lushie dreams come true. I bagged myself The Comforter Bubble Bar, a few of those new fangled oil melts (one of which smells like snow fairy and makes dreams come true) and a few other fancy smelly bits which will make my night in splendid. 

Unfortunately I splurged my gift card way too quickly, so didn't snap it in action - but enjoy this image of it hot off the press (by press, I mean the till at Lush) courtesy of my date for that evening, Charl from Ginger Girl Says:

A photo posted by Charl (@gingergirlsays) on

But why am I showing you the gift card from intu Potteries anyway? WELL, because if you're local and head to the centre to buy one of these magical gift cards, you will get a free Yankle Candle Gift to keep for yourself. Can't say fairer than that can you? More details about that can be found here.

How about if I wasn't spending Valentine's alone this year though? What wonderful treats would I be hinting at my working guy to treat me to? Well I'm a simple girl with simple tastes, but I really do not like flowers or chocolate. I mean one just dies and the other makes you have to actually use your gym membership. So instead, I'd really fancy some more perfume. As a girl can never have enough perfume. Here are 3 which I wouldn't kick out of a bed in the morning:

All of these perfumes got a jolly good whiff and some heart eyes emojis from my little face when I got my paws on them in Debenhams at intu Potteries that night. In fact - they get this treatment every single time I go in to the store actually. If anyone wants to treat me, please do.

We also went on a blogger date to Coast to Coast at The Hive on the same evening, which I'll be reviewing in a separate post. For now I will say only a few words: Blue Cheese Chicken Strip things ommmggggggg.

How will you be spending Valentine's? Forever alone? Alone for one night? Or being wined and dined by someone spesh? Let me know over on Twitter @helloterrilowe 

After moving in to my house six months ago, I still haven't managed to jazz it up as much as I'd hoped I would have by now. Despite booking a few odd days off work to try and have a tidy up and sort out (not even lying here), I end up just having a good sit and procrastinating instead. One of the main issues I have with my living room is the layout, which is why I usually just look at it and think 'meh, I'll do it another day' when I can use my dwindling energy to measure for some shelves and go to Argos or something!

The weirdest feature in my living room is this little shelf thing where the fireplace would traditionally be. It's an awkward height and width so hard to find something to fill it without looking too plain or too cluttered. Although saying that I think I'm definitely on the edge of being over cluttered with my make shift display at the moment...

The two latest bits for my cluttered little awkward shelf is the star light (from stag head, which was a Christmas present. I've tried to mix up the heights of the ornaments and frames on there to add a bit more variation and kind of helps everything 'fit' a little better in the space.

I'm still not overly happy with the space, but it's a lot better than having it as some form of stage for the cat to perform her David Meowie impressions on (see what I did there? I'm hilarious). I think once I have some shelves up on the wall I will transfer the smaller frames on to them and perhaps add a huge glass vase with fairy lights in it instead.

....Unless anyone else has any ideas for jazzing up my weird little space?
#LFLoves: Look Fantastic Valentines Box February

#LFLoves: Look Fantastic Valentines Box February

Oh, Beauty Boxes - how you have evolved from those simple little monthly subscriptions in to these all singing, all dancing boxes of fancy joy. I remember getting my first beauty box about 4 years ago and how bloody pleased I was with the contents and how you could give yourself a little treat hassle free every month. It's almost like having an imaginary boyfriend isn't it at times, who sends you little surprises in the post to remind you that they love ya. (I have a real boyfriend who doesn't do this FYI - that's a hint for any guys reading for what you can invest in your Mrs for Valentines day this year).

Whether you have a significant other or not, you can't deny that this special edition Look Fantastic Beauty Box is pretty cute, in its new limited edition pink design. It makes a welcome change from the corporate looking black boxes they usually come in. Not only does the February Look Fantastic box look amazing, but they've also packed it with some beauty goodies to get your pamper on ready for the 14th AS WELL AS a copy of Elle Magazine - you can't say fairer than that can you?

The most welcome addition for me in this box, is the two make up products included. Not only do you get a full size Hi Impact Brows Kity, which has a 'spice' shade perfect for matching my brows to my hair; but it also has an amazing Lord and Berry Matte Lip Crayon in a super wearable nude shade. I've worn this every day since I got this box and the matte finish not only lasts all day, but it doesn't dry your lips out either. 

You can get this online now, for a limited time, from Look Fantastic.

When it comes to shoes for work, you've always got to go for that fine compromise of style and comfort. Some of the more smarter looking shoes with a heel can begin to lose their charm after a few hours of wear, as for me it's 9 times out of 10 that they start to hurt. These shoes from House of Fraser pretty much go with anything from their Workwear and Tailoring edit, as well as looking pretty snazzy on a night out. The heel height is perfectly comfortable and they go with skirts, trousers or even with some bold coloured tights underneath.  

Apart from being really comfortable and perfect with any outfit, the best bit about these shoes is that they only cost £27(!) and you can find them online here.

Would you wear these for work? Or save them for nights out?