Summer Hair x Glamoriser Cordless Straighteners

After having micro-ring hair extensions in my hair for over two years, I went cold turkey on my trusty weave a few weeks ago, when I had my hair done with Olaplex at my local Toni and Guy. The bright orange colour remained vibrant for much longer than my usual at-home hair dye - but unfortunately roots started to appear so I thought I'd go for something a little different when I dyed them this time!

I've not had pink hair since I was about 19, and 10 years later I still feel like I can *just* about get away with it. And if I can't I'm just going to put it down to a mid-life crisis. My natural hair without extensions is so straight I look like  washed up Kurt Cobain fan if I don't style it in some way. When I had extensions in I could curl them and the waves in my hair would last for 3-4 days until the next wash. I've had no such luck since taking them out though and my natural hair is so thick and heavy the curls and waves just drop after a day.

Summer Hair x Glamoriser Cordless Straighteners

I was kind of dreading my hair at Leeds Festival this year, as I knew after day one it would just go flat, straight and boring. When my hair is up is emphasises my big ol' round face, so I knew I needed some kind of solution!

Thankfully, these Glamoriser Cordless Straighteners from HQHair landed on my desk a few weeks ago and I knew they'd be just the thing I was after for Leeds! You simply charge them up for a few hours and they hold the charge for around 40 minutes each time. I've managed to use them out and about a few times now and they're still working absolutely brilliantly! As it only takes me about 10 minutes to pop some waves in my hair with them, they lasted the full 3 days in a field and despite the roots of my pink hair getting a little greasy, it looked passable the whole bank holiday weekend! The feel of it was a different story though, ew greasy roots... But as long as I looked good, who cares, right?

I have a hair dryer from the same brand and I'm still impressed by the power of that bad boy when it comes to drying my locks. As they Glamoriser Cordless Straighteners are travel size, they discretely fit in your handbag - so if you're the type who pays for those straightener 'vending machines' in night clubs (yes guys, these exist) then they might just be the investment product for you! I'm kind of upset that I nabbed them just towards the end of Festival Season, but I'm sure they'll be ultra handy for next year and beyond!

Leeds Festival 2015

Whenever I go to Leeds Festival I always plan what the follow up blog post will be in my head beforehand. Has this blog post ever happened or worked out how I imagined? Nope. Because no matter how many pictures I plan to take and things I want to remember to include, I get sidelined by copious amounts of alcohol and generally having a jolly good time. So forget the outfit posts, the beauty essentials and f*ckin' floral flower crowns - here's my highlights from Leeds Festival 2015.

Leeds Festival 2015: Highlights

I have waited so many years to see Refused live, and this year at Leeds was MY TIME. They were main reason I needed to go. After the disappointment that was the 'come back' shows of At The Drive In and Glassjaw, who had a distinct essence of CBA when I saw them, Refused restored my faith in the return of punk rock. As soon as they walked on stage it was like sticking your head in a massive jet engine. Not only did they put on a absolutely astonishing show from start to finish, but they played all the best ones from The Shape of Punk to Come alongside a few new songs, ending with New Noise. Singer Dennis Lyxzén is like a hardcore version of Pelle Almqvist from The Hives, but with a little less humour and a little more monumental in his ability to get people circle pitting like it's 2004.

Refused at Leeds Festival 2015

Grilled Cheese and Halloumi Salads
Okay, festivals and food don't always turn out to be the best combination in the world. I mean; greasy burgers, shit chips and a distinct lack of variation other than noodles is the usual run down of culinary delights on offer. But this year Leeds Festival upped the food game and introduced a few smaller caterers to the arena. Yes my insides are currently hating me for eating three, yes three, grilled cheese sandwiches from the 'Holy Toast' stand by the BBC Introducing Stage this weekend, but I also averaged out the grease with a delicious quinoa and halloumi salad too. All in all, a great addition to the weekend. Especially when we couldn't get our hands on ready salted pom bears for the weekend.

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Piccadilly Party
If you wander down to the main camp site at Leeds, just near to the mystical fairground rides, you'll spot a disco ball in the sky which is home to the Piccadilly Party. With a line up of DJs who know their Taylor Swift from their Die Antwoord with a glug of indie and dance in between, it's the party that literally doesn't sleep... Until 6am that is. Every year come rain or shine, more and more crazy kids  join the fun and literally go insane for hours on end. This year was much of the same, with a little less mud than previous years. 

leeds fest

Foals Secret Set
I don't actually remember how I knew Foals at Leeds Festival was going to happen or how I knew they were playing beforehand, but somehow I did. The tent was absolutely rammed, so it must have been on the grapevine somewhere and I can't claim to be as cutting edge as I could do right now. Anyway, they're one of those bands I always hear on XFM but never pay attention to. After this weekend though, I think I've changed my mind. There were a few other rumoured secret sets for the weekend (*cough* Ed Sheeran and Weezer *cough*) but non of the others happened, so well done Foals for actually being a rumour and fulfilling it.

So, In Conclusion....
Leeds Festival 2015 was a massive success. Many people criticised the line up, but as long as I saw Refused I knew the weekend would be a jolly good time. There were a thousand other great bits from the entire weekend, including Baby Metal and drinking prosecco like it was going out of fashion, but I won't brag about my mint time too much. I will just add that the weather was the best it has been for a few years now and I didn't even need my wellies. Leeds this year was the official end to summer it seems too, as now I'm back in rainy Stoke, whilst the first wave of dark nights is setting in. Take me back please.

-Did you go to Leeds Festival this year? What was your favourite part of the weekend?-

Bettys Tea Room, York

On Thursday, before we popped to Leeds Festival, Victoria and I made a pit stop at a Yorkshire landmark known as Bettys Tea Room. If you've ever been to York, you would have no doubt seen the queues of people waiting in the rain, wind or shine to partake in the delights of Afternoon Tea at Bettys - and to start our wild weekend end off properly we thought we'd nip up to be a bit sophisticated before we ended up drinking our body weight in cider over the festival weekend. 

Afternoon Tea at Bettys Tea Room, York

As soon as you spot Bettys on St Helens Square in York, you almost immediately give a coo and an awwww at the quaint exterior, with it's huge curved windows and art deco elegance. With fresh flowers blooming from the hanging baskets and a real buzz echoing from the main dining area, the setting is beautiful for a sunny afternoon treat. 

Our table was booked for the upstairs area in Bettys known as the Belmont Room. With wood decor and a spacious layout of tables, it was a stark contrast to the buzzing vibes pouring out of the downstairs cafe area. I think personally I would have preferred to sit downstairs as the atmosphere seemed a little more relaxed during the day, but don't get me wrong, the Belmont Room was still  a wonderful experience with a pianist playing throughout the service. 

Within around 10 minutes of sitting down and ordering our rhubarb champagne cocktail, we were served up the extremely lavish Lady Betty Afternoon Tea. Starting with a prawn and avocado based appetiser, this was soon wolfed down with few 'yums' along the way. I've never been a fan of avocado, but there was something within the pureé at the bottom of this 'prawn cocktail with a twist' that made me want to give it another go. After a 2 and a half hour drive from Stoke, this was a refreshing and much needed introduction in to the rest of Bettys Afternoon Tea Menu.

Straight after the appetiser we were served the next round on the afternoon tea menu, which came in the form of this dainty savoury selection.  The Salmon and Cream Cheese Roulade was absolutely delicious but I did feel that the juxtaposition of serving it with a Gala Pie was a bit odd. I'm not sure what it is about this combination that I found a little weird, as I can't put my finger on it, but it just felt strange to have something rather luxurious and light next to a pork pie with egg it. The quail egg within the pie was lovely though and didn't feel quite as stodgy as it first appeared to be. 

In between the courses and champagne, I also ordered my choice of tea, which was served in a beautiful glass teapot. I thought I'd go for lemongrass and ginger due to the heavy weekend which was ahead of me. Ginger to settle any tummy woes and also give me a bit of a boost before heading off to Leeds Fest. The teapot size easily allows for 3 cups and you can refresh this at any point during the afternoon tea.

We then come on to the main course, which was a 3 tier cake stand packed full of finger food for us to get our tastebuds around. The sandwich selection consisted of; ham and tomato pate with sundried tomato bread, egg mayonnaise and coronation chicken. I must say, despite being in to my fancy flavours and unusual combinations, I would have preferred more subtle flavours for the sandwich selection. I'm not overly keen on sundried tomato, so the ham sandwiches weren't to my taste, and the coronation chicken was a little overpowering. However, when compared to the previous and upcoming parts of the afternoon tea this isn't too dissatisfying, as the rest more than makes up for this slight, personal, niggle.

Bettys Tea Room, York
Bettys Tea Room, York

The middle tier had 2 scones per person on it and I think they actually changed my opinion on scones completely since eating them! I've never been one for scones, I find them a little bland and well, pointless usually. But the warm, fresh baked lavender scone with a dollop of cream on was delicious and so was the more traditional sultana scone and I enjoyed both more than I ever thought I would. Unlike scones from the supermarket they were light and fluffy, just hitting the spot. Washed down with my lemongrass and ginger tea, this made for a perfect combination.

We then go further up the tiers in to the coveted desserts and sweets section.

As there was only one of each dessert between two, I could only manage two of the selection and started with the bright pink dusted ganache cube, which was filled with fresh raspberry with a sprinkle of pistachio on top. It was so incredibly rich I could only eat half of it though, but the delicate macaron was a lovely way to finish the meal. Macrons tend to be a little disappointing sometimes, when they look so pretty, but this was actually lived up to its appearance and was a lovely gooey consistency with a good crunch to it. Yum.

Bettys Tea Room, York

-You can find out more about Bettys Afternoon Tea and other parts of the menu online here-

Yumi Woodland Dress - The Return of Wardrobe Irony

It's been a good while since I last had a dress with an ironic pattern on it, but since this Yumi Woodland print dress came in to my life c/o House of Fraser I feel like I shouldn't have neglected my penchant for ironic prints for so long. 

I think dresses like this Woodland Creature Yumi Dress are the perfect thing to wear for work to sneak a bit more fun in to your day. The colours are subdued enough to not draw immediate attention, and the collar somehow makes it a bit smarter, but then you look closer and see a range of animals lurking amongst the green foliage. There's badgers and birds and even a weasel somewhere on it and I couldn't be more pleased about that.

The lightweight fabric is so comfortable to wear as well, but my only qualm is that the button up top part gapes open even with my humble B cups, so it's definitely worth trying on or sizing up if you're looking to add a bit of subtle fun in the form of this pretty dress to your wardrobe! The best part of dresses in this style is that you can team them with tights and boots for colder days or pop some gladiator sandals on in the summer and it'll still look pretty sassy. 

Oh My Blog! The #BloggersBlogAwards with Tea Party Beauty on Hello Terri Lowe, UK lifestyle blog!

Excuse my whilst I practice my shocked-through-to-gracious-loser face. 

It came as a MASSIVE surprise and honour today to be nominated for Best Social Media Account over on Tea Party Beauty's Bloggers Blog Awards! I noticed the hashtag crop up on my Twitter feed so many times since Hayley came up with hosting a blog awards by bloggers for bloggers, but I never actually considered that anyone would nominate me. I'M SO CHUFFED.

If you don't follow me on Twitter, then you can see my timeline of often ridiculous life narrations by heading to @HelloTerriLowe

I don't even mind if I don't win. I'll still attend the awards in Leeds just to mingle with other bloggers. After attending the #bigbloggerconference with work this weekend I've reignited my zing for blog events, after a brief time of falling out of love with them. 

Anyway, if you do want to vote for me, you can head to Hayley's blog here and fill in the survey.As mentioned, I don't mind not winning because I'm already practising my gracious loser face. But I won't be a loser no matter what the outcome because I'm a winner on a daily basis in life anyway. Hey, you have to toot your own flute now and again don't you? I just toot mine every day. Also, if I win I might have to prepare a speech and people might not understand my Stokie accent.

Good luck to all the other bloggers nominated!

P.S: I'm not actually sure why my hair looks so wild in these pictures, I think I used too much volumising spray. Whoops.

Staying fresh at a festival on hello terri lowe, UK lifestyle and music blog.

Festivals are never going to be the most cleanly of places are they? And if you're thinking you'll have a quick shower whilst you're there in the weird port-a-potty style things they set up, then be prepared to be a little disappointed. Even in the staff areas some of the showers can be reminiscent of standing under a dribbling gutter with a room temperate drizzle of water tricking over you. Some showers            can be ok, if you sneak behind the main stage for example (but shhhh, you're not really meant to go there), but if you aren't really sneaky sneaky, how else can you stay clean at a Festival?

As mentioned (to death lately) I'll be heading to Leeds Festival next weekend - hurrah! I've already shared some Festival beauty tips so I thought I'd share a few things I'll be packing to make sure that apart from looking flawless all weekend (scoff), I don't let myself down by smelling like a rotting corpse by day two. 

Staying Fresh at a Festival

Facewipes: Beauty bloggers everywhere talk about face wipes like they've murdered their cat and smashed their marble background for pictures or something. Apparently face wipes are bad for your skin, but for the sake of 4 days in a field I'm sure we can agree that they have their uses. If it's sweltering heat they perfect for refreshing your sweat moustache and giving your face and pits a quick refresh, and if it's raining there'll be mud. So face wipes come in handy for quickly wiping your hands on when you can't get your muddy wellies off and have to wiggle your feet out using your hands.

Mio Clean Slate Wipes: I'm so excited that we have Mio and Mama Mio products at work now! It's been brilliant to discover more about the brand over the past few weeks and we've even had the pleasure of meeting one of the founders, Sian Sutherland to learn pretty much EVERYTHING there is to know about the Mio skincare range. Anyway, the Mio Clean Slate Wipes are PERFECT for festivals, as they're basically a shower in a sachet. Safe enough to use on the face or body, the mint and cucumber formula is refreshing, moisturising and cleansing in one swipe!

Micellar Water: Removing make up quickly and easily with micellar water is your skin friendly option for not just festivals but for, well, life. Now the Garnier micellar water comes in a handy travel size, it's perfect for throwing in your rucksack with some cotton wool pads. Excellent.

Avéne Eau Thermale: If you've taken a secret shower strike for the weekend and using the mio wipes or facewipes to keep your body fresh, then a water spray like the Avéne one is perfect for helping you to feel even more clean. If the sun actually shows its face at any point, this stuff is also great for cooling down. 

Pump It Up Dry Shower Foam: Finally, I spotted this in Boots for £3.99 and thought it was worth giving a go. A bit confused as to why the coconut version is marketed to men (or that there's any gender difference between the rather gender neutral scents), but it smells amazing all the same. It's basically just an antibacterial foam, a bit like the hand ones you can get, but for your whole body. I had some coconut scented hand sanitizer from the Body Shop a few years ago and this reminded me of that, which made me actually like using hand gels. Not sure how much I will use this, but if I only use it for my hands it still won't be a wasted purchase.

-What are your tips for staying fresh at a Festival?-