Collaboration with WHISKAS: Why Do Cats Meow?

A cats meow. It can mean a few things.

I have 3 cats now, each with their own little personality.

Each one has their own reasons to meow.

But did you know that generally, they only meow to communicate with humans not with other cats?

With this in mind. Let’s take a look the reasons my clowder of cats like to communicate with me.

First up, we have Kitty.

Kitty started off on her own in my home. So introducing other cats 7 years later has been a difficult task.

In the past she has meowed for attention. Usually at night.

It’s a rather round and loud meow. And if you don’t give her the attention she craves from the meow, she will find other ways to get it.

For example: weeing.

Usually on clothes.

So I have learnt my lesson promptly that when she wants attention – give it to her!

Secondly, Stevie.

Stevie is a rather quiet cat with a big personality.

The main reason he meows is for the water tap in the kitchen.

He will sit patiently waiting for it to come on. He will let you pass several times and just look at you.

But after a few minutes he will prompt you will a quiet meow and paw on the tap.

Quite an intelligent little fella!

Finally, we have the newest addition to the clan; Dot.

Dot is a bit of a funny one really.

Very friendly, but hates being picked up.

As soon as you pick her up it’s a chorus of meows until she is put down.

She also meows on the way to the food bowl.

But accidentally pop her in a room and shut the door? And you won’t hear a peep!

Do your cats meow?

My grandparents once had a deaf cat that just made a husky sound.

But then they’ve also had ones that have meowed non-stop.

It’s funny how they each have their own little quirks.

Post written in collaboration with WHISKAS.

Food Blog: Fine Dining With Pier Eight at The Lowry

Before Charl and I embarked on our impromptu photoshoot the other night, we visited Pier Eight at The Lowry.

Recently Pier Eight launched a new menu and we went along to give it a whirl.

Overlooking Salford Quays and Media City, we got there at just the right time to watch the sun set and the amazing view light up. That was pretty much what inspired us to take some pictures actually!

Right next to the Lowry Shopping Outlet, it's not just a great eatery for theatre goers. Set away from the high street chain restaurants in the area, Pier Eight offers traditional English dining with flavoursome twists.

pier eight at the lowry

For my starter I chose the Black Pudding option. I don't know why Black Pudding always gets such a bad rap because I bloody love it.

The rich flavour of the Black Pudding was a stark contrast to the tangy creme fraiche and pickled celery, but the crispy egg on top pulled the entire dish together.

I could have eaten this dish about 5 times over.

For main, I chose the roast chicken breast with savoy cabbage, roasted parnsip, Boulangère potato and red wine sauce.

At first I was concerned with the lack of sauce on the plate (the true northern in me), but fortunately the chicken was succulent and juicy enough to compensate.

The balance of flavours was perfect, and proved that roasted pasnips aren't just for Christmas...

And despite the portion sizes at first appearing small, by the end of the main course I was pretty stuffed.

But there's always room for dessert, right?

I've been a big fan of rhubarb since I was a kid. But times have changed since sticking a raw stem of it in a jar a sugar to eat raw.

Whenever I see it prepared properly in a dessert on a menu I have to go for it.

Poached and layered with ginger mascarpone and panna cotta, finished with some crunch from honeycomb is probably a much better way to enjoy it.

And a perfect way to end a meal.

Be sure to check out Charl's blog for her review coming soon!

Lifestyle Blog: How To Maintain Your 'Cool Aunt' Status in Staffordshire

My niece has been around for 3 whole years now.

She's developed her own little tastes, little quirks, little moods and dare I say - has turned in to an actual little person already.

With a dash of sass, sometimes it feels like she's 3 going on 13.

As a self titled 'cool auntie' I like to find super fun things for us to do whenever I get to spend time with her.

Luckily enough, I stumbled on Pretty Pots Ceramics in Milford, Staffordshire a few weeks ago when Charl was invited.

Unfortunately (for me) I was a mess of a human being on that first visit. So didn't enjoy it to its full potential.

But I knew I had to go back and I had to take my niece with me.

Why did I have to take her?

Because as soon as I mentioned that I saw unicorns there, her eye lit up.

pretty pots stafford milford

Only a 40 minute drive from where we are situated in Stoke on Trent, Pretty Pots is a cute little haven away from the high street and over hyped competitors.

Bursting with personality from as soon as you enter, the shelves are filled with quirky ceramics ready for you to choose and paint.

Prices start from around £6 for small pieces, up to £25 for larger pieces.

Not only can you paint pretty pots (see what I did there?), but you can also enjoy delicious coffee, scrumptious cakes and tempting afternoon teas.

Both times I have visited, the staff have been preparing for parties, whilst waving others off.

It certainly is the perfect place for a group to pop along to celebrate an occasion or to have a coffee and cake catch up.

The concept is so simple, but really works and the atmosphere is so much more relaxed than other 'paint your own pot' style places I've visited in the past.

After you've chosen your piece from the shelves you have a chose of paining it in acrylic paint to take home on the day, or use glazes that need to be fired.

If you do choose glazes, they are ready in around 5-7 days. Of course, if you are decorating a cup or plate you should go for the glaze option so it's fully functional. Whereas acrylic is more for display items.

With the acrylic you can go for really vivid colours, metallics and glitters. Perfect for a unicorn.

My sister-in-law is already planning her next visit, so that my niece can create some smaller pieces for grandparents and other family members birthdays as presents!

Which is a really nice and unique idea. Especially when they do such a range of things to choose from.

There are geometric animals, leaf style plates, candle burners and cups. Something for literally everyone.

So did I keep my self titled 'cool aunt' status?

I think the smile speaks for itself!

Fashion Blog: Is There Such Thing As a Stylish Cat Lady?

It's been a while since I bought a completely ironic piece of clothing.

But when I saw this Embroidered Cat Jacket in the Missguided Sale how could I resist?

Reduced from £60 to £26, I just knew it was meant to be.

Luckily, the style of the jacket is actually pretty perfect too.

With soft faux leather and studs up the front, it even has red lining to make it feel a little more classy... Even with the massive cat face on the back.

hello terri lowe blog
missguided cat jacket

I also unintentionally kept with a feline theme through to my footwear.

These leopard print boots when down a storm when I posted them over on Instagram.

They're so comfortable and every time I wear them people ask where they're from.

Unfortunately, they're out of stock now. But keep an eye on to see if they do come back in stock!

If you were considering buying them yourself, that is.

Speaking of comfort, these Jeggings from Simply Be are the most comfortable trousers I own.

Unlike my other jeggings, they have a fly and button at the front, so there's no jump and jiggle to pull them up - and because of the fastening they actually stay up too. You can have a look at them online here.

The material is super soft, whilst also being thick. They really are a jegging made in heaven, and I absolutely love the criss-cross lace detail up the back of the ankle.

I didn't realise before, but a lot of the Simply Be range does go down to a 10/12 too. I always assumed in the past that they were just for a plus size audience, but they actually do cater for all sizes nowadays!

hello terri lowe blog
simply be jeggings size 10

A massive thanks to Charl from GingerGirlSays for these pictures by Media City in Manchester!

Food Blog: Brunch at 19 Cafe Bar Manchester

The Northern Quarter is awash with so many places to eat brunch and sup coffee.

You're kind of spoilt for choice really.

Each one is as quirky as the next, all promising some top notch nosh.

Last weekend I stumbled in to 19 Cafe Bar on Lever Street in Manchester.

When I say stumbled, I mean literally stumbled, as I was still a little bit drunk from the evening  before.

Despite that little hiccup though, I knew that stuffing my face on some form of egg dish was the medicine I needed.

As soon as I spotted the eggs benedict with parma ham, I knew this would be just what the doctor ordered.

Served with 3 muffins, 2 eggs and lashings of hollandaise sauce, I wolfed it down.

And you know what? It was the first hangover in forever where I wasn't actually sick.

So I really must have been as good for me as it looked. 

To wash it down, I also went for a white chocolate mocha, which is quite possibly my favourite hot drink in the world.

The 19 Cafe Bar white chocolate mocha was perfect.

Smooth, sweet, full of caffeine.

Considering there is a plethora of places to choose from, word must have got out that 19 Cafe Bar is the place for brunch. As it was pretty full when we got there and two separate parties of around 8-10 people arrived as we had finished.

Service was quick, the food was great, the prices were reasonable.

What more could you ask for?

Lifestyle Blog: 7 Ways to Treat Yourself

Valentine's Day.

What a cop-out, eh.

Even when I have been in a relationship, I've never been the romantic type. I don't know why. I suppose I just don't really need that one special day to shout about romance. I mean, I can do that all year round if I wanted to.

And that goes for treating yourself as well. I don't need any day of the week to dictate when I get to have a little treat...

Although I must admit, a 3 hour bath on a Sunday with a hangover does seem like a treat from heaven at the time.

Anyway, here are 7 ways to treat yourself EVERY day, or whenever you God Damn wish.

✔ A 3 hour bath with a fancy foaming bath oil (the one in the picture is AMAZING and so cheap! buy some here)
✔ Use a luxurious face and hair mask and relax (preferably with the next treat on the list, whilst in that bath....)
✔ Crack out some fancy mixers for your gin/prosecco. I keep a bottle of this one in my fridge for when I fancy a treat
✔ A cuddle with your favourite fury friend (I have 3 to choose from now)
✔ A sneaky Kinder Happy Hippo that you keep in your work drawer so you can have its sweet goodness as a mid afternoon treat
✔ A little splurge on AliExpress. It's so cheap you hardly spend anything and then when the goods show up from China it's the gift that keeps giving!
✔ Make your skincare routine feel like a treat by getting facial oils and oil cleansers that are a tiny massage for your chops every evening. My new favourite affordable brand Bielenda have loaaadsss of oil based products to try.

What every day ways to you find to treat yourself?

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