Hey everyone! Come check out my NUDESSSSS. Lol just kidding. Here's some nude toned make up for you to get yours eyes around from Urban Decay. It seems Urban Decay can do no wrong at the moment within the enigmatic world of MAKE UP, but time after time they're hitting the beauty lovers soft spots with their award winning releases. 

This time we're talkin' about the After Glow 8-Hour Blush in VIDEO, a brown toned nude shade of blush which is not only brilliant for smooshing all over your chops, but is also perfect for that daily contour look the Kardashians would be jealous of. Team this with the oh-so-90s brown toned nude lip liner, filled in as a lip stick, and you've got a face of fun that Rachel from Friends would be envious of. Longevity wise, both do what they say on the tin - last. No need to keep applying that blusher to your moon chops, like I often find myself having to do so I don't get mistaken for the moon on a body, Contour with this bad boy and you're laughing from breakfast until tea time. 

Here's a gratuitous mirror selfie to show my new 90s toddler outfit to compliment my new 90s face.

Thanks, bye.
Giving your bedroom a makeover once in a while can be a fun and exciting, whether you are moving house or you just need to revamp this room to make it look more modern or simply more ‘you’. Choosing the right bed should be number one on your list as it is going to be the focal point of your personal space. Among the different designs available, a versatile yet timeless option is an iron or brass bed frame. Metal beds have seen a revival in contemporary interior design and they seem to be the perfect solution if you want to bring more style to your room. You can go for a very ornate bed frame or a less intricate one, according to your taste, and it will look very sophisticated, nonetheless. No matter what your style is, choosing a metal bed frame will give character to your bedroom as it is a piece of décor by itself. Bedstar offers a variety of affordable options you can choose from, from modern coloured iron frames to more classic brass ones, so you can easily find the style that most represents yourself. 

The simplicity of an iron bed frame implies an endless variety of possibilities to decorate the rest of your bedroom. You can choose essential pieces if your style is minimalistic, or have fun with colours and materials to create a more creative space. Adding a patterned wallpaper background, for example, will give a very eclectic vibe to your room; a multi-coloured carpet or a bright ottoman will be the perfect pieces to add a pop of colour in your bedroom. Just have fun and play with different elements around your bed, the main piece.

If your style is elegant and more traditional, a white iron frame is the perfect option for you. It never gets too old and it can be easily matched with different pieces of furniture in your bedroom. You can decorate it with all-white décor to create a very luminous, almost fairy-like space, or using contrasting wooden pieces to give the room a more edgy character. If you have a theme in mind to decorate you room, you could choose a co-ordinated coloured iron frame to go with the rest of the space, instead of traditional white.

 Brass can give a beautiful antiqued accent to your room and there is nothing more suited if you want to create a very elegant and classic décor. Although modern brass bed frames are not as rich and ornate as the luxurious bedsteads in the Victorian Age, they can be statement pieces in your room. Let them be the focus of your space, choosing more simple pieces to complete the rest of the room, using an assortment of natural colours and lights. Don’t be afraid to play with materials and textures, mixing and matching. Metal frames are actually very versatile and perfect when paired with contrasting elements, like wood and textured bed linen. Get inspired and create your perfect bedroom.

Easy Protein Ball Recipe

When I first started adventuring in to the world of protein, I actually stuck to my routine of having a protein shake in the morning on my way to work and also whenever I went to the gym at night for quite a while. Rather than water, I used to use either Almond Milk or Hazelnut milk to make them extra delicious, but because I'm lazy and now the colder mornings are setting in, I never really fancy a cold protein shake. I was tempted to get some Hot Protein Latte from MyProtein, but I've still got a 2KG bag of regular chocolate to use up first. Whoops.

Easy Protein Ball Recipe

The other week I made some 3 ingredient Protein Balls with nuts, and they went down a storm. This Easy Protein Ball Recipe is very similar to that one, but I've tweaked it slightly after discovering that Home Bargains have Chia Seeds for £1.79, so I thought I'd try them instead of the mixed nuts I have made them with before. I've not had Chia Seeds before, but after everyone raves about their health benefits I thought they'd make a welcome addition to this Protein Ball Recipe. 

There's no measuring involved in this 'recipe' so is it really a 'recipe'? I'm not sure. But the three ingredients you need are:
The method is pretty simple. Pop a good serving of the chopped dates in a bowl and pop in the microwave for around 10 seconds. Just slightly warming them through. This ensures that when you add 1-2 tablespoons of your protein powder, the powder has something to stick too.  Add about a tablespoon of chia seeds to the mix too. Then you can just use your fingers to rub the mixture together and form the balls. If the dates are too warm to rub through with your hands, just us a fork to mash it all together instead.

If you find that the mixture is going slightly too crumbly and won't hold together, just add a few more dates and warm through again. The warming of the dates just makes them more sticky for the powder to stick too, so it can be a quick case of trial and error to get it right. As long as you have dates left you can play around with the mixture measurements as much as you like really. Just mess around with the ratio of dates to powder until you get a consistency that you like.

Easy Protein Ball Recipe

And that's about it! Of course, you can play around with adding chocolate chips, different flavour protein and nuts too. Using dates as a base for these balls is pretty much the same as what you find in those terribly overpriced 'Nakd' bars, so you're probably best just mimicking your favourite flavour of those and making it at home instead!

Enjoy and stay #HENCH.

Yoshi Leather Bag

Sometimes it can be quite amazing the things you can pick up for a bargain in Primark, which actually match perfectly with more expensive items you team them with - like this amazing brown leather 'Brewster' bag from Yoshi. There's a stark contrast in price and a contrast in quality, but when they come together they pretty much make most outfits I'm wearing right now complete.

I discovered Yoshi Bags a few months ago, when I had to stop in TK Maxx on my way to Manchester on a night out. I managed to grab a small sized 'grab bag' which was perfect for the evening ahead. For such an impulse purchase it's actually been one of my most used bags since it came in to my life! I needed something bigger for work though and that's where this large brown leather number comes in to play. Even though it's slightly too cumbersome for going around a ceramic factory shop with (yes I did almost knock several cups off the side), it's absolutely PERFECT to throw EVERYTHING in for the working week. Lunch, stationary... The other day I even accidentally packed my toothbrush charge and didn't noticed until half way through the day. 

One thing I absolutely love about all the Yoshi Bags is that their logo is the cute little 'blob with a tear'. My small Yoshi bag has a little metal version of the icon on the outside, but the larger more 'pro' bags like this only have it on the tag and label inside, which is fine, I know the little guy will still be with me in spirit!

My shoes are nowhere near the sturdy leather quality that the bag is, but I think the rich brown hues go well together. I absolutely loved these when I spotted them in my local Primark store. They were just a bit different to all the lace up shoe designs which are flying around at the moment. Although don't get me wrong, I did actually buy a pair of them too. For £16 I was sold, but mainly because I'd already lusted after some very similar shoes in New Look which were double that price.

Comfort wise, the heel height is great and I can comfortable wear them all day. The trouble I did find with them though, was that the open toe design did rub when I first wore them. And I mean it rubbed, rubbed like a mother-bitch, so bad. But I've worn them since (although granted, with tights for longer periods) and not had any other toe dramas. 

-You can find the Brewster Bag from Yoshi online here-

Okay, so I've not exactly got a horses mane of hair... Yet. And I don't believe that some people will ever get to that luscious bum length head of hair, but there are a few hair growth tips and tricks you can follow to make the most of the hair you have. Some people have thick hair, some have thin hair, some will grow fast and some will grow slow. My hair is relatively thick, but just doesn't seem to grow past shoulder length. Since properly maintaining it though, I have seen a growth spurt going on which has meant I've had to dye my roots twice in the last 6-8 weeks(!?). I used to manage around 2 months before my hair needed re-touching. But it seems my roots are coming through at least an each every 3 weeks right now. Which is a little bit bizarre.

Hair Growth Tips and Tricks

Apart from finally taking hairdressers advice and getting my hair trimmed more regularly (I'm now going for twice a year rather than one, but hey, that's progress right?).  Having your hair cut more often doesn't actually make your hair grow faster (like myths pretend), but it just ensures the lengths are the best condition they can be so split ends don't break off. 

I've also been upping my fitness routine by going to regular PIYO Classes and attending the gym as often as I can. Working out not only reduces stress, which can impact hair loss, but it also gets your body working like magic to increase blood flow and stimulate your scalp, which further helps your hair to come out of your head in the best possible condition it can!  Every time I get back in to my gym game, I always notice my roots growing through quicker. 

I did go cold turkey on heat styling tools for many years and saw the condition of my hair improve drastically, but after wearing hair extensions for so long it got me back on to hair curlers and straighteners. I mean, I didn't even blow dry my hair this time 3 years ago, but now I'm obsessed. Investing in good quality heat protection products has been a life (hair) saver though!

Hair Growth Tips and Tricks

Another addition to my haircare routine, which I've actually stuck too, despite temptation to skip days is using Grow Gorgeous Serum directly on my head, and glugging The Hair Molecule from Fountain. I've kept this up for about 8 weeks now. At first I was sceptical, extremely sceptical. So I made sure I started my new hair care routine when I had freshly dyed hair so I could gauge any growth better. The products became such a regular part of my daily routine that I kind of forgot about them until I noticed the ol' roots thing. And the weirdest part - I've had to shave my legs more regularly?! But no, I've not been rubbing grow gorgeous serum on my legs... 

There must be something in these formulas which have been helping, because I've never noticed such quick hair growth before. I've now come to the bottom of the bottle though so seriously considering buying more. It doesn't come in cheap though and the Fountain Molecules can set you back anything from £20 a bottle. But it's probably worth the investment if you need a growth spurt of the hair kind. The Grow Gorgeous Serum is still over half way full, and I've found the easiest way to apply this is by dripping it on the end of your fingers and massaging in to your head that way.

-Find these and more Deciem products online at HQHair-
Calming Itchy Skin & Eczema with Avéne

So it seems I just missed the boat by featuring these skin calming products from Avéne, as National Eczema Week 2015 was last week (12th to the 20th September FYI), booo. But regardless of that, if you've ever suffered from exczema or dermatitis then you'll know that it's a year round skin condition that can flare at any time. My contact dermatitis always seems to start up again when the weather changes, and with it flipping from rain to sunshine lately I'm starting to get dry patches on my hands again, which I need to sort out immediately before they get worse.

Calming Itchy Skin and Eczema with Avéne

My contact dermatitis developed at Uni when I did my Crafts degree (yes, this does exist) and played with a vast amount of chemicals and potions without wearing gloves. My lesson has been thoroughly learnt in the years after I've graduated though, and I still get flare ups of 'zombie hands' if I don't control the problem properly before it gets worse. It can be so painful if I do leave it and looks horrendous.

Avéne Xeracalm Cleansing Oil is the perfect way to cleanse your skin without irritating it, I actually use this as a handwash most of the time as the bottle is pretty generous. You can use it anywhere on the face or body and it doesn't irritate delicate eye areas. Like most products in the Xeracalm range it's fragrance-free, soap-free and can be used alongside topical treatments which you may also be using the help soothe your skin. Avéne Lipid Replenishing Balm is a silky cream formula which is specifically formulated for itchy, sensitive and very dry skin - and it also suitable for kids and adults . It absorbs so quickly that I use this mainly as a hand cream to keep them soft and smooth, but because of the skin friendly ingredients you can use this anywhere, just like you can with the cleansing oil! 

The Avéne Eau Thermale spray is perfect for those days when your face is feeling dry and itchy either from air conditioning or central heating. As it's a lightweight spritz it doesn't mess up your make up and refreshes your complexion whenever you need it. All of the Avéne products which are tailored to dry and itchy skin are non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic, so nothing to worry about when you're prone to sensitivity either!

Price wise, I'm impressed that for under around £15 for most products you do tend to get a bonanza sized amount of each product. I mean, I couldn't actually believe the size of the cleanser when I opened it and thought it was actually a bathing product! So well worth investing if you suffer from dry skin conditions.