Friday, 31 October 2014

Warm Cinnamon Nights

warm cinnamon night, treacle moon shower gel blog review

I have no idea why I wandered in to the toiletries section when I nipped to Tesco the other day for my lunch. I only went in for sushi, honest. Somehow I ended up browsing all the lovely smelling shower gels which I do not need and noticed that all the Treacle Moon bath and shower gels were on offer for £1.99. For a 500ml bottle of shower gel, that's a pretty reasonable price and because I seem to have a thing for having a billion bottles open at one time, I thought I would add their latest scent to my bathroom. I've had a few Treacle Moon shower gels before, with my favourite one from the collection being 'One Ginger Morning'. One Ginger Morning is a delectable ginger scent which is perfect for waking you up in your morning shower with a cute little blurb to read on the front. Each scent has it's own little story on and I always am a sucker for a product with a good narrative. 

It did take me almost my entire lunch break to sniff each and every scent they had on offer. From their sweet shop inspired collection (marsh mallow hearts is the ONE) to their Chocolate cream shower gel and I was event tempted by the Treacle Moon Warm Apple Pie bath and shower gel, despite really not being keen on apple scented products usually! Alas I settled for their special edition Warm Cinnamon Nights as it's the time of year for cinnamon scents isn't it? This special edition bath and shower gel is a slightly spiced scent yet with a little bit of a sweet orange  and floral undertone. Which is very nice, as I often find cinnamon scented things can make me sneeze if too overpowering. I've found that all of the Treacle Moon shower gels I've tried to have a scent which lingers for a day after you've cleaned yourself, which is always a brucey bonus as I find it's rare that a shower gel does that on me! 

So if you're after a lovely scent for the season to spice up your shower, nip in to Tesco where Treacle Moon products are stocked. 

Thursday, 30 October 2014

The Best Christmas Jumper In The World Ever

Funny Christmas Jumper Dinosaur xmas jumper

I don't care that it's October and it's probably a little bit too soon to be talking about Christmas. I just needed to share this jumper, immediately. The reason for this is pretty much because it's the best Christmas jumper in the world ever, as the blog post title indicates. This beautiful Christmas jumper has been gifted to me from those hustlers of fine winter garments over at Tipsy Elves. When I first chose this jumper it was sold out, so I had to wait until they got them back in to stock, because I simply HAD to have it. Not only does it feature a festive T-Rex on the front of the beautiful blue knit, but it also has my favourite feature of a 'cold shoulder' design. I really like cold shoulder tops and jumpers, as it eases my shoulder paranoia. I know that shoulders are a weird thing to have a slight hang up about, but mine already look like I'm wearing some 80's style shoulder pads, so anything to counteract this effect slightly is fine by me. And I suppose it's rather insensitive of me to whinge about my shoulders when the poor little dinosaur on the front doesn't even have proper arms. He does seem overjoyed with his new teddy though.

For some reason Tipsy Elves describe some of their garments as 'ugly christmas jumpers' and I've no idea why. Each and every jumper is beautiful - even their rather crude humping reindeer jumper. Not only do they sell the best Christmas jumpers your eyes will ever see, they also do their bit for charity, and by heading across to their Facebook page and giving it a 'like' you can help them to help charity too! If you fancy getting your mitts on a Dinosaur Christmas jumper or perhaps your paws prefer a grumpy Christmas cat, then enter the code EARLYBIRD at the checkout for 20% off too! 

Funny Christmas Jumper Dinosaur xmas jumper

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Make Up + Cats = Purrfection

Cats. Cats. Cats.
Make Up.

A combination like no other.

Shu Uemura Shupette

The Shu Uemura x Karl Lagerfeld 2014 Holiday Collection

Needless to say, the last time I got this excited about a make up line was when Paul & Joe did their Kitty themed collection of cat cuteness. I can openly admit, that the only time I have ever tried Shu Uemura products was when my boyfriend was living with his pal who had a Japanese girlfriend. She left her super sassy Shu Uemura cleansing oil in the bathroom and I unwittingly used it, not realising it was set to be one of my favourite face washing experiences ever. Because it was a few years ago, before I was even aware of beauty brands beyond Boots, I immediately googled it and found a whole new world which was shining, shimmering and oh-so-splendid.

I suppose this is as good a time as any to introduce the all singing, all dancing, brand new line of cuteness from the Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura range. 'Shupette' is available at Selfridges and even has an interactive site dedicated to the fashionable feline herself, which you can visit here, where you can chat to Shupette about all things beauty! If you're not familiar with who Shupette is, then she is the prissy princess kitty cat belonging to that sunglasses wearing fashion fella Karl Lagerfeld. The most spoiled cat in the entire land, she lives a life which my poor Kitty could only dream of.

Now despite being an aficionado of all things affordable, I cannot claim that the Shupette range comes in at a bargainous price - In fact, these teeny tiny little lip palettes and eyeshadow sets will sting your purse for £30 a piece. I was lucky enough to be sent them because I was unable to attend their recent event in London, and clearly due to my over enthusiasm and upset in my email reply, the kind lady took pity and popped them in the post! They're so precious I can't even bring myself to waste a swatch of them on a blog post and I'm waiting until I buy some brand new make up brushes before I even think about using them. Instead it has spurred me on to make a wishlist of all the other products I NEED to own from the range. I mean c'mon... Cats. Make up. Cute. Wow. So if anyone has any make up brush recommendations, please let me know. It's definitely an area I lack in. Yeah I could of waited until I got some brushes to post this blog, but then I would have missed national cat day too. So yknow.

Shu Uemura x Karl lagerfeld shupette collection 2014

The two products featured, which I DARE TO NOT TOUCH, are the Shu Uemura x Lagerfeld Shupette Eyeshadow Trio (here) in Tokyo Kawaii - A luxurious little selection of pink toned eye shadows with a slight glitter hue. And the Shu Uemura x Lagerfeld Shupette lip trio, once again in Toyko Kawaii (here) purrfect for adding a pop of pink to any pout. 

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Friendship, Smiles and Burgers

Making people smile is probably something I can do pretty easily. Not by being kind, or a nice person, but generally by cracking a few jokes and diffusing a situation using humour. When someone cries, I literally cannot handle the awkwardness, so I end up making a joke out of it. And for the love of God do not expect a hug! 9 times out of 10 this 'tough, but hilarious, love' works, and tiny tears can turn in to lotsa laughs with a improvised quip or two. A lot of the time I can come across as miserable as sin and because I don't generally make people smile through kindness, I thought that as part of the Oasis Dental Campaign, which involves making someone smile, I'd channel my inner niceness and treat Victoria to a trip to The Trafford Centre. I even treated her to a sneaky Five Guys Burger whilst there too! Being from Milton Keynes, she's never even been to Manchester before, and it always frustrates me as Manchester is one of the best places in the UK!

Arriving in Stoke on Saturday morning, I drove us up to our pal Alex's place. We did go to the city centre on the Saturday, but it was all too busy to actually look around the shops properly, so we headed out to The Trafford Centre on the Sunday. It's fair to say we both ate like QUEENS this weekend with Five Guys and our trip to Bill's Restaurant too.And if there's one way to make two bloggers smile, it's definitely with food. I really do enjoy being a bit of a tour guide and showing people places which I love. Although as proven on the Saturday trip in to town, it doesn't always go to plan. This is why I really wanted to make the trip a bit more special on the Sunday and ensure that Victoria saw something a bit more impressive. I remember the first time I went to the Trafford Centre and I was constantly in awe of the building itself! Although I am from Stoke... So even the lamest of architecture can seem impressive at times!

One of the great things about blogging and being part of the blog community, is that you always acquire friends from it. Whether you're a food blogger, beauty blogger, or well, any other blogger, there is a community on Twitter (and other places) to talk to like minded people. That's pretty much how me and Victoria ended up being friends. Sometimes it feels a little cheesy to go on about what great pals you have, but it's also sometimes really great to reflect on what opportunities blogging can bring you! This is why going to events and getting stuck in with conversations is totally worth it. I've known Victoria for around 3 years now - we've even been to Leeds Festival twice together and she often comes to visit for a night of drinks and dancing! It's an awesome example of how a friendship can grow in a non creepy way from an online life. Chisholm Hunter recently did a #FriendshipGrows campaign, and even the content of the box reminded me of Victoria; with the little vintage pegs and floral theme.

Now I've demonstrated I do have a heart, I think I'd better get back to Twitter and spread a little controversy!

Monday, 27 October 2014

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Tea

Clipper Snore and Peace Tea and Camila Prada Super Hapee Mug!

I am very enthusiastic about coffee. I always get a bit ragey without my morning fix from my Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine, and definitely only tend to buy teas when I notice their cute packaging on the way past in the supermarket. I have such a large selection of flavoured tea bags in all kinds of flavour combinations, but after I've had 2 or 3 cups I always revert back to the coffee. When I picked up the Clipper Snore & Peace tea in Sainsbo's the other day, it was once again, one of those tea purchases which was based solely on the packaging alone. I mean, SNORE and PEACE, that's a play on words that catches my eye and even made me do a tiny little 'lol' in the aisle (it was a long day, ok?).

Organic Chamomile, lemon balm and lavender makes Clipper Snore & Peace a tranquil taste sensation. I always assume that products like this, which are marketed to aid sleep, are more of a placebo/gimmick than anything else. But after the first cup of this in my oh-so-cute Camila Prada Supa Hapee Cup, I was out for the count! As soon as I finished the last drop I turned Sons of Anarchy off on my iPad and was snoring within seconds. The next morning I woke up so refreshed and like I'd had the best sleep in the world, ever. It was all very strange. It may have been a placebo effect, or it may have been magic. All I know is that I'd been treating myself to a cup of this every evening and sleeping so well ever since. Of course, in the morning I still reach for the coffee, but the delicate flavours of this relaxing brew really are a brilliant contrast for relaxation before sleepy time. 

Not only is this night time tea perfect for helping me to get asleep, but they're also pretty good with regards to the cat. 'THE CAT?!' I hear you exclaim from behind your monitor (or mobile device on which you may be reading this blog post)... Yup, the cat. Kitty has a tendency to be a bit wild during the midnight hours and is constantly jumping around, meowing and attacking feet. Not only does this help me to sleep through her crazy kipper antics, but she also goes insane for the smell of these things?! It's like some kind of cat-crack to her and as soon as she catches a whiff her eyes dilate, she starts purring like a manic and gets completely weird. In a good way though. Not all cats I know (yeah, I know a few cats, and what?) have reacted in this way to these tea bags, but apparently some cats do react like this to chamomile tea. Be VERY careful though, as chamomile itself is toxic to cats and dogs, so if you do let you cat have a play make sure it's concealed within something like an old sock, which they can't chew through to actually consumer the concoction! According to this website, it's not all bad though, as a small amount brewed in a tea can help calm your kitties tummy or calm it's nerves. Phew.

If you LOVE Camila Prada ceramics as much as I do, then do check out her amazing range over on her website. She's a local ceramic artist from Stoke on Trent, and I love her work and brand ethos on SO many levels. And not *just* because she has a little piece dedicated to me! I received this Supa Hapee mug as a gift last year, and you may recognise the custom quote inside from Anchorman! I can be known as a bit of an emotional cry baby in real life, so it's definitely very apt and up there with my favourite mug in my impressive drinking vessel collection!
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