Friday, 30 January 2015

Tetley Super Green Tea

tetley super green tea

Oh dark, cold nights - when will you be gone from my life?

The other week when I was on my death bed, dying from the flu virus, I managed to get myself together for about 20 minutes and go to Asda. Upon my treacherous journey filled with much snot and woe, I walked past an intriguing aisle which had many seasonal offers on. One of the items on offer was this new Tetley Super Green Tea.

Now me and Green Tea don't have the best relationship in the world. For one, it's bland as sin. Like seriously. It tastes like weak grass usually. Even the flavoured versions are bland. But these new ones from Tetley Tea are actually pretty tasty. Even when my tongue was not picking up full tastes when I was at my worst - the tropical flavour of the Immune boosting Vitamin C variety really did taste nice.

As soon as I felt better I went back to get some more. The second time I went for one of the 'Boost' versions, which gives you a kick of Vitamin B6, to help put a spring in your step. This one was slightly less flavoursome, but being lime flavoured I did expect that. Lime is a flavour I am a big fan of, so these were a nice, refreshing flavour for me. But I imagine others may disagree. They're a bit tangy and not a... traditional lime flavour? It's kind of hard to explain. But for £1 a pack on offer at the moment, they're worth a try if only for the vitamin boost alone.

I'm going to pop back and see if they have some more and stock up, as both are definitely part of my evening and I'm intrigued by the other flavours. I also need to pick up a new Peppermint Tea, as the last lot of PG Tips tea I bought has a disgusting plastic like taste to it. Blergh.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Is Download Festival 2015 The Best Line Up Ever?

download festival line up 2015

In a word - YES.

Even though Download Festival is only about 45 minutes away from my house, I'm pretty ashamed to admit that I've not been since 2004. Getting side tracked with the line up of Leeds Festival for the past few years and with Sonisphere being possibly one of the most fun weekends I've ever had last year, it's unfortunate that I couldn't make it to Download as well. But this year my new life goal is to attend the 2015 festival. 

This year the line up just keeps getting better and better with each act that's announced. Like it wasn't good enough that Slipknot and KISS (omfg KISS?!) are going to be headlining, the news today that my party hero Andrew WK is there alongside L7 (L... SEVEN!!!) has got my 18 year old self EMOTIONAL. That's right, emotional. L7 are up there with my idol Kathleen Hanna on the list of bands that taught me about being a fearless female. In fact, I'm pretty sure the only thing which would make this line up more perfect is if Kathleen herself turned up. And perhaps Stevie Nicks, but we've got more hope getting Kathleen I reckon.

Yeah, yeah I'll probably look a bit out of place (if you remember the beginning of this post here, the metal LADS think I'm not metal enough for metal bands) but when I'll also get to see Rise Against Dragonforce, Every Time I Die and Mike bloody Patton with Faith No More, I'm willing to get my New Rocks on. (I'm joking, of course). But seriously, rock and metal festivals are always the greatest atmosphere, with the friendliest bunch of people you could spend the weekend with. I really cannot wait.

Roll on June the 12th.....

Check out the full line up so far here. Will you be going??

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Dirty Looks Extensions

dirty looks hair extensions review for red ombre hair

Sometimes you just attach a bit of fake hair to your head and it encourages instant SASS. You want to just throw some serious shade, because the library is OPEN. Yes, my hair is as fake as a RuPaul drag queen, but by 'eck does it look snazzy. 

As you may (or may not) know, I've been an addict to hair extensions for quite some time now, Initially only popping them in with micro rings to last me Leeds Festival Weekend, I haven't taken them out since. Well, I have, but only to change them to another set of extensions or to dye my roots.

Dirty Looks Hair Extensions are probably the best hair extensions I've ever tried. I'm not even exaggerating. When you open the perfectly prepared packaging, the hair itself is so silky and soft, even the cat wants to roll around in it. Not only is the hair itself superb quality, but they also have the additional bonus of coming in a range of weft sizes. Usually when you have extensions you have a single weft and they appear rather sparse until you layer them up. This means more clips attached to your head and it can get pretty uncomfortable. Dirty Looks hair extensions come in wefts of up to FOUR layers, which are attached to each other by some fancy looking crochet/lace type material. This means less clips are used to attach, yet maximum thickness in the lengths. Before now I've sewn layers of wefts together to get the thickness I want, but this means that the top of the weft is really thing and can look bumpy on your head (especially on days between washes), whereas the layering of Dirty Looks Quad wefts means they sit flat against your head.

Because I wear hair extensions daily, I actually carefully take the clips off and attach them to my hair using Micro Rings. You can pick these up off ebay really cheaply and they're really simple to put in once you get the hang of it. With Dirty Looks Quad extensions I do have to put more along the top of the extensions to make sure the heaviness of the extensions doesn't snag my own hair too much. I find them pretty comfortable to wear, but it does take quite a lot of practise at first to get them to sit right. If you want to try this technique for yourself at home you probably need to watch a lot of YouTube tutorials (like I did) and enlist a friend to help (I didn't, this is why it took me twice as long to get it right).

From Dirty Looks I got my paws on a full set of 'Bobby Glam' extensions in the shade 'California Highlighted'. I don't know who Bobby is, or why he's so Glam. But I'm not going to complain. I chose this shade as it has a few different tones of blonde in, which I knew would create the desired effect when I dyed them red at the top for my ombre/dip dye. I simply apply a box dye in deep red to the top of the extensions and rub it in, then brush it down in to the lengths to create a gradient effect. Then I popped on an orange toner when the extensions where attached to blend them in a bit more. I'm not going to lie, this is a really lengthy process, but worth it in the end to look so damn sassy. Because the hair extensions are so silky soft, it takes a few washes for the texture to start matching up to your real hair. In the image above they've literally been in a day - hence why you might notice a slight difference. To solve this, just style as usually and add some loose curls to blend them in better. You can also cut the extensions to help them blend in more.

Cutting can be quite a daunting task though, so just go slow and steady. Keep them as long as possible in case you make any slight mistakes and slice down the hair. I think that's quite a hard one to explain, but don't forget that most good hair dressers will cut your extensions for you for a reasonable price anyway! So give your usually one a ring and see what they say if you're apprehensive about this part. 

The Dirty Looks website and blog is packed full of useful hints and tips for getting your hair extensions looking great anyway, so pay them a visit here. After the PLETHORA of extensions I've been through, I can honestly say I love these the most!

dirty looks hair extensions review

Monday, 26 January 2015

Cake Face

Create a cake ordering on Patisserie Valerie for delicious wedding and occasion cakes.

On a scale of one to bad, I think it's probably reaaaaaally bad that I'm blogging about this cake* today - Especially after completing my first day at my new job and working on a dieting website all day. My bad. But c'mon, just look at this beauty, how could I not share it with you?

This masterpiece was made via the 'Create a Cake' feature over on the Patisserie Valerie website. Even if you have no intention of ordering a cake, I urge you to visit it and have a play around. It's pretty addictive. You simply go through step by step to create the cake of your DREAMS. You can either collect the cake from your local Patisserie Valerie store, or you can have it delivered straight to your door. Because we don't have a Patisserie Valerie here in Stoke on Trent, I opted to pick mine up from their sister brand 'Druckers' which I'd never even noticed was right outside HMV in the Potteries Centre?!

As you can see, this cake is an absolute masterpiece. 

When I was going through the options on the website to create my cake, I was thinking half way through about how it couldn't possibly get more indulgent than the layers of cream and cake I'd just chosen - then I got to the end, where I could even add profiteroles to the top of the cake. I'm not even a fan of sweet things usually, but good God, how could anyone not be in love with this thing? I chose a fruit filling alongside the layers of cream and goodness, because you know, I need to get my five a day some how...

To be honest, before I got to the end of the cake creation I was thinking about how much it was going to cost, because let's face it, I did go all out. But I was pleasantly surprised that it came to just shy of £30. With 6 generous servings (each slice has a WHOLE profiterole on it!) I'd say it was actually enough to serve double that amount. I couldn't finish a whole piece in one go, it was way too rich for my tastes and even the lovers of sweet things in my family couldn't cope. Which I guess is only a good thing, as you have to have double helpings! Once you add up how much buying all these ingredients would cost, and not to mention the time it would take to make, it really is the perfect treat for a special occasion. Luckily it was my mum's birthday last week, so that's my excuse for treating everyone.

Sorry for teasing you all with this gooey, chocolatey, delicious cake of joy, but I had to show it off. And on a side note; if you do visit Druckers their Spiced Apple Latte is amazing, as I experienced when I picked my cake up!

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Nip + Fab Bargains

*Bargain Klaxon*

I don't know about you, but every time I bag a bargain I feel like I've achieved something in my life. The achievement may be small, but by gum do they add up in to making you feel like the princess of bargains. I'm a complete bargain hunter, from Charity Shops to regular shops, if there's a bargain to be sniffed out I'm going to find it.

I've been eyeing up the Nip + Fab body care range since it came out, but I just couldn't justify buying yet more shower gels and body creams when I have so many already. But when you find them reduced from around £8 to 99p in your local Superdrug it's simply fate to give then whirl. Yup, you read that right, I picked up all of these Nip + Fab products for less than one bottle alone should cost!! Being a big fan of the brand already (Hello, 4th purchase of the Glycolic Fix pads) I would have been a fool to leave them on the shelf.

The Detox Blend products (in green) are my favourite scents out of the range, which I've smelt on the shelves for all these months, so I was pretty pleased to get the entire range today. Containing coconut oil and Frankincense Oil alongside Green Tea, Tea Tree and Jasmine, they're totally up my street when it comes to scent and ingredients. Tea Tree should be a wonderful addition for keeping skin clear in places you can't reach (c'mon, I'm not the only one with occasional spots on my back, right?). Whilst the other ingredients are sure to make your skin lovely, soft and supple. 

Energy Boost as a scent is nice and refreshing, but I'm not going to lie - it does remind me slightly of cleaning products. But it does again contain Tea Tree Oil as well as Glycerine, with Manderin, Grapefruit and Lemon to scent. Although it smells a bit too detergent like in the bottle, I'm imagining in the bath or shower the scent will be lovely to awake and refresh you in your morning shower. 

Still full price online over on the official Nip and Fab website here, it's worth taking a trip to your local Superdrug to see if there's any left in store! Good luck!