Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Car Bootin'

I'm not really in to Bank Holiday weekends, I find them so boring and pointless and I'm the type of person who would much rather be working than having to rush around due to early closing times and pushed about due to thousands of children everywhere. But alas, this Easter Bank Holiday wasn't all that bad. I went to a Car Boot Sale in Chelford (apparently the second biggest Car Boot in the UK, but actually wasn't all that big to be honest). I've not been to a Car Boot Sale since I was a kid really, when I used to go with my Grandad who was (and still is) a pro car-booter and frequents them every week during the bootin' season. I *always* have to best intentions to go to them, but there's just something about that early start which puts me off....

So, I went with my mother, waking up at 7am on my bloody day off and off we popped. I wore my favourite Hunter boots as the weather was looking a little dreary, but it managed not to rain the entire time we were there. It took about 25 minutes to drive there from where I live and I had such super high hopes. It even cost us £3 to park my car. But alas, a majority of the car boot was actually just shit. I'm assuming some people just picked up a load of random crap from fly tippers or something as 70% of the place was stuff you'd find in a skip. Considering to have a stall there you need to pay £12(!) I've no idea how they even begun to break even. Maybe some people were off put by the weather though as it did look like it was going to rain. But alas, 30% of the stalls were alrayt. There was a few ladies who were obviously selling their old clothes and unwanted Christmas presents, so that's where I picked up the Bliss Lemon and Thyme gift set up from. That cost me £3 after haggling the woman down from a fiver, because I'm a pro like that (joking, actually, I was super scared to haggle).... I did manage to pick up all 4 garments, including that amazing collared floral dress, for £10 altogether and they were all brand new with tags on! I don't know where the bloke had gotten them all from as they are all different brands and some I'd seen in Urban Outfitters and Ark. The floral dress though, I have seen on So In Fashion and they're selling it for £28! Considering I'd paid £2.50 for it, I think it makes me love it a bit more each time I look at it. I also got a cute little crop jumper (failing to see it was a size 14, whoops) and a lace jumper dress thing, as well the super cute demin dress with crochet middle part. 

So overall, not a wasted trip and it's kinda given me the urge to go to more Car Boot sales in future even though this one wasn't the best in the world! I imagine in the peak of summer it might get a bit better. Victoria always manages to pick up millions of bargains, including make up which is often brand new. So maybe I will have some of her luck in future. Still pleased as punch with those bloody dresses and top mind.

Dealing With Dermatitis

It's been a while since I've mentioned my Dermatitis here on the blog hasn't it? Well, that's pretty much because I've not actually been suffering from it for the past few months! And here's the wonder products which have contributed to these clear hands of mine, from Salcura. For those not in the know, my Dermatitis has been pretty terrible in the past, and used to leave me with what I liked to call 'Zombie Hands'. They'd get SO painful and sore, and literally turn red raw, sometimes bleeding. It's not nice when your hands are something you kindaaaa need to use on a daily basis. ITo be fair, getting dermatitis was my own fault. Doing a degree in Crafts where you often mess about with chemicals and resistant materials and not wearing gloves it a pretty stupid idea, I can tell thee. So here we go, how I managed to get rid of dermatitis and keep my hands clear from it's painful and annoying wrath!

Salcura Natural Skin Therapy Review

Natural and Effective Treatment for Dermatitis and Eczema!

I'd literally tried every treatment going for dermatitis in the past. From prescribed ointments from the doctors to products from places like Lush (and FYI Lush product flared up my Dermatitis something rotten EVERY TIME). The treatments from the doctors would clear the problem up temporarily but it would come straight back once the course of steroid treatment was over. Apparently steroid creams for skin conditions thin your skin over time and make you more prone to future problems. Which is a bit of a Catch 22 in itself.... The best thing I had found before discovering Salcura  was the Body Shop Hemp Balm, which I assume worked well as it protected my skin from factors which would flare it up. But alas, the same old story where the dermatitis kept coming back.

Treating dermatitis and skin conditions at home naturally, with Salcura skin products.

I discovered Salcura through Twitter initially, where someone recommended them and mentioned that you could order a little sample size of the products for free. (You can order your own free sample of Salcura products here) I tried the Salcura Dermaspray and the Zeoderm Moisturiser and simply paid the postage costs. You get 3 sachets of Zeoderm and a small bottle of the Dermaspray and together they lasted me over a month! You can buy a 50ml bottle of Salcura Dermaspray for only £9.99 on their website, which will last you forever, and it's also great for treating other skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. It's potent in scent, and my cat HATES the smell, but it instantly calms your skin and stops the itch which skin conditions cause. Instantly absorbing and being a clear non staining liquid, it's really good for a quick fix for irritation. Combined with the Salcura Zeoderm Skin Repairing Moisturiser, I managed to clear up my Zombie hands in as little as a week and within a month I was completely clear of all the sore redness and dry, chapped skin. Although the Dermaspray soaks in to your skin immediately, you will find a completely different story with the Zeoderm... Which is almost like a sticky balm substance. I must admit that I do find its consistency to be a little horrid, but when you reap the rewards of such an instant result against sore skin then it really is a small sacrifice to make, when you can't touch anything for about ten minutes, haha. To keep the dry skin at bay when out and about, I've found the Hand Hydrator from Salcura to be brilliant. It doesn't give that instant smoothness to your skin like a regular 'off the shelf' hand cream would give, but it's a non greasy formula  which absorbs in an instant and smells amazing. It has a really natural herbal like scent which you just know is full of goodness. There's nothing worse for me than when a hand cream coats your hands and you find yourself not being able to touch anything for half an hour because of the greasy, slippery mess you have to deal with! I've managed to stay Dermatitis free since discovering the Salcura range, and after the amount of pain and grossness I've endured since getting dermatitis it really is an absolute skin savior for me.

Treating dermatitis and skin conditions at home naturally, with Salcura skin products.

As I said, if you don't want to splash out on the full size products, they do sell handy sample sizes. So if you are suffering from skin conditions and want an at home remedy then check Salcura out.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Minty Dress and Brown Loafers

You know when it's the first day of real sunshine and you instantly feel around 20times paler than you did the day before? Yeah, that. Today it seems to be very sunny outside, but I'm still finding it incredibly chilly! Hence why I ended up whacking on some black tights and cardigan before I actually ventured out in this outfit. I was feeling quite optimistic, as you can tell, by getting my ultra pasty legs out. But alas their ecru tones were set to be covered up again and hidden by a fancy photo filter to disguise their extreme lack of any type of colour. Last year I was adamant I was going to rock the pale skin look the entire summer, but somehow this fake tan bug got me and I can now apply fake tan like a true Liverpudlian - And certainly will be investing in lots more this summer (sunbeds are bad mmmkay).

Outfit of the day featuring Dahlia at Topshop, Primark and Chatham Marine brown loafers on Hello Terri Lowe UK fashion blog.
Dress - Dahlia via Topshop. Belt - Primark. Loafers* - Chatham Marine 

My legs are still actually covered in bruises from some nights out recently. I don't know if I suddenly start walking like my knee's aren't attached properly and kick myself in the legs, or I fall over a lot, or someone just has a penchant for playing some kind of violent game of footsy flirting with me, but every Saturday morning after a few gins I get at least 3 new bruises! I bought this dress sometime last year from Topshop. I never usually shop there, but occasionally I will grab something from the sale. This is a Dahlia dress which I ended up paying £25 for and I remember being distinctly pissed off when I went to TK Maxx the next week and found the EXACT same dress in better colours with a different label stitched in for £15!! Alas, it's ok though, because I do actually wear this mint green dress, and I loveeee the scallop edges and pleated skirt. It's so comfy and easy to wear, perfect for summer.

Outfit of the day featuring Dahlia at Topshop, Primark and Chatham Marine brown loafers on Hello Terri Lowe UK fashion blog.

I also dug out this cute acrylic caterpillar necklace I forgot I had!! I don't actually know where I got it from, as it's at least 3 years old, but I often see necklaces made like this in little boutique shops and the like. It's like a layered perspex and I have an owl necklace in the same style. It also only cost me something like £8... Oh and not forgetting the shoes. It's a little too chilly for sandals quite yet so I've been popping on my Chatham Marine loafers as the perfect transitional shoe to ween my off my Dr Martens and knee high boots, which I have been wearing non stop for the last few months. It feels really weird wearing normal SHOES again on a daily basis when you've had your legs covered up. It's almost like something is just missing?! These brown leather loafers are so comfy, but I really wish I'd gone half a size or so up as one of the shoes really pinches my foot! But with being leather I'm hoping they stretch out soon enough, if you have any leather stretching tips or ideas to get them comfier quicker then PLEASE let me know!! The foot which doesn't pinch, on the other hand, is absolutely fine! But I do have the weirdest shaped feet this side of Stoke....

Outfit of the day featuring Dahlia at Topshop, Primark and Chatham Marine brown loafers on Hello Terri Lowe UK fashion blog.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Favourites Under a Fiver - Mixed Bag

It's Favourites Under a Fiver time again! And this week we have a little mixture of budget beauty products to tell y'all about. Once again I have had a super busy week and have so many things to blog about and even gathered crap I don't use/need any more so will be popping up a quick blog sale as some point next week too (I hope). I'm also currently suffering from a hangover by the way, in case non of this makes any sense.

Favourites Under a Fiver

Mixed Budget Beauty Favourites!

Budget Beauty Buys under £5 Featuring MUA, Make Up Revolution London and Cien at Lidl

1. MUA Matte Lipstick in Lilac Belle (Superdrug, £1.00!): MUA is always a brand I tend to avoid buying. I don't really know why though, as most products I've tried I really quite like?! And the brand does tick so many boxes in the sense of what I like. It's cheap, it's got great ranges and always brings out something new and exciting on a regular basis, but something within me always talks myself out of buying anything?! The MUA Matte Lipsticks have never appealed to me, even though the colour range looks really good! But I always had the opinion they'd dry my lips out something rotten.... But alas, this lipstick is amazing. Especially for the price! It's a creamy matte formula and seems to moisturise my lips somehow too!? The colour actually lasts for a good few hours and doesn't transfer over to glasses and other drinking vessels, which I find to be a bit of a rarity. The colour is very subtle and isn't an 'obvious' colour, but a very good compromise for a change on the classic nude day time lip.

2. Cien Nail Varnish Remover (Lidl, £1.19): I picked this up as I had run out of nail varnish remover and just so happened to be in Lidl eyeing up their awesome Easter goods. I almost didn't buy it as I thought the price was pretty expensive for Lidl when you can get regular polish remover for like, a quid, elsewhere. But alas, it was a wise investment, as it's very, very good. It seems to do a slightly better job than the less than a pound ones I usually buy AND it has a subtle almond scent. Not only that, but I didn't realise it had this fancy pants thing on the top either! You just press the cotton wool down on the vertical pump to get the nail varnish remover on to it. It's so simple yet you find yourself wondering how you ever lived without such an important concept in your life.

Budget Beauty Buys under £5 Featuring MUA, Make Up Revolution London and Cien at Lidl

3. MUA Nail Varnish in Leap Frog (Superdrug, £1.00): Yet another MUA product I've always avoided. Despite their wide range of colours I just never really bothered with the MUA nail varnishes?! I think it's because I know I could get a more expensive branded polish in Poundland for the same price or something. But alas, the MUA polish in Leap Frog has been on my nails for a few days now and it's very good indeed. As you expect it is a little sheer so you need a good three coats for a fully opaque finish and I found after around 2 days the ends of your nails start to show some wear. It's not chipped though, just faded, so using a top coat would probably solve this. I love this shade of green and the fact is has frog in the colour name makes me happy too.

4. Make Up Revolution Eye Shadow Palette Iconic 1 (Online, £4.00): As I mentioned the other day here, I was sent a bundle of joy from new budget make up brand 'Make Up Revolution' and am currently sifting through the contents to review. Not being a massive fan of wearing eye shadow on a day to day basis this Make Up Revolution palette has pretty much changed all that and I've worn it almost every day since I've had it! I've not tried the Urban Decay Naked Palettes, as let's face it, I'd rather spend that £25 or whatever on something a little more worthwhile than a bunch of eyeshadows which all look the same. But for £4 this Make Up Revolution version of the Naked Palette is LIFE CHANGING....Kind of, haha. It's a really blendable formula which applies so easily! I start with the lightest shade all over the lid then creep down to the mid brown for definition on the crease, finishing with the darkest brown shade on the edge of my lids. And even when you go wrong, the colours are so neutral you can blend it out and create a smokey eye effect with literally no effort at all. If you're after a great quality, affordable, basic eye shadow palette then this is definitely the one to purchase. I love it! 

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Joining The (Make Up) Revolution

I'm having one of those weeks where I am really lacking energy and time to come over to Hello Terri Lowe and write anything of use. I always seem to be dipping in and out of enthusiasm lately and some weeks you will find me blog multiple times and other's where, well, I kinda forget. Although my blogging enthusiasm has been somewhat on the back burner this, I have been spending this time of procrastination with my new (beauty) best friends, in the form of a really exciting parcel from new budget brand on the block: Make Up Revolution!

Make Up Revolution

A (tiny) review of Make Up Revolution, London. Brand new budget beauty brand for 2014!

Make Up Revolution London. Brand new budget beauty brand, blog review!

Ok, so maybe a slight exaggeration when I say this is a 'review' of Make Up Revolution products. I have so many to get through in my lovely little parcel that I am sifting through it at a steady pace! I posted a sneaky preview of everything I got over in Instagram the other day, so if anything catches your eye let me know and I can prioritise it a bit! Here's the first thing I have cracked out and LOVED so far though, the Make Up Revolution Nail Polish in  'Cool Days' which is the perfect spring time nail colour.  This shade of light greeny/blue is my go to colour when the days start to get a bit warm, and this one is a slightly lighter shade of the minty green shade you get from Barry M and the like. I must admit, you do need around 3 coats for a full coverage, but it dries really quickly between coats meaning it doesn't take too long to build up the colour at all. But don't buy it expecting a one coat product, because this is not it. The packaging is a little on the budget side also, with a label being stuck on instead of printed... But like that matters? (I just know how critical beauty bloggers can be!), it's the product inside which counts! And with Make Up Revolution products it seems to be that the focus was strictly on the product not the packaging, which suits me personally fine.

Make Up Revolution London. Brand new budget beauty brand, blog review!

The best part of the Make Up Revolution Nail Varnish range though?? There's over 40 shades AND it's only a £1 each... I told you it was a budget beauty brand... And this is a budget and a HALF. So far I am really liking what I am trying, and their product range is not only new and exciting, but they also have some really interesting concepts for products like the #happylips amazing care lip colours and not to mention their dupes for high end products such as this concealer and these eyeshadow palettes!

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