Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Peachy Cheeks With Benefit Majorette

Benefit Cosmetics New Release: Majorette Cream Blush

An Effortlessly Peachy Glow With Benefit's New Cream Blusher

Benefit Cosmetics New Release: Majorette Cream Blush Blog Review

Instagram was a hot bed the other day of these personalised mugs which Benefit Cosmetics have sent out, to promote their brand new Majorette Cream Blush. I really hope people aren't sick of seeing an abundance of blog's doing a Benefit Majorette Review yet, because I'm about to do mine. Now when I received this I was as usual, pretty sceptical. I've always found Benefit products hit and miss and have always favoured their skin care range over their make up. But you know what? I think Benefit Majorette blush might be my new favourite peachy toned blusher to date. Me and cream blushers have never got on that well, I always buy them, but can never use them right. In the past I've tried applying them with brushes and my fingers to see which works best, and every time I end up just not bothering using the blush at all. Mainly because no matter which I use regardless of application method seems to drag the foundation off from my cheeks and I end up with un-blended pink goo sitting where the blusher and foundation combo should be. 

Majorette seems to be a little bit different though. The formula is silky, but the product is really hard within the packaging. You can really rub you finger in and pick up a lot of product, but without making a big dent in it or smooshing it up. It's really soft and easy to blend when you apply it to the apples of your cheeks, and the pigmentation is enough to add a peachy coral glow on it's on. It's so easy to transfer from your finger to your face that it doesn't drag the foundation beneath off (hurrah!!).  You also find that it's not the horrible sticky finish most cream blushers tend to be, and you end up with a lovely soft finish powdery but not drying result. It's scent is sweet, slightly peachy, yet not sickly and the packaging design is sturdy and feels more like a high end product - despite it still being the cardboard style packaging some people dislike, it has a plastic scalloped edge and magnetic closure, which adds a little more of a higher end feel. 

You can use it alone to add a hint of colour to your cheeks, or use it underneath your regular blusher to help it pop. The best way it can be described I suppose, is as a primer for your blusher. Although personally, I much prefer Majorette used on it's own, as in the pictures below. The only issue with the colour is that it probably wouldn't suit every skin tone. I think this is one much more suited to fairer skin if you wanted to add a nice pinky peach tone to your skin, but saying that, maybe using it as the base for your blusher of choice works much better for darker skin tones than it does for me. I found when layered underneath it was a bit too much colour on my pale white chops. 

Benefit Cosmetics New Release: Majorette Cream Blush Blog Review

Benefit Cosmetics New Release: Majorette Cream Blush Blog Review

You can buy Benefit Majorette Cream Blush online here
RRP £23.50

Monday, 15 September 2014

WTF Topshop: The 'I Can't Even....' Edition

It's been a while since I've done a WTF Topshop post (view past ones here) as, to be honest, I've been avoiding even looking at their website. Every time I do it just frustrates me that people spend good money on things I can't even look at without getting a migraine. Alas, it's a slow week so far (I know, its only Monday) and my fingers just got that itch to catch up with the latest 'fashion' available on the high street. With London Fashion Week currently being hot topic on social media, I thought I'd check out what's *in* at the moment to see if I can become a fashionista myself... But no. No I can not. You don't need to go too far in to the 'new in' section on the website to come across the monstrosities which await you in the world of Topshop. All these items were found within the first 4 pages, and after I'd seen these, I'd seen enough for one day. In fact, I'm not even going to provide links for them because I simply can't go back to that URL. 

Let's just point out the elephant in the room to start with... Or the velvet muck toned puffa jacket in the centre. It's £470... FOUR HUNDRED AND SEVENTY ENGLISH POUNDS. I can only imagine that they've hired Jimmy Carr in the pricing department to come up with this mind boggling sum as a joke, and to be fair it'd probably be his best joke to date. The grey leather culottes are something not even the cast of Oliver would want, even though they'd be practical for cleaning those chimneys and that fluffy pink and blue gilet thing is beyond repugnant. The shoes wouldn't be bad if they just didn't exist and I can't even work out what the thing on the far right is. But it's £195. I think it might be for people who are anxious they have small shoulders but shoulder pads would be a step too far compared to this. Which proves these people are nuts. 

Have you seen anything else to out do this load of shit on the Topshop website? Do share. Or maybe don't. I'm not sure my eyes can take the WTF factor.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

The 90's Revival

I originally took the pictures for this blog post as a bit of a LOL @ this whole 90's vibe which is featuring on so many blogs lately. But alas, look how good I look AS the 90's. In fact, the double bun is something I may actually do for real life now. Because I'm actually a million years older than I look, I do remember the 90's fashions the first time round. I owned a neon orange lace two piece outfit which I never took off and was partial to a pair of black and white striped wedge shoes I used to steal from my Nan at the weekends. My nan was always and still is the most on trend person in my family and has rightly earned her title as 'Glamour Nana' time and time again. 

So now this blog post has evolved like a champion Pokémon in to more of a trip down memory lane. A time before hair straighteners were a thing and where your cool points at school were earned by how many POGS you could sneak in to your rucksack before the school banned them. When crisps came with prizes in and your Monster Munch contained Tazo's, and your cereal had reflective clip on things for your bike spokes. Your favourite character on TV was a toss up between Roland Rat and Bucky O'Hare and you used to be Gordan the Gophers number 1 fan. Staying up late to sneak a hilarious glance at Eurotrash and making up your own dance routines to Madonna on the The Tube. There was no internet to look up song lyrics so you would either have to keep stopping the tape player to write them down, or buy Smash Hits magazine to sing along. Me and my friends at school used to swap lyrics at school quite often, but the one which stands out is Stay Now by East 17. I wrote it on green paper with a blue scented gel pen.

The first tape I bought was the PF Project Featuring Ewan McGregor - Choose Life from the film Trainspotting, but I actually took it back to HMV a few hours later to buy a Tamagotchi instead. And that Tamagotchi soon died when I lost interest in favour of blue eyeshadow, over plucking my eyebrows, frosted lipstick, glitter hair spray and painting my nails with Constance Carroll nail varnish from the local discount store. There was no such thing as Primark when I was a kid, so we had to settle for the latest actual CHILDREN'S clothes from places like Ethel Austins and Martin's. I tell you what, kids nowadays have no idea which side their bread is buttered when it comes to the clothes they can wear. 

I remember my disdain at Fearne Cotton winning the competition to become a presenter on the Disney Club and how I refused to watch Diggit because she was on it just because I had a distinct bitterness that I wasn't a TV presenter even though I was about 10.  The bitterness still remains until this day. Kids TV in the 90's was by far the best, and I still don't understand what children nowadays watch on Saturday mornings. Even just for the soundtracks. 

So thanks for having me the 90's. It was the best decade to be alive in. I guess. Actually no, I would have loved to be about in the 80's instead. But I'm always torn between which subculture I would want to be a part of. Northern Soul is drawing me in at the moment, but I think I'll always be a New Romantic at heart.

What's the best memory of your childhood?
P.S My dress is from Forever 21 and was £15. But I can't find it online.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

New Lipsticks: Loves Loathes and Likes

Dermacol Longlasting Lipstick (Shade: 06) - I absolutely love this shade of lipstick - a pinkish red with a slightly berry-esque undertone. My blog pal Tereza got it me from her travels to the Czech Republic, so it's not available to buy openly in the UK, but everything I have tried from Dermacol so far has been wonderful. I think the price point is around the same as Essence Make Up, which is another European brand I quite like! This lovely lip stick is a nice matte finish, which lasts for hours but doesn't dry your lips. It reminds me of the standard Illamasqua lipsticks with it's kind of 'hard' formula, but this is much easier to apply and feels a little like the MUA matte lipsticks, which granted, you can pick up for £1 in Superdrug but their packaging is nowhere near as pretty as this Dior-like 'click to release' design.

Make Up Revolution Amazing Lipstick (Shade: Depraved) - I was after a dark purple lipstick for a while, and for a £1 each how can you really go wrong with a Make Up Revolution lipstick? You kind of can't... Until you try the shade 'Depraved'  and realise that with your skin tone it just makes you look like a corpse. It's not the first time I've tried a purple coloured lipstick, but it is the first time I've bought one this darker shade of the colour. I really like the formula, the price, the packaging and pretty much everything else about it; but the colour? It just wasn't meant to be on me. But I'm definitely going to invest a few more £1's here and there in some more shades from the Make Up Revolution lipstick range. I think a shade such as 'Crime'  would suit me a lot better as it's a nice pinkish tone, rather than the applying as the tone of the deceased on me.

Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm (Shade: Striking Spectaculaire) - I never bought in to the Revlon Balm/Lipstick/Chubby Balm dupe hype really and this is the first one I've tried in the range (from my recollection, I may have tried them and they've just slipped my mind!). But I have to say, I absolutely love this one! It applies a lovely bold coral-y tone and lasts for hours. I applied it in the morning before I headed to work and even after lunch it was still there, although slightly faded, but still it was there! It leaves your lips feeling nice and soft with no drying out and when you first put it on it's a nice refreshing, almost minty sensation. For £7.99 it's an affordable price, and Revlon products are always on some kind of offer in Boots, so they're worth checking out if you're after a low maintenance lip colour for daily wear.

Maybelline 24 Bold Matte (Shade: Fire Corail) - Oh good god. If you can pull off a orange lip colour I salute you. As soon as I applied this I realised how YELLOW it made my teeth look. I know my teeth aren't exactly the brightest of white, but it was like I'd been painting them with Sunny D. The formula was matte, yet sticky and it didn't apply evenly at all. I didn't even crack out the 'balm' side of it because I wanted it off my lips as soon as possible. But could I get it off? NO. It was stuck, and there were even traces of the orange muck there the next morning after brushing my teeth, washing my face and trying to remove it with micellar water. This stuff is repugnant. Although maybe the other shades may be better, but avoid this orange gooped up gunk in this colour, at all costs, unless you like the 'I've Never Heard of Pearl Drops' look in your life.

Make Up Revolution 'Depraved' - Dermacol 'Shade 06' - Revlon Colourburst '240' - Maybelline 24 Bold Matte '815'

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A Small Investment To Complete Your Life

When Legal & General contacted me recently to write about a long term investment which didn't break the bank, but made me endlessly happy, the first thing which jumped to my mind was a Chromecast. And I mean it IMMEDIATELY jumped to my mind. The Chromecast has been on my wishlist for a very long time. Ever since I got my iPad Mini and a subscription to Netflix I've been longing to watch my latest series addiction on the big screen. With TV lacking somewhat, I always find myself leaving it on as being background noise when I'm pottering about doing other things. Since I received my Chromecast though, I have made a distinct effort to lose hours of my life in front of the thing. Now I won't really go in to the technical ins and outs of the Chromecast but I can say this - If I can set it up, you can too. You simply plug it in to the HDMI socket in the back (or side) of your TV and link it up using the endlessly simple set up instructions on the Chromecast app. The only negative I have found with the Chromecast is that when I try to watch Netflix through my Chromebook it lags a bit and it makes whatever you're watching a bit jittery. This is a bit of a shame and a surprise, as you would have thought a Chromebook and a Chromecast would go hand in hand?! Apparently this is something to do with encoding and decoding and a load of technical hoo-har I have no idea about, but if you have a real laptop with a good enough spec then you shouldn't have an issue 'casting' on to your TV. My ignorance also though that the Chromecast would power itself from the TV, but you need to plug it in to the wall with another cable, which is something to bear in mind if you have a few bits of gadget already taking up room in the socket space behind your TV.

But ANYWAY, I digress. The Chromecast has quickly become one of my favourite gadgets in the world. And I do love my gadgets. For a £30 price tag, they're a small investment for a lifetimeeeee of joy. It's not just Netflix that you can watch on it either, you can view YouTube, iPlayer, Blinkbox.... A load of apps and programs straight on the screen. I'm currently after my next series to watch on Netflix after finishing the entirety of Gossip Girl, Orange is the New Black, Orphan Black, Always Sunny in Philidelphia and my all time favourite RuPaul's Drag Race. So if you have any more series I need to watch PLEASE fire some suggestions my way!
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