Beauty Blog: Are Dermacol Products Any Good and Can it Cover Tattoos?

Dermacol is a brand that has been doing the cult beauty rounds for a while now.

Praised for their infamous full coverage foundationDermacol gets mentioned online a lot. Particularly on blogs, YouTube and online forums such as a Facebook group, I'm a member of called 'Mrs Gloss and the Goss.'

But does the Dermacol Foundation live up to the hype? 

I recently received three items from Dermacol in my Notino haul. Including the coveted foundation. I was really excited to try this after reading so much about it. 

Online you do tend to find mixed reviews, which already gave me the impression that it wasn't a product for everyone. A lot of people compare it to Esteé Lauder Double Wear, which is actually one of those foundations I just cannot get on with. 

The reason I don't like Double Wear is that it dries so cakey on me and seems ever so drying.

Whereas the first noticeable difference with the Dermacol foundation is that it doesn't seem to dry matte and retains a slightly oily finish. 

When I say oily, don't get me wrong, you don't look like a grease ball. It's kind of hard to explain. It's almost like a slicker dewy finish? But not in an awful way. A quick dab of powder soon sorts that out anyway though.

It is worth noting that you'll want to finish with a setting powder whether you like the dewy finish or not though, as this foundation does tend to transfer a lot, even when 'set'. 

With the above in mind, I cannot fault the overall finish and ease of use though. I mean, a little goes a long way.... We're talking less than a 5pence piece worth of product is ample to blend over your whole face. And it's amazing that such a small amount actually gives such a heavy, flawless finish.

You have to be careful with the amount you use though and ensure you add in contour, blush and the whole shebang, otherwise, the coverage is so heavy that you do end up having a bit of a mask effect if used alone.

Does Dermacol cover tattoos?

A lot of people praise Dermacol for covering tattoos as well. As you can see from the swatches, you can get a good coverage on tattoos, but once again you do need to set with a powder to ensure a better finish. This also means that it would be great for covering acne scarring or micro pigmentation.

The swatches below show a very rough blending of Dermacol with a beauty blender sponge, on top of a tattoo which is approximately 15 years old, with no setting powder:

Would I recommend the Dermacol Foundation? Yes - especially for nights out. And it's great to use daily if you mix a small amount with your regular foundation for added coverage. If only for the addition of SPF30 if your regular foundation has no SPF in!

If you like the sound of it, you'll also enjoy the fact that it's only £8.20.

The Dermacol Primer

Dermacol also do a range of other products, but with not as much hype around them as the foundation. They do a whole host of different products, not only make up! There's even bath and body stuff. All for a super affordable price.

Alongside the foundation, I picked up the Dermacol Pearl Energy Primer. This tiny bottle packs a punch, with a formula containing pearl extracts and a smooth finish for your make up.

I was a little surprised at the size of the bottle versus the price, when compared to other Dermacol products. You only get a 15ml bottle for around £10.

After using it a few times now, I've found that the smaller amount of the product actually gives better results for the day ahead though.

At first I used two full pumps and the make up kind of slid off my face.

After playing around I've found that using half a pump is enough to cover the surface of my face and doesn't have the slightly greasy finish. It also helped my foundation apply a lot better and blend more consistently, alongside helping it last a lot longer throughout the day.

So overall I can't wait to get my hands on some more products from the range.

You can browse online at Notino here (and if you have any more suggestions for products to try let me know on Twitter! @helloterrilowe)

Interior Blog: Making a New House a Home (in between the decorating!)

If you follow me over on Twitter, then you will know that I have just bought my very first house(!)

I'll be doing a blog post all about the buying process and some interior updates in the near future.

But for now, I am living from boxes and trying to make little corners feel more homely, whilst I wait for the decorating to be done.

To be fair, the house isn't in bad condition. It's just flooring I want redoing and some wallpaper/general decorating to tick off the list. So I'm trying to keep as much as I can in boxes within the rooms that need things doing!

In the interim, I am making the key places feel a little more settled and adding small additions to these spaces to feel a bit more relaxed about it. 

Making my new house feel like home...

The perfect starting point to make any space feel more homely is candles and fleecy blankets. Familiar or seasonal scents really do help you to escape from the bare plaster walls and half finished living room.

If you're on a budget (after spending a million quid moving) then you'll want to check out TJ Hughes. I picked up these Yankee Candles(!) and fleecy blanket for under £30. They have so many home accessories and I didn't even realise!

The scents are perfect for Autumn and I cannot believe how soft and big this blanket is for the price! For only £14.99 the only downside is that the cats want to steal it from me.

Damn fine coffee...

Another way I've found to ensure that my house feels as much like home as possible, is to ensure my beloved coffee machine was one of the first things I unpacked. 

I've had a coffee machine for years now and honestly, it just doesn't feel right not having one! Living alone it's just a pain to have milk in, as it always goes off before I manage to drink it. Coffee pods solve this issue by having a long shelf life... Not like they ever last me longer than a few weeks when I drink so much coffee.

I also recently discovered that you can get Nesquick Hot Chocolate for the Dolce Gusto Machines from The Coffee Mate*! The perfect way to wind down an evening, in this fancy latte glass I got from there too. These double wall latte glasses have always intrigued me, so I'm glad I finally have one!

Now I've got some essentials around me to add a little calm to the storm, I can also start upping my blog posts again and showing some more interior blog posts. I really can't wait to unpack properly and settle in. 

Collaboration: How Early is too Early for Christmas Shopping?

The countdown for Christmas is officially on! With only 6 weeks to go until the big day - are you prepared?

I'm one of those shoppers who HATES buying items for the sake of it. I tend to do all my shopping 'as and when' I see things that make me think of people. 

A lot of people I know (especially ones with kids) have had their Christmas shopping list in action and actively ticked off for months now! In fact one friend actually does her shopping in the January Sales ready for the next year.

Now, that's what I call 'expert level' Christmas shopping.

Recent research by eBay reveals that my friends are the only super organised ones and apparently 28% of Brits have Christmas shopping all wrapped up by the end of September!!

45% shop first for person that’s most important or is guaranteed to give the best reaction - so in my case that would be.... me (wink wink)

and 75% shop for kids first and Dads last; which is weird because I always find my niece and my dad the two easiest ones to shop for! It's always my Nana that's the tricky one!

The study also revealed that the average household is set to spend up to £747.78 on their loved ones this Christmas. WELL, after just buying my house, I'll be deducting about £700 from that amount for my loved ones - but that's where websites like eBay come in a DREAM for bagging unique bargains for everyone.

Tips for Christmas Shopping on eBay

I've been using eBay ever since I got an internet connection, so have picked up a few tips for bagging the best bargains along the way. Here's a few tips to really get the most out of your Christmas eBay shop.

 Always search for a 'loose' spelling of the item you're after. Sometimes people make typos, or get the names of products slightly wrong. You can even use websites like to find them!

 If you don't mind waiting for shipping (and are one of those shopping in September), try looking for items from international sellers. You have to wait a little longer for delivery, but when I've ordered from Chinese sellers there are no custom fees, delivery is often free and the items are so much cheaper.

 To find the cheapest items you're after, order Auction Items in 'ending soonest' and any Buy it Now items in lowest price for postage AND packaging. You'll soon be dropping on some great buys.

Beauty Blog: Introducing Notino. Your New Favourite Beauty Website

When it comes to buying beauty products online, I always tend to talk myself out of it.

Whether it from a UK based site such as Beauty Bay, or from Amazon's beauty section. There's always been something which has stopped me parting with my cash. Sometimes it's the shipping costs, most of the time it's due to the products on the websites being quite pricey, in all honesty.

That was until I discovered a beauty website called Notino.

Notino is based in Czech Republic, but delivers to the UK for an incredibly affordable price. Standard shipping is only £3.99! The range of products available also suits any pocket!

I usually have to put in an order with my friend Tereza for any European beauty products that I want to try. Dermacol and Catrice make up being my usual brands of choice.

Well she can relax and ignore my shopping lists now, as I can get my fill of all my European favourites from Notino!

Not only do they stock some of my most-wanted brands, but they also do the regular faves too. From Make Up Revolution to a load of haircare brands like Olaplex. It's like the Pandoras Box of beauty sites.

And did I mention it was all so affordable too?


But I will say it again - it's all so affordable!

If you were worried about understanding the language on the products from abroad - don't be. Notino have got you covered and in the parcel they include an overview, complete with simple instructions!

Recently I also signed up to their Beauty Blogger Database (which you can do as well, if you're a blogger, by clicking here). This means that each month I can bring you my latest favourites from Notino and show you some more brands and products they have to offer! I'm so excited!

I'll be reviewing the above products from Dermacol and Bielenda over the next few days, so stay tuned if you want to know how they worked out. (spoiler alert: both brands are brilliant so far)

Collaboration: How to Keep Your Jeans That Perfect Black (Even with a cat…)

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I’ve had a complete love/hate relationship with black jeans.

The perfect fit, the perfect levels of comfort, yet the black ones are notorious for developing a distinct grey hue after a few washes.

Having two cats who like to shed their fur a little more than the average feline, also adds to my woeful tales of black jean despair…

A wise woman once claimed that ‘everything looks better with a layer of cat hair’ - but I must admit, this particular style does grow tedious at times.

So how do you keep your jeans black, even with a cat?

Step 1: Remove all the hairs you can before they hit the washing machine.

Sometimes a lint roller will do, but other times you need to go a bit harder. Especially when they’re being particularly cuddly (which is always on the days you decide to wear black clothing funnily enough).

To get the ultimate hair removal, I have found that a pair of washing up gloves, wet sightly, is the perfect solution. Simply don your marigolds and rub your jean legs whilst you’re still wearing them.

This drags all the stuck in fur up and you can find yourself fluff free in a matter of minutes. Another way to optimise this solution is by doing it in a fur-free location, like the bathroom.

Step 2: Use a washing up liquid MADE for black clothing.

Surf have released a formula especially for black clothing. Which is great for us goths.

It’s unrivalled when it comes to using your regular powder detergents and not only keeps the saturation of your dark shades for longer but smells really great too.

I usually find that black jeans can fade as soon as 4 washes in. But after comparison washes as shown by their test image below, you can see that Surf Perfect Black Liquid withholds the colour for up to 20 washes (middle) and the comparison washing 20 times with a powder detergent (bottom),

These jeans are currently on wash 6 and still going strong….

Step 3: Turn your clothing inside out & keep your cool.

By turning your jeans, tops and other dark garments inside out, you will find that this little touch goes a long way to keeping those colours dark for longer.

You will also find that washing in cooler water helps as well. As most laundry detergents manage to remove dirt and grime on low temperatures now, you’re also going to be more environmentally friendly with this small touch!

Step 4: Throw some balls in!

Lint balls are AMAZING if you can’t remove all the cat fur before a wash.

You just throw them into the drum during the wash and they act like little velcro style magnets for fur. You can pick them up on eBay for only a few quid - but don’t use them with wool or knitted items as they might just cling on and bobble things like that. Denim and more robust materials are fine though.

What tips do you have for keeping your black jeans black…. Even with a cat?

Will you take the #SurfPerfectBlack Challenge? If you want to give Surf Perfect Black a try you can purchase it online through this link or pick it up in your weekly shop at most Tesco Asda and Sainsbury’s.

Lifestyle Blog: Getting Spooky with B&M this Halloween

I was super pleased to be able to collaborate with B&M Stores recently as part of their new ambassador programme recently.

Being a massive fan of bargain shopping, and having a B&M right next to where I work, means that I'm in and out of the store daily - so it only makes sense that in exchange for some vouchers I get to get my spook on as part of their new blogger partnerships!

Spending, on average, around £5 per day on random bits and bobs I need for my house, I always find what I need; whether it's light bulbs, or lucozade.

This year I have 2 Halloween occasions to go to. Well, one is actually the Halloween fancy dress day at work, but the other is a night out in London after I've seen Weezer.

I'm going to be going to London as a 'Dead Mermaid'...But mainly because I have an abundance of sequin garments I just want an excuse to wear. To compliment my outfit, I've picked up this amazing pack of multicoloured glitter, which I will mix with hair gel to add to... Well, various parts of my body (be sure not to use this anywhere near your eyes though pals and stick to cosmetic grade glitters for that kind of thing). I'm not sure if this kind of outfit will be suitable for the Weezer gig, but it will certainly look the part at the party afterwards.

At work, I'll be going for a more toned down Halloween vibe, with this American Psycho dress, complete with blood splattered rights and pale make up. I just hope my car doesn't break down at any point during my journey. I do not fancy welcoming the AA Man to be broken down vehicle in all my Halloween shebang.

Rounding down the seasonal occasion with a lovely glass of Casillero del Diablo (which translates to 'Devil's Locker') wine, that I also picked up from B&M as part of my Halloween haul, I certainly am looking forward to the most fantastic time of the year.... Especially when enjoyed out of a spooky spider glass haha.

To keep sugar levels up for Halloween, a quick win is to buy some mini-cupcakes and top them with slime green cream and some cake toppers from B&M.... And don't forget the Zombie finger lollies, which are not only good for eating, but also great for stirring a few cocktails.

I've noticed that B&M have already started to reduce their Halloween stock, and there's still plenty to choose from! So make sure you pop into your local one ASAP to get down with the spooky goodness.

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