Friday, 19 December 2014

Is A 79p Deodorant Any Good?

Cien Madame Glamour Deodorant from Lidl.

On my last trip to Lidl to buy ALL the Christmas Gingerbreads (and avoiding that weird new Britney Spears hair care range), I noticed this little golden deodorant of joy staring back at me as I whooshed past the toiletries section. Obviously I knew of the Cien range in Lidl, as I have sung it's praises many times before. Their price tag and overall quality of products is amazing and I'm still awaiting the day they relaunch the Cien Olive Oil Moisturiser - because that was the best thing I've ever used on my face. 

Cien Madame Glamour deodorant is an alcohol free roll on cream formula. I must admit, I've never use a classic roll on deodorant before, and I'm still unsure if I appreciate that initial feeling of wetness to be honest. Because the scent of this was echoing the renowned Lidl Suddenly Madame Glamour perfume though, I thought I'd give it a try. For those of you not familiar with the 'Suddenly Madame Glamour' perfume from Lidl, then it's a scent you kind of need in your life, just for the fact it's £3.99. Every time I wear the perfume people ask me what it is, and it's dubbed to be a dupe of Channel Coco Mademoiselle. I'm not sure the the deodorant version is a new release or something which has been on the shelves for a while, but when in Rome I'll give anything a whirl if it catches my eye,

Although the packaging boasts it's a 48hour antiperspirant, it really isn't. I find my underarms getting a bit damp after a few hours to be honest. But, as I mentioned in this post I probably have some kind of sweat issue anyway. Sorry about that. However, I really do like to wear this to the gym. When at the gym I don't like wearing deodorants that are going to prevent me sweating, as I know I'm going to sweat more than I would on a day to day basis. It doesn't sit right with me to purposely sweat and block my sweat glands, as I'm sure that's damaging somehow(?).  When I wear the Cien Madame Glamour roll on deodorant, the scent seems to last for a very long time. I don't come home from the gym smelling of sweat and my top actually smells pretty good a few hours after too! On a daily basis I'm still reaching for the Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant. But this is a great little back up deodorant to throw in your bag for times when you need a delicious smelling top up. The fact it costs only 79p is also a massive brucey bonus.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Last Minute At New Look

Left all your present buying until the last minute? Yep. Me too. This year Christmas seems to have come around so quickly that I kind of forgot when it was. I'm in work until Christmas Eve so haven't really got time to go browsing the shops in real life either, because I'll be damned if I'm going in to town on a weekend at the best of times! A few places which aren't as busy and are usually open until later, are the shops which you find on retail parks - such as New Look.

I always like to nip in the New Look at Festival Park if I go after work. It's a bigger store and does a few different things than the one in town does too! New Look is always a good store for picking up affordable bits and bobs and their Christmas Gifts are always cute or quirky enough for stocking fillers too! If you've left it until the last minute and struggling for ideas then check out their Christmas Gift Generator for a few ideas! A simple concept which could save you a lot of time traipsing around the shops over the next few days. Although you could end up like me and put in your own preferences to the generator and come up with results similar to the ones pictured above! Whoops. Be right back, just grabbing my debit card. 

Lazy Girl Photo Editing

the simplest way to edit your blog pictures with picmonkey

I know, I know; there's a thousand tutorials out there on how to edit your blog photo's to look awesome and I suppose once you've read one, you've read them all, eh? But this is how I edit my pictures during the darker nights where the light is simply awful. Photo's come out yellow toned, fuzzy and the colours just aren't right are they? Granted, I'm a lot lazier than I should be when it comes to my photo's. I've actually got a National Diploma in Photography, but hardly ever put it in to practise. This is mainly because I'm a quick win kind of girl. So I guess this isn't a guide, or tips, just an insight in to how I edit my images, because it's got to be the easiest and least complicated way, ever!

First up - We don't use Photoshop here. I used to have it on my old laptop, but since getting a Chromebook where it's all web based apps, it's a bit of a pain to get proper photo editing software. The easiest website I've found to edit my images is PicMonkey. It literally guides you through anything you need to do with a simplistic and hassle free layout and design. It is a little restricted, as you can't utilise layers on the free version or copy and paste images in, like you can on Photoshop. However, for editing basic images it's brilliant. 

So, PicMonkey. Here's the 'Step by Step' guide to what I do:

Step one: Select your image by clicking 'Edit' on the main page of Picmonkey. Then a pop up window will appear for you to select the picture you want to work on.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Essence Lip Creams

Essence Hello Autumn Lip Creams.

Autumn is sooooo last season already and with CHRISTMAS a week away, it's probably a little late in the day for me to be harping on about the Essence Hello Autumn range (yet again, I've been going mad for this stuff for weeks now). I did harp on about my Essence Hello Autumn mini haul back in October and you can see that post here. I just felt like these two Essence Lip Creams needed their own special place on my blog though, as they're just a bit brilliant.

Setting me back £1.99 a piece, they're my most reached for lip products this season. BeautiFALL Red is the dark red toned lip cream (obviously) and is a lovely slightly brown toned colour. It dries to a slightly matte finish without being sticky or drying. The only issue I have with this, is that due to the dark shade it really does become more noticeable when it starts to wear off. It lasts around two hours when you do eat and drink wearing it and is effortless to apply with a quick smudge across the centre of your lips to top it up. It does wear off more evenly than MUA lip velvets, so isn't as an extreme 'bare lip patch' effect, but regardless of that, make sure you have it in your bag if you wear it out to avoid the full lip liner effect.

Speaking of lip liners, what I forgot to picture with these two lip products is my new Essence Lip Liner in Honey Berry. I really should be a better blogger and thought about this post before I wrote it.  But alas, I'll make sense in a minute. The Essence lip liner in Honey Berry is THE DREAM when worn underneath the pale beige lip cream 'Keep Calm and Go For a Walk'. Because my lips are a little too dark for this pale shade to show up to it's full glory, I worked with that and applied the pinkish toned lip liner all over my lips as a lipstick and then slicked on the pale shade over the top. The result is a long lasting and dreamy shade of beige-pink which lasts much longer than the lip cream when used alone. The lip liner itself isn't drying like I feared it would be and so easy to apply to the full lip. Even better it costs about £1.49 and I will definitely be picking up more colours when I visit an Essence stand again. 

You can buy Essence products from your local Wilkinson store, or if you're based in or around Manchester, they have a stand in the Arndale centre which stocks all the ranges!

Essence Hello Autumn Lip Creams.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Propercorn Popcorn

There seems to be a big thing at the moment, where companies are trying to get any flavour they can on to our popped corn friends. From those disgusting worcester sauce ones at Tesco, to the sweet and savoury delights of Metcalfes popcorn range - If it can be turned in to a powder flavouring, popcorn companies are lapping it up and popping it on.

I first discovered the Sweet Coconut and Vanilla Propercorn around this time last year on a visit to Boots. I bought it out of intrigue and because Coconut is one of my favourite flavours in the world. These little crispy sweet babies did not disappoint. They have a really delicate vanilla flavour, which doesn't overpower the coconut taste. It's also not that artificial vanilla flavour which you can often find some foods have. They're definitely a strong favourite when it comes to sweet popcorn in my life. 

Propercorn Sweet Ginger and Orange is a special release just in time for Christmas. I'm unsure if it's limited edition or a permanent popcorn fixture, but I do hope it sticks around. The slight spice of the ginger compliments the orange sweetness like nothing I've really tried before. Although I would possibly prefer a strong taste of both, it's a little strange to have orange flavoured popcorn to begin with. 

With each bag only setting you back around 110 calories a serving, it's certainly a good compromise for half a tub of Pringles,which has been my go to break time snack over the festive period. What can I say? Once you pop you can't stop - until the second serving, when you've found you've polished the tube off, whoops. Unfortunately, I've only seen the Coconut and Vanilla popcorn available in selected Boots stores so far (but I nab as many as I can when I see it) and I've yet to locate the Ginger and Orange popcorn in any store yet; it was kindly included in my sneaky goody bag from Afternoon Tea with Emily and few other bloggers this weekend! 


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