To make life easier for festival season, here is a run down of all the essentials you need to take to any festival, especially in the UK. This weekend I'm off to Lost Village with Rocket Dog Shoes and I'm pretty excited. I've not been to a dance festival before and this one has all kinds of fancy things going on. I'll be doing a vlog of the weekend, so keep an eye on my YouTube channel if you wanna see that! Anyway, for UK festivals you need to be prepared for anything as the weather is just so erratic! Layering, waterproofs, cleaning, warmth. 

What To Take To A Festival

Sensible Footwear: The amount of people who I know who still pack just sandals to take to a festival. JUST. SANDALS. It's not Coachella, it's England. You can't seem to predict the weather so you kind of need to be prepared for anything. One year at Leeds we were knee deep in mud, then the next year not a drop of rain. Of course, for Lost Village I'm hoping for plenty of sun, but a safe all-rounder is a comfortable ankle boot. They'll keep your feet dry and go with pretty much any outfit. I've chosen the Camilla Boots from Rocket Dog for my weekend of partying, and the best bit is they're now only £39.

Wet Wipes: Obviously you don't have to be all fancy pants with this, but you will get dirt in places that you didn't even think was possible when at a festival. You will need them for your hands, your face, your nose, your bum. It's amazing how dirty you get living in a field for over 72 hours. I don't know if it's just because my nose is slightly upturned but I get so much dirt up there it's unreal, so go for around 4 packs to get you through!

Multi Use Make Up Products: You want to think about how heavy things are when you need to carry them from the car to the tent. Streamlining everything in the multiuse products is the best route to make sure everything is manageable and you can carry it without hiring a donkey for the weekend. Balms which can be used everywhere such as Dr Paw Paw are great for any sore lips or dry skin which may creep up when you're exposed to the elements for so long.

SPF! Even if it's raining, windy and cold, you are still outside ALL the time. You need to protect you skin as much as possible with SPF products. I actually forgot that the sun burns you, as we haven't seen it for so long and I accidentally caught it with my shoulders the other day. So sun cream is firmly packing within my festival bag! Try and get a moisturing foundation with an SPF in too, as this will protect you face and will keep your skin looking good alllll day (and night) long.
Meal Replacement Bars and High Protein Snacks: Festival food is expensive, so you're going to want to save your money to have your one 'treat' meal a day. Meal replacement bars like the ones from Exante are perfect, as they also contain a shed load of vitamins which I am convinced keep hangovers at bay too! There's also high protein snacks to keep you fuller for longer which will help. Protein crackers are the future and if you're thirsty after eating a few then just grab a can of Strongbox (although don't quote me on that when you have one too many). 

Hair Bobbles/Clips: By day two your hair is going to look a little worst for wear, there are showers and facilities on site, but I generally just leave my hair to do what it wants. Take bobbles and clips to tie it up and create different styles each day.  I always have my extensions in for festivals, as my natural hair is still too short for fancy styles, but this way it doesn't look as greasy as quickly and when it does I have more options for styling.

Hand Sanitizer:  There is hand sanitzer everywhere on site, but it's always too harsh for my skin. I found the Body Shop Hand Sanitizers are not only kind of my hands, but also smell amazing. These are so potent in scent you could possibly even skip taking perfume, let's face it, everyone smells a bit erm, gross after the first day anyway.

Spare Light Weight Clothing:You need to think about layers, lot's of layers, preparing for the worst, but ultimately looking your best. The Muji Shrink Wrap dresses and other clothing is PERFECT for festival or holiday packing. They're so cheap and take up so little room and also look nice layered up or worn alone. Check it out in your local Muji store, they're really cheap for the brand and come in fancy little cubes to unravel.

Remember, the key is functional and combining as many uses in one object as possible for the majority. Another handy device which kills two birds with one stone is the Bluetooth Lantern from Vango, which I am actually so excited to try out. Not only is it a super bright lantern, but it also acts as a speaker and PHONE CHARGER. It's a bit of an investment, but the amount I've wasted on those little charger things which don't last 5 minutes soon adds up, so it would have been much wiser to just buy this from the start!

Other things you will need:

Plastic carrier bags - for dirty clothes, clean clothes, litter, keeping things dry.

Something water proof to wear!! You can find tones of Waterproof Jackets about for dead cheap now. Even IKEA is selling fold away ponchos. Oh how affordable rainwear has changed since my first festival in 2003.

A lock for your tent. One year a load of people I camped with had things stolen straight from their tents. Don't let this scare you or put you off as security is very good. But I always take a mini padlock to lock  the zips tags on my tent together. Get a tiny one so you can hide it under the flap so it can't be seen by passers by who are chancing a robbing spree.

A spare bottle for water and such. There's nothing worse than waking up in a boiling hot tent and having to trapse across the camp site to the water tap. Oh, and you'll want to take some toilet roll as there's often a limited supply despite the best efforts of the toilet roll replenishing team!

Also remember that glass bottles are usually not allowed! So you can either decant your alcohol in to plastic bottles, or check out the cocktail pouches/bags in Asda and Home Bargains, they have quite a tasty selection.

Roll on Lost Village this weekend! #RDFestivals
Are Crazy Colour Hair Dyes Any Good?

I've been dying my hair 2millions shades of red ever since I was about 15. As you may know, red is a notoriously hard colour to maintain and even 15 years later I find it a struggle to find the perfect red toner to keep it in good condition alongside keeping it vibrant. Crazy Color is a semi permanent hair dye brand which has been on my radar for many years, but until recently I've found it quite hard to get hold of in the UK. With rainbow colour hair being such a trend nowadays it's great to see a wider availability of more quirky coloured dyes not only from Crazy Colour, either. You can walk in to any Superdrug and Boots now to find an array of 'fashion' colours on the shelves. After lusting after these ones for so long, would they live up to my dreams though?

The answer is yes, and no. The colours Burgundy, Ruby Rouge and Pinkissimo are all pretty much what you'd expect. Burgundy is an almost purple tone of red, whereas Ruby Rouge is a very true red, both of which really stain the hair and add a distinct vibrancy each time I use them. Not only that, but they also add a lovely shine to my hair which conditioners alone don't seem to provide. For both red shades it is a definite thumbs up and the style of bottle also makes them a lot easier to use in comparison to my usual go-to red refreshers from La Riche Directions. 

Pinkissimo let me down a little bit though, I first tried these when my hair was a very light, peachy tone and I was hoping Pinkissimo would add a subtle pink hue. Nothing happened when I used it though. Like, literally nothing. No additional shine, no pink tone, nothing. The formula itself seemed more translucent than the others, which I feel added to the lack of results. If you have white, peroxide blonde hair then perhaps you would get a nice candy floss pink from this. But anything darker and you're wasting your pennies.

Overall though, I'm pleased with the range. You can find loads of information and the entire colour range online here.

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be invited by Victoria to Newbury Races for the Al Saqab Lockinge Day. Queue free flowing champagne, betting slips and a 3 hour car journey. You can watch the vlog of the day below! Don't forget to subscribe!

I've been eyeing up the My Little Box subscription service for a while now. A few of my colleagues receive it every month and whenever they open this cute little box, tailored towards one strong theme, I get so jealous! This month was no different so I decided to bite to bullet and part for £13.95 a month to give myself a little treat on my desk too. There's just something about a strong narrative on inanimate objects that really appeals to me and My Little Box is always presented with such a lovely theme. 

Hailing from France, they've hit the nail on the head when it comes to targeting a UK audience. Over the past few years everyone has become increasingly obsessed with French Pharmacy skincare and My Little Box takes it that one step further with a globetrotting 'experience' in each box. The May My Little Box is all circulated around Italy. With a perfume that whisks you away to an Italian summer to even a pasta guide inside the booklet made especially for the box - the curators of this little treasure thought of everything.

The other reason I really like My Little Box is because it doesn't just provide you with beauty treats, you also get some nice quirky accessories from time to time. I've seen subscribers receive a range of things from necklaces and notebooks, to the patterned headband and ring within this edition. Is there was one word to describe My Little Box it would just be 'lovely', because that's exactly what it is, every time.  

FESTIVAL SEASON IS ALMOST HERE!!! So, with that in mind let's go through some of the best festivals the UK has to offer, kicking off with Download Festival - aka the one I am most looking forward to this year. You can see my warm up playlist for Download on this post here. But if you've been living in a tiny little shoe box under a bed somewhere, then you may not have even heard the name Download Festival before, so let's take you through the basics....

UK Festival Guide: Download Festival

WHERE: Donington Park in Leicestershire.
WHEN: 10th June - 12th June
WHAT: Rock and Metal 'till your heart's content.

Despite its hard rock exterior, like most rock festivals you will find an incredibly friendly atmosphere, a distinct lack of drugs flying around and a good mix of age ranges in attendance.

You occasionally find the odd metal-snob who will judge your lack of JD swigging skills but as soon as you adopt a good DGAF attitude it's all gravy.

If we take a look back to a time where most of the readers of this blog were still in nappies, Download Festival is the after birth of what used to be known as Monsters of Rock, which was also held at Donington Park. From the descriptions of it, it seemed to be the Sonisphere of the day, with festivals of the same name not only being held here in the UK but also across the pond in Spain, Italy, Germany and a few other places too. Rock legends such as AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne, Megadeth and many, many more frequented the UK Monsters of Rock shows at Donington Park during it's reign from 1980 - 1996. Fast forward to 2003 and Download Festival was born, with non other than Iron Maiden headlining, a band which are set to return to the stage again for the 2015 fest.  The site is expected to reach up to 120,000 visitors over the weekend, which makes it one of the smaller festivals with around half the amount which head to Leeds Festival heading there daily. 

Rammstein, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden will be headlining the 3 day festival with a whole host of bangin' metal bands in between. Highlights for me are: Korn, Babymetal, Glassjaw, Billy Talent and Deftones. I still have my fingers crossed that Refused will turn up after the cancellation of HEVY Fest, but who knows... 

Take a look at my Primark Haul for April over on my new YouTube channel, where I bought the beautifully easy to wear Khaki dress pictured above. (I was a little hungover, but bear with it and you'll see the actual things I bought!). Don't forget to subscribe!