Live Review: The Lady Boys of Bangkok Manchester

ladyboys of bangkok tour

If you've followed my blog over the last few years, then you may be aware that I used to work in PR. PR for a very special live show. A show that comes around once a year...

A show like nothing you've seen before.

The show I used to work for was the Lady Boys of Bangkok.

And no, I was never *in* the show. I definitely don't have the right equipment.

The Lady Boys of Bangkok is an all miming, all dancing performance that leaves everyone leaving their purpose built Sabai Pavilion thinking ''what the bloody hell did I just experience?''

I was lucky enough to catch the Lady Boys show in Manchester last weekend...

16 of Thailand's cheekiest and sassiest Lady Boys are in the show. And no there are no ping pong balls.

What you do get is approximately an hour and a half of awe and lols.

I didn't stop laughing or frowning the entire length of the show.

Whether it was veteran Lady Boy Ole making you laugh, or Trevor (the short guy) getting his kit off.... It was an experience like nothing else.

When people first hear 'lady boy' the immediately think of something seedy. But believe me, even the 'sexiest' bits of the show are filled with laughter. 

Especially when a slightly unwilling audience members are called up on stage for a blind folded 'strip tease'... 

The only way I can describe the Lady Boys of Bangkok show overall is just 'bizarre'. In a good way.

Live Review: The Lady Boys of Bangkok Manchester

Even when you think it's hit the weirdest part with a random performance of The Lion King, it takes another twist by merging in to Shakira 'Africa'?!

There were some old classics in the show, such as The Full Monty routine, alongside the unforgettable Tina Turner performance.  That's not to say that the 2017 Lady Boys show, titled 'Who Runs the World' isn't packed full of songs you haven't seen them perform before in a brand new set list.

I mean... The was even a part where Rod Stewart made an appearance. I for one, have never seen that before...

Live Review: The Lady Boys of Bangkok Manchester

During the first half of the show, the crowd remained somber. As soon as the second half begun, everyone was awash with the spirit of the show.

Singing, dancing, shouting 'who the fuck is Alice'....

I don't think there was a box the performance didn't tick?!

With over 450 handmade outfits taking to the stage, alongside the lady boy line up, the costumes were just as captivating as the lip syncing.

And just when you think you've seen it all, Michael Jackson turns up for the finale.

One of the things I enjoy the most about watching the Lady Boys of Bangkok show live, is that you can really see how much fun the performers are having. The feel-good vibes rub off on even the toughest crowd, even when it's one of the hottest days of the year.

If you missed them in Manchester, don't worry.

The tour hits various locations around the UK. Which you can explore here.

Oh and even Zoella went to see them in Brighton. So that must mean it's good, right? 

Music Blog: Download Festival 2017

It's been nearly two weeks since Download Festival 2017.... And I think it's safe to say that the Download Blues has ruled my life ever since my return.

I suppose that's a reason why this blog post has taken a little longer than usual to produce. I mean, usually my post-festival blog posts appear within hours of my return. This one though... I just had to soak in the memories for a little longer.

download festival 2017

It's safe to say that Download Festival 2017 was one of the best yet.

The music

The weather

The people

It was all bloody brilliant.

I've rounded up a little mix of highlights in the YouTube video above. Painting my face like David Bowie was probably a little out of the box, alongside wearing my Joy Division hoodie all weekend - but Download is one of those places you can do what the fuck you want and nobody cares. Everyone is too busy being nice and having a good time,

I suppose the main aspect of Download Festival that makes it so friendly is the respect everyone has for each other.

No one acts like a dick and even if they do, it's laughed off. No one pushes you in the crowd, no one walks in to you and the overall atmosphere is just great.

Thankfully this year it didn't rain either. 

Which at first I was a bit annoyed about after being fully prepared for the festival and taking 4 raincoats. Whoops.

But really, who cares about unnecessary luggage when we avoided the mud-fest we experienced last year!

Strolling around the festival site was so much easier without wading through mud. But I didn't take anything else to wear on my feet apart from wellies.... Note to self: Pack footwear for every weather condition for future festivals.

download festival 2017

Musical Highlights from Download 2017

The best band of the weekend for me, was by far Prophets of Rage.

Prophets of Rage are the rock-rap super-group, consisting of members of Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy and Cyprus Hill. 

Performing every big hit from each of the aforementioned brands, it was a non-stop setlist of rock and rap bangers from start to finish.

Rob Zombie was another highlight from the weekend, with his psychedelic stage set-up and psychedelic silver flares. I've waited since The Matrix soundtrack  to hear Dragula live and my little mosher dreams were more than fulfilled,

Of course, it goes without saying that Aerosmith were the piece de la resistance of Download 2017.

As soon as they came on the stage (despite their dubious powerpoint-esque slideshow at the start) the entire atmosphere lifted even more than it had been all weekend.

It's safe to say that even though Steven Tyler is 69yrs old(!) he can still perform in ways that put all those youngsters to shame. 

I've never been a massive, massive fan of Aerosmith, but it was one of those bands you just need to see live. Which is going to be increasingly impossible, as this is their last tour, ever.  And even more so if you were hoping to catch them in the UK - as Download was their last UK show.

“For us rockers in the Sixties and Seventies, Britain was where all this came from...It’s a dream come true out here, Donington.” - Steven Tyler, Download 2017.

So Download 2017 - it was a blast.

Same again next year?

Collaboration: Whiskas Kitten Kollege Career Day

With Stevie now past the point of needing his kitten food and Kitty being an adult cat for a while now, it's time to sit them down and have a good talk about their future.

Getting off to a rocky start in the household, Stevie has now settled in and starting to take mine and Kitty's talks a bit more seriously. For example - he no longer actually steals sweet potato off my plate when I'm eating it.

Whiskas contacted me recently, to let them (and you) know the future path of my little feline friends. What does their future career hold? Whilst having a kitten is a really exciting time for all, it's important to think about if you really can look after a cat for life.

Do you think Kitty and Stevie are destined to succeed in their chosen careers?

Let's find out....

Age: 7 years
Career: Singer of an Emo Band


An unlikely career path for a cat who often shy's away from the limelight, but taking inspiration from emo icons such as Gerard Way and that bloke from Panic! At the Disco, Kitty is destined for emo band stardom. 

Kitty's sky is crying stars and she has already written some killer emo anthems, ready to perform on the big emo stage. Working titles include:

  • I Write Meows Not Tragedies
  • Panic at the Litter Tray
  • Sick Transit Paw-ria (Glory Fades)
Whilst it may take a while for Kitty to arrange some gigs and hit the stage, she is looking in to setting up her own YouTube channel to showcase her unique talents.

Age: 8 months
Career: Dog Impersonator 


With sightly feral personality traits, Stevie loves a good midnight storm of the house, alongside a knocking as many items off shelves that he can in the process. 

When they say his 'bark is worse than his bite' they are not lying. Stevie comes across as an aggressive little canine at times, but is often found cuddling and looking... well, pretty damn cute. Especially at feeding times.

Despite this rebellious side, he is also highly trained in the art of 'sitting for a treat' - much like our canine friends. As of yet, he cannot rollover, or give a 'paw' but we are hopeful that with further training and development he will achieve his dream of being a professional Dog Impersonator.

Stevie the cat hello terri lowe

This post was written in collaboration with Whiskas Cat Food. Take a look at their YouTube channel and website to see more from the cutest kollege on earth - the Whiskas Kitten Kollege! All career paths and words in this post are my own.

Music Blog: LEEDS Festival Drinks Pairing

We've already decided what we're drinking for Download Festival this weekend, so it's time to start planning our Leeds Festival drinks menu isn't it?

Leeds Festival is a little more summery than our Download usually is. I mean, last year was non-stop rain and a little bit cold, so we needed the harder stuff to warm our cockles. This year looks set to be the same...

Leeds is quite a warm one though and even if it does rain, there's usually a bit of sun to dry you out at some point.

With this in mind, let's look at our drinks and band pairing for Leeds Festival 2017!

Bastille // A Damn Fine Coffee

Every time I've seen Bastille they've come out to the Twin Peaks theme tune. They also have a song called Laura Palmer. Keep the connections strong by enjoying a damn fine coffee to kick off your drinks pairing menu.

Billy Talent // Rum and Canada Dry Ginger Ale

Billy Talent are coming all the way in from Canada, so obviously we need a lovely Canada Dry Ginger Beer. As they're on later in the evening you'll have probably drunk quite a bit already, which may be knocking you a bit sick?  Solution? Ginger settles a sickly tummy, so this one is also a wise way to wind down your day drinks.

Liam Gallagher // A Can of Boddingtons

Manchester.  No explanation needed.

HAIM // Crooked Alcoholic Soda (pictured)

I got sent these the other day and JUST LOOK AT THE CANS. They're also so delicious and light that they're perfect to pair with HAIM Los Angeles vibes. They're pretty much like bringing a bit of sun in a can with you.

Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes // Cornish Rattler Cider

Don't ever let it be said that I don't know how to do a good play on words. Also, cider at a festival is pretty much standard.

Eminem // A Fifth of Vodka (and coke, optional)

I won't dare you to drive,but being the only drink I can think of that Eminem references in any of his songs, this just makes sense. I would personally mix it with a tone of Coke, because Vodka ain't my jam.

What other drinks would you pair with the line up at Leeds Festival this year?

If you don't get drunk on the August Bank Holiday weekend, did you even have a bank holiday weekend at all?

Fashion Blog: How To Spot FAKE Ray-Ban Sunglasses

As a blogger, you get certain perks. 

One perk that always seems to come in abundance is the opportunity to review sunglasses. Don't ask me why this is such a fruitful PR gift, but I cannot even tell you how many pairs of sunglasses I've been sent to feature over the years!

The other week, I was approached by a company that, I won't name and shame, but will give a pseudonym to. I will refer to them as 'StupidBuySpectacles' throughout, but think of the opposite of two of those words and you have our sunglasses retailer....

Anyway, StupidBuySpectacles offered me the opportunity to review some sunglasses. As usual, I went straight to the Ray-Ban section and chose some Wayfarers. I have 2 pairs of Ray-Ban's, but didn't actually have these 'cult classic' ones. About two weeks past and they came in the post... in a box... from China.

Immediately the alarm bells rang! 

On the box there was a shipping label that said 'Value GBP 14.00'. Not wanting to judge too soon, I opened the box and found my 'Ray-Bans' inside. 

As soon as I opened them I could tell they were fake. However, someone who hadn't had Ray-Ban's before wouldn't have been able to spot this faux pas so easily. I questioned the authenticity with StupidBuySpectacles and they demanded I sent them back, with a shipping label I had to print myself. I don't have a printer, so told them this and they stopped replying to me.

Fortunately, I was also approached last week by a reputable sunglasses retailer, Watchshop. Who actually sent me the sunglasses originally requested from StupidBuySpectacles - BUT THIS TIME REAL ONES.

So, how do you spot the real Ray-Ban from the fake ones?


Most Ray-ban designer sunglasses have glass lenses. Give them a quick tap with your nail and check if your Ray-ban sunglasses have glass or plastic lenses. It's pretty easy to spot. 


You will also find that real Ray-bans have an RB inscribed in the side of the lens and 'Ray-Ban' in white signature writing on the top of the other lens. See if you can easily scratch this white writing off. If you can with little effort, they are fake.  The inscription is also more prominent on the glass lenses than the fake plastic ones.


Of course, plastic is lighter than glass. So fake ones weigh less as well. This isn't as noticeable until you have the real and fake ones in your hands though really, or are used to the weight of authentic Ray-ban's.

how to spot fake raybans


Real Ray-Ban frames have a metal rod running through the arms. This is another element that adds to the weight test. If you hold the frames up to the light you will clearly see the metal rod, if you can't see it - they're fake.


As you can see from the image of the arms, the hinges are different. The bottom one is the arm of the real Ray-Ban sunglasses and the top is the fake. Always look for the hinge being on the external part of the inner frame, not embedded within. 


Ray-Ban sunglasses from authentic retailers will have a barcode on the box, which also has a few other details on like batch numbers. The box itself isn't always great quality to be fair, but the real ones should always have this barcode.

Real ones also have a sticker on the lens and the case is real leather, with a little nubbin inside where the nose part of the glasses fits in.

how to spot fake raybans


Place the glasses down with their arms folded and see how they are positioned. The authentic ones will lay pretty flat with the lenses facing upwards. The fake ones will be more forward facing, as shown on the picture.

Ray-Ban sunglasses are made in Italy and the quality of authentic ones reflect that. Chances are, if you think they might be fake, the probably are! Considering you're paying over £100 for certain pairs, it's always worth checking out reviews and buying from reputable retailers, such as Watchshop.

Upon googling 'StupidBuySpectacles' (by their real name) I have found thousands of people complaining about their fake sunglasses. They have no qualms swapping them when this issue is raised, but it really angers me the amount of people who have spent so much on fake sunglasses from China that have gone unnoticed. 

Food Blog: Brunch at All Bar One, Chester

Is there a meal which is more satisfying than brunch? Not quite lunch, not quite breakfast, just that meal that happens at the perfect time of the day... Especially for people like me that always skips breakfast, whoops.

Recently I received a £50 gift card for All Bar One in Chester, so took my blogging baes Tereza and Charl to a lovely brunchy treat.

To kick things off, we had a brunch board to share. This is meant to serve two people - and would have been a wonderfully filling dish between a pair... I mean, even between three is was pretty filling and that would have done us, but we were determined to have a brunch each after we'd polished it off. 

Two course brunches are the next big thing, you saw it here first.

The brunch board itself consisted of toast, avocado, smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, seeds, mushrooms, poached eggs and cold pressed juice. The part I enjoyed the most was probably the scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, with a smoosh of avocado on, of course.

For my 'main course' I went for the Protein Power-Up, simply because it had flavour combinations I'd not really experienced before... We're talking pink grapefruit and eggs here. 

I must admit, the Protein Power-Up hasn't been my favourite brunch ever. And I did get brunch-envy when I saw Charl's Eggs Benedict (my fave), but it was more than edible. 

Poached eggs, avocado, seeds, grapefruit, radishes and salmon made up the dish. I suppose after the 'starter' course I only needed something light like this anyway - and it does weigh in at under 400 calories for the whole thing. So I could at least kid myself I was being healthy. Either way, I probably could have done without the grapefruit in the bowl. 

The great thing about All Bar One Brunch is that they actually have an offer on where you can get a coffee with your brunch, for cheaper than the food alone(?!). So for £6.50 you can have something like the Protein Power-Up (which costs £6.95) with a latte (around £2.50)! Does that make sense? I hope so. Either way, it's a good deal, okay?

For all of our food (brunch board, 3 main brunch courses and drinks included) it came to around £35 between 3. 

Another feature of note when dining at All Bar One, is the shot of smarties you get with your coffee. Like we could fit any more food in?! But it really did brighten up our morning on such a rainy day!

It's the little things that make all the difference sometimes isn't it?

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