Friday, 24 October 2014

I Wish It Could Be Halloween Every Day

I did mention in my last blog post about the subject of Halloween, that I'm so excited for it this year!! I'm off to Manchester this weekend for a pre Halloween pop punk party to relive my youth, then next week I'm heading to London and the Nightmare on Camden High Street. Spooktacular, eh? I'm finding it so hard to resist buying more things to wear for y'know, these TWO WHOLE OCCASIONS I have planned, so I've had to channel this window shopping energy in to a blog post. I really am embracing my inner goth lately, but buying too many items I can only wear for one holiday a year is a little much. Although I'm pretty sure the Nicole x Misguided collection is a range which can be worn season to season. I'm having to keep my bank card out of reaching distance, especially when browsing the wet look black croc effect pieces, like this lovely little Bandeau Dress - Perfect for Halloween and general life. To get it all feline fine for a Halloween occasion, the Katy Perry black jewelled cat mask from Claires is purrrrfect, and not forgetting to team it with a cute little collar necklace to channel the 90's vibes along the way.

I don't know why, but lately I have a distinct obsession with chunky shoes. Primark are on POINT with their shoe and boot selection this season, but Heel Berry have totally stolen my shoe sole with these creepers and those chunky Chelsea boots. Both of which are actually suitable for Halloween and beyond, but I just can't justify it after investing in my beautiful grey Chelsea boots the other day. Life is sometimes so cruel. 

A lot of people have been mocking the absolutely beautiful cat clutch bag from Asos.If like me, you LOVE the design but just don't find it a practical accessory, then you can get this little cat purse from New Look for only £5.99. I always find a little coin purse handy for a night out to keep my loose change  and keys in so I don't lose them. And I don't really need to mention the fact that it's SO FLUFFY I COULD DIE. 

What are you wearing this Halloween?
Check out my *actual* Halloween outfit here.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Hello Autumn!! With Essence

Essence Hello Autumn Limited Edition Trends collection on Hello Terri Lowe, British Beauty Blog.

When I had a QUICK look at the Essence Make Up Stand in the Arndale Centre this weekend I had NO intention of buying anything new. I already have a massive back stock of Essence products from their killer blogger event a few months back. When I was browsing though, I was caught OFF GUARD by their new Essence Hello Autumn range. Good GOD is this stuff BEAUTIFUL. 

If you've not heard about Essence Make Up yet - Where have you been?! They've been Barry Big Time's of the Make Up World over in Europe for many years and recently launched in the UK. You can find their standard make up lines in your local Wilkinson Store, but I have only been able to behold the beautiful wonders of their limited edition ranges on their lovely little stand in Manchester. So as for availability of this lot to buy in your local town? I'm sorry I cannot help, I can only brag about what I have bought! Sorry (not sorry).

SO, as you can see, this little lot is an autumnal inspired range of brown based hues and warm glows. It's all totally up my street. Each product makes me want to throw on a mustard yellow jumper and burgundy bobble hat and KICK A LOAD OF LEAVES. Some leaves I don't want to kick though are the ones imprinted in this Essence Multi Colour Powder in shade name 'Autumn & The City'. This is a multi tonal powder which combines 4 different shades of browns and creams to create a lovely warm, dewy finish to your skin. It's pretty much the Autumn version of my all time favourite Essence product which is the Sun Club Bronzer. I literally just dust these all over my face by using a large, soft kabuki brush to add a light, subtle shimmer effect. For £3.29 I'm definitely going to head back and get a few more whilst they're still for sale! The second product for my cheeky cheeks which I picked up was the Hello Autumn Colour Adapting Powder Blush. I only bought this out of intrigue really. I think it was about £2 and in the pan it's LOOKS like a highlighting product - very pale with a subtle shimmer running though, but when you apply it, after a few seconds it turns a pink shade which adapts to your own skin tone. It comes in two shades, 'beautiFALL red' and 'keep calm & go for a walk', I picked up what appeared to be the lightest of the two which was 'keep calm & go for a walk'. As much as I LOVE the concept of the product, it seems I do not suit pink cheeks one bit. I also found that no matter how little I apply, I always end up with a REALLY pink finish!  It says it's a natural pink glow, but it's the opposite of natural on me. It's a good product to try though if you're always eyeing up the Bourjois Blush Exclusif but don't fancy the price tag!

Essence Hello Autumn Limited Edition Trends collection on Hello Terri Lowe, British Beauty Blog.

I'd been after a new eyebrow kit for a few weeks, as my trusty and affordable W7 one was running low, so as soon as I spotted that Essence were doing a Limited Edition one in their Hello Autumn range it just made sense to buy it.  I think the shades are a little ashy for my hair colour and skin tone, but it's a nice little set to throw in your make up bag for taking out and about. Once again, it was about £2 so brilliant for eyebrow filling newbies and as a cheap alternative to take out and about with you. 

I've been wearing the Essence Hello Autumn Lip Cream in BeautiFALL Red ever since I got home from buying it! It's a good one for people who like the appearance of products such as MUA Lip Velvets and the like, but don't like the full matte effect and how tight they seem to make your lips feel. This is an opaque, slightly brown toned red lip cream which has a lovely fruity smell too. I also find that when it wears off it does so in a more even way than the full matte lip creams do; as I always find they wear off really quickly on me in the centre of my lips and leave the outsides still fully coloured! And finally, the last product I purchased from the Limited Edition Hello Fall collection was Keep Calm & Go For A Walk from the Thermo Nail Polish range. I was so tempted to go for the green shade, but when I look at my nail varnish collection it seems that green dominates it! So I went or something a little different for me, which was this nude shade. When you're warm, the colour is a nice orange toned pinkish shade. When you go colder the colour gets darker and turns in to a brown toned pink and both are really nice colours in their own right! It was only £1.99, so I think when I go back to Manchester I will actually treat myself to the green one, as the more I think about it the more I want it!

Considering only one thing I bought cost more than £2, I'm SO pleased with the Hello Autumn range from Essence. They also had a ridiculously amazing looking Oktoberfest collection (which I found on this blog, if you're interested) alongside a Mermaid-esque range too (which I forgot the name of so can't show you online, whoops). I've used all the products mentioned in the 'action shot' above, I really do love the shade of that lip cream!

Essence do list their 'Trend Editions' over on this link, but I can't tell you about the availability in the UK I'm afraid, as it seems quite hit and miss as to what we get over here. I also don't think that the Limited Edition Essence products are available on all of the regular stands you find in Wilkinson, (although people have said they've seen this range) which is a massive shame! 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Combating The Cold and The Old

Maybe that title isn't the best one for this blog post? But alas, today we have two pretty fantastic products to help combat not only the ageing on your face, but also combat the horrid dryness that this cold weather causes on your skin. Not only are they both packaged in extremely lovely design, but both products contain a plethora of natural ingredients to keep your skin smiling. Suffering from contact dermatitis on my hands (from being a bit silly at university and not protecting them properly when messing with chemicals and the like!) I often find that the cold weather flairs this up. I've managed to control the dermatitis with the aid of the amazing Salcura products I tried I while ago, which you can see here. Since then, I haven't had anywhere near as much soreness or big dry patches like I used to, however, the dry skin has remained at bay due to the weather being pretty nice since I used it! 

With the Human+Kind Hand Elbow and Foot cream, I have ensured that my hands are ultra moisturised and protected, to stop any niggling sore, dry patches developing. I've not even had an inclining of dryness, and using this alone for the past month or so has my my hands so smooth and soft. Whether or not the dermatitis would have returned without the use of this, I couldn't speculate, but I believe it would have returned as I'm always going to be prone to it now. As they say though, it's better safe than sorry and I've learnt my lesson from neglecting skincare for it in the past!  The formula itself doesn't feel as rich as many intensive moistursing hand creams, but it certainly does deliver all the benefits of one, without feeling heavy or greasy on the skin. It absorbs quickly and has a nice herby, earthy scent. The key ingredients in the Human and Kind hand cream are Avocado Oil, Cocoa butter and Centella, which are all known for their hydrating and renewing benefits.

I've been using the Human + Kind All In One Anti Aging cream religiously since being sent it, as I've been ever so paranoid about my under eye circles and forehead wrinkles lately! I was after an eye cream for a while, but there's just something that puts me off spending such a large amount on such a little pot. For just shy of £25. This all in one face cream solves that issue though, as you don't need to buy separate moisturisers, wrinkle creams and eye creams, as this does it all! The Key-ingredient is organic Achmella Oleracea, which is also known as ‘Natures Botox’ - but without the toxic effects. Your skin starts to feel a little more plump after around a week of use, and due to the light texture it hasn't broken me out in spots or feel heavy or greasy on the skin. I've noticed the dark circles under my eyes don't appear to be quite as dark, but admittedly not many products seem to work on me to get rid of that completely! 

Human+Kind products are natural, paraben and mineral oil free, multi tasking AND come in mega cute packaging to boot! If you're a fan of natural and organic products, take a little gander at the Big Green Smile website.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Back To Black

Outfit of the day featuring Primark, H&M and New Look on Hello Terri Lowe, British Fashion blog.

Lately I have developed a distinct obsession with black clothing. It seems like every time I go in to H&M I cannot leave without picking up an abundance of new black garments, I couldn't even leave without my new black sequin skeleton dress this weekend either. It's becoming a problem. But only for my bank account. Black is always a colour I steer clear of for two reasons: 

1. It's really hard to find specific black garments when you need them in your drawers/wardrobe. 
2. It attracts cat hairs like nobodies business. 

Alas, I have prepared myself with lint rollers galore, and actually started to organise my clothing storage so I can actually find things I'm after when I'm looking for them! How do goths cope, eh? The other weekend when me and Tereza from Cityscape Bliss went to the Autumn Winter Fashion Weekend at Merryhill Shopping Centre we had a mini 'photo shoot' on the rather urban car park near her apartment. You can see her fabulously fashionable outfit post where I played David Bailey for half an hour over on her blog here.

I've had the little waterfall front faux leather gilet for over a year now, and when I bought it I was in two minds because it just didn't seem very 'me'. I've worn it such an unexpected amount though since purchasing it from New Look all those many moons ago. Of course, they don't have it in stock any more, but they do still have the leather look waterfall jacket in stock here, which is what I almost bought instead of this little number. I thought the gilet would be more versatile though, as I can layer it over jackets to make it a 'full jacket' with the same waterfall detail on the front anyway. It's also great for going under coats and the like too as the cotton contrast draping detail on the front make you that little bit more snug in colder weather. The black jumper dress I'm wearing is also something I bought which isn't my usual style, but there was just something about how weird the style was that appealed to me. It's from H&M (which, as I've mentioned, I am nuts for at the moment, rarely leaving empty handed!) and was a mere £14.99. Still available online, it's really hard to communicate across the strange yet wonderful design of it. The hood on the back is complimented by a drapey neckline on the front and it's the perfect length and style for just throwing on either casually in the day or whipping off the tights and popping on some heels for a winter evening out. 

The 'pièce de résistance' of my entire outfit though, is these beautiful grey Chelsea boots from Primark. £15. Wide fit. Comfortable. Cute - Four selling points which make me happy each time I wear them. They were sold out of my size when I spotted them in store, but I just couldn't risk waiting to see if they got my size back in stock. So I sized up and went for a size 6 instead of 5. They still fit absolutely fine and now they're a size bigger I have to option of getting all snazzy with some fancy socks too. I only saw them in the grey colour in my local Primark, but you can also get the black version of these chunky Chelsea boots too. Justifying the chelsea boots purchase with the fact I was taking £18 worth of stuff back, so they were technically *free* right? I think I just need to stay out of both H&M and Primark's shoe section over the next few months, as I just can't resist buying EVERYTHING every time I go in. I've had such a lengthy phase of not being able to find anything I've liked in shops, but it seems that has now completely changed.

Outfit of the day featuring Primark, H&M and New Look on Hello Terri Lowe, British Fashion blog.Outfit of the day featuring Primark, H&M and New Look on Hello Terri Lowe, British Fashion blog.
Outfit of the day featuring Primark, H&M and New Look on Hello Terri Lowe, British Fashion blog.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Simple Style: This Is Halloween

Simple Halloween Costume on Hello Terri Lowe Featuring H&M skeleton dress, Make Up Revolution and Primark

I don't know why, but I'm SO excited for Halloween this year. Gone are the days when it was casual to draw a cat face on during a regular night out (if you're friends with me on Facebook or knew me at uni, you'd know this was standard attire for a Friday night out). Nowadays I don't really get a chance to dress up as often as I'd like, so I'm really up for ridiculous make up and subtle spooky fancy dress for the Halloween occasions I have planned. Due to now being A REAL GROWN UP, I thought I'd go for a bit more of a subdued theme this year as Pikachu is just a bit too obscure when you're 28, dontchya think? 

When I was in H&M this weekend I spotted THIS skeleton dress. I am partial to a good sequinned garment. For £14.99 I did think twice, as you know, it's not a very versatile garment. But I do have 2 or 3 nights out planned so it will get it's fair share of wear. It's a simple slip dress style with a nice 'solid' sequin on the front, with a gold skeleton print, and plain jersey material on the back. When I say 'solid' sequins I mean, they've been applied PROPERLY and not all loose so they will fall off everywhere like a few other sequin clothes I have. I got a size small after trying on both the small and medium sizes. The medium was just way too big on my top half, but this one is a liiiiitttle tight on the bottom, but it's ok, I can pretend I'm Iggy Azealia for the evening as well as being a skeleton I guess. Teamed with my chunky Primark platform shoes and glamming my FACE up with the amazing Make Up Revolution vampy make up it's going to be very simple yet pretty spooktacular. I featured the palette here if you want a better look at it. The deep green lipstick 'Serpent' is from their brand new Atomic range, and I get the feeling from the other names of the lipsticks in this collection that someone at Make Up Rev HQ is a big Blondie fan. I thought there would be no way I'd ever wear such a dark GREEN lipstick, but when I actually put this on it's really nice?! It makes my green eyes look a bit greener and compliments my red hair quite nicely. I won't be wearing it every day, but for only £1 it's perfect for a Halloween night out!

For some reason the H&M Halloween collection isn't showing on their website and I can't find any of their amazing Halloween lines online*, boooooo! But if you go in to store definitely give it a browse. They even have a sheer top with sequin shells on the boobs so you can be a gothy mermaid. 

*Update: The blue haired beaut that is Zoe London just posted a preview of a Halloween H&M shoot, which you can find HERE. I NOW WANT THE WITCH JUMPER MORE THAN LIFE. 

Simple Halloween Costume on Hello Terri Lowe Featuring H&M skeleton dress, Make Up Revolution and Primark
Simple Halloween Costume on Hello Terri Lowe Featuring H&M skeleton dress, Make Up Revolution and Primark

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