Thursday, 27 November 2014

Places To Find Hello Terri Lowe

Just a sneaky update in celebration of the little design refinement here on Hello Terri Lowe! As you can see, the layout is a bit cleaner and going for a simpler vibe - but still trying to keep some form of personality?! I think. New readers (hiyaaaa) might also not be aware of where else they can find me on the big ol' internets. So here's a little run down of where to find me online and what kind of thing you can expect to see on each social media platform I use. I guess this saves that awkward bit where you follow me and then realise I post a load of poppycock you don't want in your news feed. If you also use any of these platforms feel free to send me your link either on here, or over on Twitter!

Bloglovin is the most popular platform for bloggers to follow bloggers on. You can find my profile here. Even if you haven't got your own blog you can still set up a profile and keep a track of all your favourite reads (whilst discovering more!). When I first started reading blogs I used to have to save all my favourite ones in my browser bookmarks, which as you can imagine became a little messy at times. Bloglovin is also really good on the iPad and makes it easy to keep up with your favourites. In fact, the whole format is really easy, even for the people who don't find themselves very tech savvy! Click here to find my profile and follow me.

Twitter is probably where I spend most of my time online. I pretty much narrate my entire existence on it. I think sometimes people follow me not realising how often I update! So if you do pop over, I would advise that you follow a few more active users so your timeline isn't just me going on about cats. I do swear on there and I do come across a little bit unsavoury at times, but about 0.01% of my tweets are ever serious and always read them with a sarcastic Daria style voice in your head! Click here to follow me on Twitter.

 It actually took me a while to jump on the Instagram bandwagon, and didn't download it until a year after everyone else. I've definitely caught up now though and constantly update each day, with around 5 images usually of food or cats. But you know, what else is Instagram actually for?? Give me a little follow from your phone by clicking here. If that link doesn't work, look me up with the user name: helloterrilowe

Pinterest is one of those I kind of always forget about, but I have started using it more on my phone recently. It's just so much prettier as an app than it is in the web browser! I generally just share my blog post on there in the handy boards, as it's really easy to segregate your content. I am going to make more of an effort to share a wider variety of stuff on there though, including recipe and food boards, it's just finding the time to get absorbed in it! I say that, but even clicking on it now to get the link has me browsing around for hours. Follow me by clicking here.

And finally, my 'parody' Tumblr blog which I set up recently. A brief warning before you click on the link - This blog is not for every one. There is swearing, there is bluntness and there's a lot of use of the F word. It's definitely swearing for the sake of swearing and I like to read it back in the voice of Frankie Boyle. It's quick and short reviews of beauty products, weird food, and some other little bits which don't quite fit on here. Have a look at Blog Blag Swag by clicking here and you can also find it on Bloglovin here.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Bubble Gum Handwash YEAH!

Carex Fun Edition Handwash Bubble Gum Review on Hello Terri Lowe British Beauty Blog.

Cussons Carex Complete Bubble Gum handwash is a scent that you need on your hands. Right now. I always eye up the Carex 'Fun Edition' hand washes, but talk myself out of it in case it flares up my dermatitis. It was on offer for 90p in Asda though and I couldn't resist. Luckily, as of yet, there has been no reactions on my skin and it's been happily sitting in my bathroom awaiting use upon every visit. It. Smells. Amazing. Just like those blue and pink fizzy bottle sweets you used to get from the 'icky' man (read: ice cream man) when you were a kid. The scent seems to actually last a little while afterwards too, which is pretty nice to catch a quick whiff off occasionally as a brucey bonus to your general life.

The Carex Fun Editions come in a range of scents. Bubble gum, cola bottles, strawberry laces and even chocolate orange. Although I do tend to steer clear of mentioning Chocolate Oranges in general, as it brings back memories of being a kid and other kids shouting 'IT'S NOT TERRI'S IT'S MINE' at me (as inspired by the Terry's Chocolate Orange adverts, in case you don't know the reference!). Alas, each scent smells just like it claims, because yes, I am that person that spends 15 minutes of my ligh smelling each product on the supermarket shelf, smelling them again, then deciding which one to go with.

Because this handwash is actually quite gentle, despite the obviously very artificial scents, and hasn't broken my skin out in any red sore patches I'm going to stock up whilst it's on offer. I'm assuming because it's aimed at children the formula doesn't contain as many harsh chemicals as it probably could. It also doesn't seem to foam up like you'd expect from a hand wash, so that may be why I've not had a reaction. The cola bottles hand wash smells divine, and they do seems to be keeping my skin quite soft as well. Previously I was using a solid soap from the Body Shop. So y'know, a handwashing change is as good as a rest (or something like that....)

Carex Fun Edition Handwash Bubble Gum Review on Hello Terri Lowe British Beauty Blog.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

48 Hours in Belfast: Part 1.

Unless you've muted me on Twitter (kudos for not just unfollowing) or pleaded ignorance to my incessant Instagram updates over the last few days, then you would have seen that I took a little trip to Belfast. All very kindly arrange by the Northern Ireland Tourist Board, it was a trip which was actually *cheese alert* life changing. Not only did I get to spend 48 hours away from home, in a city I'd never been to, with a challenge of fitting as much as I could in to that time frame - but at the age of 28 (29 in a few days, don't forget my presents) I'd never been on a plane. There's a few reasons for this, the main ones being the lack of desire to go anywhere abroad because I'm a wimp inside, and also lack of money alongside the complete Krypton Factor getting a passport appears to be. I also assumed that flying would be pretty darn scary. Things just tend to get a bit scarier the older you get. I'm now at the stage where I cry at spiders, won't go in the deep end at a swimming pool and I'll be damned if I go to the shop alone at night. As I said. I'm a wimp. Flying seemed like one of those things which I thought I could never do. But honestly, it was an absolute breeze! The only time I became nervous was during the actual take off, and I did a weird manic LAUGH CRY. I was shaking a bit, laughing hysterically, but also started to cry. Yup, it was a bit weird. Once we were in the air though, above the clouds, it was all too surreal to be scared of. Almost like it was some kind of weird dream. It just didn't look real. Touch down was a bit scary too I guess, but only because you can't see ahead of you and it zooms along the ground pretty quickly before coming to an actual halt. But ANYWAY. I did it. Now I can actually invest in a passport and the WORLD IS MY OYSTER!! 

So.... Belfast...

I've split the Belfast experience in to two posts, so they're not too picture heavy. I snapped about 1000 pictures altogether from the various activities, so just going to pop the minimal amount on here, as they take a while to load. 

As soon as we got the Belfast airport, the taxi driver met us. Complete with a name card saying 'Ms Lowe' on it. I felt like bloody Kate Middleton I did! We popped in and took the 10 minute drive to the hotel and checked in. Stopping at the Park Inn, which was about 2 minutes walk to the City Hall and City Centre, it was a great base to get out and explore. As soon as we went to the end of the road we found one of City Sightseeing Tour bus stops and popped on! This was the best way to start the trip as it took us on a 75 minute journey around the points of interest and we could decide from there where we would explore in more detail later on. As expected, everyone in Ireland was just so friendly, although due to my complete ignorance I just had the Father Ted theme tune running through my head for the entire time we were there. The tour bus went around all the key locations; Belfast castle, the peace wall, Crumlin Road Gaol, The Titanic Museum and many more! After getting off the coach, we went for a quick walk around Belfast Christmas Market, which was relatively small compared to ones in cities such as Manchester, but still a lovely atmosphere, then we stopped for a quick coffee at one of the amazing coffee houses in Belfast (mine was a Cinnamon Crunch latte FYI) the popped off to our next destination...

Current Hair Care

A blog post which does exactly what it says in the title - tells you all about my current hair care routine. These products aren't my favourites, ever. I mean not a lot of shampoo and conditioner can rival the Macadamia Oil range. But this selection has been a consistently grabbed for when washing my locks over the past few weeks. Having a mixture of hair extensions and my own hair in, all the time, I have to be quite careful of using products which are too heavy, but at the same time I need to maintain a good amount of hydration to stop it all becoming a tangled mess. My hair is red dip dye, bleached and overall kind of damaged, but it's getting much healthier by looking after it properly nowadays! I literally blow dry it and then tie it up in to a bun at night to keep heat tools on it to a minimal. 

L'oreal Elvive shampoo and conditioners are always a range I neglect when in the supermarket. Unless they're on a really good offer I'm never inclined to buy them, or even look at them half the time. They're also products which always surprise me with how good they are though! I usually go for the ones in the pink bottle, when they're on half price or less, but this time I noticed the Extraordinary Oil ones, which are new within the range. Being too tight to buy the *actual* L'oreal Extraordinary Oil, this seemed like a pretty good compromise and I got both for under £3 in Superdrug a few weeks ago.  Once again the range has surprised me and I cannot fault the shampoo or conditioner at all! Even the shampoo leaves my hair feeling silky soft when used alone, but I always finish with the conditioner as it moisturises so well and doesn't leave a sticky or heavy feeling on any of my hair.

When towel dried, I've been resorting back to an old favourite which is the Wella Luxe Oil. This stuff smells amazing. Like sweets or something, but is also incredibly lightweight. It's branded as a re constructive elixer, rather than a hair oil and it makes it really easy to comb through the knots in wet hair. I then spritz on Umberto Giannini Mend My Hair Protein Spray, finishing with a spritz of Got2be spray mousse at the roots. The Got2Be mousse was another unexpected triumph in my hair care routine, as I'd not even thought of using a mousse since the mid 90's. Alas, this one smells like raspberries and adds volume and hold once again without weighing hair down. I've always avoided using too much product in my hair, as I hate the feeling or anything in it. But all of these products, even combined, still leave my hair feeling light and fresh even days after I've washed it. 

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Golden Sugar and Spice and All Bronzers Nice

Ultra Blush and Contour Palette Golden Sugar

''Could you beeeee. The most beautiful bronzer in the worlddddd. You're the reason that God make a bronzerrrr.''

Ain't nowt like getting your mitts on a good bronzer, is there? As a pale girl, I always found bronzers looked a bit like I'd smeared muck on me chops. But over the last few months I've embraced the bronze and now can't get enough. Although still remaining faithful to my beloved Essence Sun Club All in One Bronzing Highlighter (which FYI is the absolute BEST product I've found this year, only beating this due to it's coconut scent, find it online here). I was so excited to use this beautiful Make Up Revolution Blush and Contour Palette, in Golden Sugar, that I didn't even contemplate taking the pictures before I got my grubby paws stuck in to it. As soon as I posted a sneaky pic of this over on my instagram, I got an influx of people double clicking it. And yes. When used it is just as good as it looks.

There's a great range of shades within the palette, to suit a range of skin tones or occasions. Whether you just want a light highlighting effect for every day make up looks by using the lighter tones, or you want to create a defined contour by blending in some of the darker shades - the entire selection of shades is so versatile.  Even with my pale face, I can happily apply any of these shades without worrying about them standing out too much. You can probably liken the individual cake shades to other high end products too. For example, I'm spotting the Urban Decay Naked Illuminated in two of the shades, alongside other similarities in each.

For £6 I'm considering buying several back ups for when this runs out. Although I've been caking my face in it daily for just over a week now and there's hardly any signs of usage on the colours themselves. And apologies for the swatches below. It's hard to capture on camera how beautiful they transfer over to the skin in real life (especially on such a pale, errr goosepimply arm, haaaa).

Ultra Blush and Contour Palette Golden Sugar
Ultra Blush and Contour Palette Golden Sugar Swatches


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