#1 Raybans (from Sunglasses Shop): It was a few years ago now that I discovered my love of Raybans, and I'm now the proud owner of 3 pairs. I thought I'd never steer away from my beloved Tortoiseshell Clubmasters, but then these pink mirrored bad boys came in to my life and it seems like I haven't had them off my face since. Perfect for sunny days and jazzing up a boring work outfit.

#2 Perspirex: This deodorising wonder product stops you sweating for up to 4 days. Just pop it on clean, dry skin at night and welcome dry armpits in to your life. It works, but proceed with caution, as the high aluminium content can cause a slight reaction on more sensitive skin types.

#3 BB Creams with SPF; As a sucker for a glycolic acid product or two, I need to ensure that I get my daily SPF fix in as many ways as I can. I've been using an SPF based BB cream mixed with my foundation for a while now and it works a treat. A definite daily essential for summer!

#4 Pixi Glow Mist: Sweaty days with a full face of make up can sometimes leave you looking and feeling like a cakey mess. If you find your fixing powder has started to turn you face in to an extra from the Great British Bake Off, then mist a rose water or oil based spritz over your face and dab off lightly. This should fix that problem whilst also giving you a burst of cool freshness on a sweaty day.

#5 Fake Tan for Pale Skin: Bland to Tanned from Fake Bake is the perfect fake tan for pale girls. The formula doesn't go orange and you're left with a nice, rich-yet-suitable bronzed glow for a summers day. Apply with a tanning mitt to ensure an even application and you're good to go.

With around 2 months left until Leeds Festival 2016 lands, it's time to get in to the spirit! Especially if you're missing out on going to Glastonbury this weekend. Whether the rain continues, or the sun comes out to shine, you can get down with the Festival vibes from the comfort of your own home with my handy playlist below. This one just features a select few tracks from bands who will be playing on the Friday of Leeds Festival this year. Each day is packed full of bands I can't wait to see, and the highlights of the Friday are definitely going to be from my choices below. Just putting it together made me want to pitch a tent and swig some Strongbow.

The Countdown to Leeds 2016: Friday Playlist

You can check out the full line up here.
First Impressions: The New Benefit Brow Range

I was lucky enough to be part of the PR wave who received the all-new Benefit Brow range recently. The one-stop wonders of the brow world have re-branded their entire brow range and introduced a load of new products in to the mix too. Amazing, huh? The packaging alone is enough to make you do a real life Heart Eyes Emoji.

First Impressions: The New Benefit Brow Range

You can find out what my first impressions of the Benefit Brow range is over on my YouTube channel, alongside seeing how it weighs up to my regular routine using the Hi Impact Brow kit.

Do Face Oils Make Spots Worse?

The short response to this question is NO, no Face Oils do not (generally) make spots worse. In fact, when it comes to some types of spot-prone skin, facial oils can actually work wonders and since using facial oils on my dry, spot prone skin I have seen such an improvement in the number of blemishes and spots I get.

Ever since my mid-teens I've been spot prone. Bad skincare routines, poor quality make up application and a rubbish diet have all contributed to my poor complexion over the years. In to my mid 20's I convinced myself that there was no solution, that I was an person who was always going to be spot prone and I quickly self determined that I had 'adult acne'. Adult Acne and the term 'acne' in general, seems to be thrown around so much, without people realising that actual acne is a little but more than just getting the odd spot and break out. I cannot tell you the exact differences, as I am not a dermatologist, however, I can tell you now - I definitely did not and do not have acne.

What I had, and still do have, is a dry complexion which over compensates by producing more oils. These oils tend to block my pores and I end up getting spots. I went through years where every morning I would wake up and have at least 3 new spots a day. They'd always be on the surface of my skin and were never in one particular area. Since using oils, my skin is getting such a concentrated dose of hydration which doesn't block my pores like a cream tends to. The KORRES Black Pine Oil is my daily go-to at the moment, as the blend of ingredients not only delivers a dose of hydration, but it also targets wrinkles and suppleness of my skin. I've used a range of oils over the years, from Rose Oils to Coconut Oils and I've yet to find any detrimental effects for my skin type.

Not only do I find that face oils help to prevent my spots forming in the first place, but when I do get the occasional spot, the oils soothe them much more quickly and take the redness away. Any face oils which contain Jojoba Oil tend to have the best effects when I suffer from the spots, but I do find anything with Rose Oil is also great at clearing them up faster. Overall though, if I keep my skin hydrated and cleanse properly every day I'm keep spots more and more at bay.

When using oils I do only use them at night before bed time, as I am still a little scared of my make up slipping during the day if I use them in the morning (although I haven't ever even tried to use them in the morning to confirm this!). I have seen a lot of YouTubers blending their foundation by adding a few drops of oil directly to the sponge. If you've tried this please let me know if it works! I'll try it myself soon though, as the result appears to be flawless.

Even though I cannot speak from a technical, dermatological point of view, I can tell you from a personal one - Face oils did not make my skin or spots worse. They have been a skin-savior from the day I discovered them. If you have dry, spot prone skin I would highly recommend that you give facial oils a whirl!

Beefeater Bar + Block Steakhouse, Birmingham

Whenever I think of Beefeater I always think of those horrible chain pubs with no character or personality. I'm not sure why, as to be honest I cannot recollect a time I have ever actually visited a Beefeater restaurant in my life, but I think it is the one that used to have a Bear as a mascot isn't it? Well if it was, times have certainly changed and the Beefeater Bar + Block Steakhouse in Birmingham has done a sterling effort of breaking my silly preconceptions of the franchise! Granted, this version isn't like your standard Beefeater Grill and is a slightly 'posher' version, but they still serve a variety of classics, alongside it's main attraction. And that main attraction comes the form of STEAK.

I visited the restaurant a few weeks ago with my bloggy pal Tereza from Cityscape Bliss (You can see a vlog of the day over on my YouTube channel here). By the time we'd done some shopping we were feeling pretty ravenous, so as soon as we sat down we ordered a cocktail each and the waiter bought over some of the meaty flavoured popcorn, which was highly addictive from the first bite. Before we even looked at the mains menu we spotted the intriguing Chicken Wings, which came in a BBQ, Raspberry and Tabasco sauce. If there's one thing I love it's a contradiction of flavours, so these were straight on the waiters list to bring to our table. We did decide to share the starter, but in retrospect it would have been better to go for one each. When eating to yourself it was an adequate portion, but when sharing the size was probably just under 'enough' and you got 2 wings each. The sauce itself was nice. It has a little bit of a kick with a tangy, fruity flavour. I'd definitely guzzle these down again all to myself.

For main course, well, I simply had to go for a steak didn't I? A 10oz Sirloin Steak to be exact. Served with a side order of sweet potato fries which had a sprinkling of goats cheese and chorizo on the top. Good God, I am drooling just at the thought of that combination. It raised so many questions, such as WHY THE HELL HAVE I NEVER COMBINED GOATS CHEESE AND CHORIZO BEFORE? The sweetness of the fries also added to the amazing experience eating this side order of deliciousness was. 

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the side view of my steak? This juicy, juicy bad boy was possible one of the most delectable pieces of meat I have ever put in to my mouth. The knife glided through like butter and the texture was the epitome of melt-in-your-mouth. 

I only have one criticism of the meal which comes in the form of the Chimichurri sauce which I had on the side of the plate. This was probably my own mistake though, as I thought Chimichurri was a spicy sauce, where as this was a powerful garlic taste. I don't usually mix well with garlic, so after a few attempts at eating it I left it be. However, with a steak so succulent it was almost a crime to even think about having a sauce with it anyway.

For Dessert I chose some Lemon Sorbet to take the edge off the garlic flavour that was residing in my mouth. No matter what the meal, or however filling, there is always room for a light, refreshing sorbet.

Overall, the experience at Beefeater Bar + Block in Birmingham has swayed me in to trying more of the Beefeater restaurants and has certainly altered my opinion of the Beefeater name as a whole! Not only was the food excellent, but the service was quick and friendly, with the waiter not realising until the end that we were there for review purposes. Prices are about average for a steak eatery, with the cuts of meat setting you back between £11.95 for a basic rump, up to £24.95 for the different fillets.

Download Festival 2016

Download Festival 2016

If you've been following my instagram over this weekend, then you will have noticed that I have been enjoying the rainy, muddy joys of Download 2016. Ever since the line up was announced I have been pretty bloody excited about going and the weekend certainly did not disappoint. Granted, the weather did become a little too much to handle this morning and that's why I am currently wrapped in my duvet, missing Iron Maiden (boooo!), but I did see them at Sonisphere a few years ago anyway, after we snuck in to their secret party and nabbed a few free burgers - so all is not lost.

I feel like Download 2016 has actually made my life that little more complete. Since my mosher days in the early 00's I've been OBSESSED with KoRn, and they're the only nu-metal band I love that I haven't actually got a chance to see (until this weekend of course). I also managed to finally see Glassjaw which bought back all the memories of  Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence being my soundtrack for every summer from 2001-2005. Consisting of 4 stages with a variety of rock, metal and thrash bands playing, there was something to see at all times from bands who'd been on your radar for years and ones who were relatively new on the scene.

Being the third and final time that Black Sabbath headlined Download, it would be an absolute sin not to brave the weather and go and see them. The main thing I took away from the Black Sabbath show was the new found ambition to rock as hard as Ozzy did when I'm 67. From start to finish the Prince of Darkness lived up to his name, despite the biblical levels of rain throughout the 2 hour set.

Download Festival 2016

I'd been waiting to see Rammstein since seeing reviews of their set at Download a few years ago, but I must admit, I was left a little disappointed after the stories I'd heard. There was no 'bumming' in sight, but apparently this was due to them being stopped at customs with some suspect looking items in their suitcases. If you're not familiar with Rammstein then this all sounds a little odd, but when you consider that they once bought out a range of 'adult' toys and are well known for donning a gimp mask or two, then this all sounds perfectly normal. Disappointed over props aside, Lindemann's bellowing vocals were flawless throughout, and they're another band to tick off my band-bucket-list.

Other highlights of the weekend include £25 a bottle wine, dancing to my favourite songs from bands which were cool 10 years ago and the fact that even though it was raining NON STOP, that didn't detract from the amazing atmosphere and awesome location Download Festival is held at. Being on a racetrack is a welcome alternative to miles and miles of fields that you usually get at a UK festival and just feeling solid ground underneath your feet after so much mud is an unlikely pleasure that I can now appreciate so much.

Download Festival 2016

I must admit, I am a little sad to not be seeing Disturbed or Billy Talent right now, but when your waterproof coat decides it's not actually waterproof at all, something's gotta give! Overall though, Download is just how I remembered it the last time I went back in 2001, which is one of the most relaxed, friendly and fun festivals I've been to.