Thursday, 5 March 2015

Pixi H2O Skintint Tinted Face Gel

Pixi H2O Skintint Tinted Face Gel

If there's one thing I'm a sucker for - it's a pretty packaging, and Pixi cosmetics certainly put a big fat tick in that box.

Every blogger and their cat has been going craycray for the Pixi Glow Tonic lately, which I must admit, I'm keen to get my paws on. But instead I've got dibs on the Pixi Skin Tint courtesy of The Hut.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Benefit Cosmetics Event: Harvey Nichols, Manchester

Last week me and my colleague Jess took a little trip up Manchester after work, for the Benefit Cosmetics Event at Harvey Nichols. It wasn't a blogger event, so don't worry that you didn't get an invite! It was one for customers who had previously left their details when purchasing at the counter. It cost £10 per ticket which was redeemable against any purchase afterwards. The event was predominantly for the launch of Benefit Rollerlash, but because we arrived a little later we missed the initial demonstration! Boo!

Monday, 2 March 2015

Is Poundland Skin Care Any Good?

Creightons Squeeky Clean skincare range from Poundland

Poundland beauty bargains have been increasingly hot topic over the last year or so. With more people catching on to their affordable alternatives to even the cheapest hight street brands, it's no wonder that they have upped their beauty game - not only with discontinued well known brands, but with also their own regular, lesser known lines. 

Creightons Squeeky Clean range, as you can see, is not too distant a resemblance to the Soap and Glory branding. The main difference being the price. Where Soap and Glory will set you back circa £7 per product (or more) the Creightons range in Poundland are well, a pound each. But are they any good? 

Whilst the product inside the packaging is nothing like Soap and Glory in the slightly, in neither smell or texture, you will actually be surprised at how nice the scent of the Squeeky Clean range is. Fruity, raspberry scents which are lovely on the ol' nose. The Squeeky Clean Body Better Body Lotion smells really nice, but the formula is kind of.... thin? Like a cheaper hand cream. It's moisturising skills are good. Not amazing. But good. Bear in mind the price here people. As a £1 product you'll be surprised, but if you paid around £5 you'd be a bit meh about it. The shower gel is equally as adequate, leaving you feeling clean and fresh, but not overly scented for the rest of the day. But usually for me, shower gel is shower gel and I can often use any old range without noticing a particular difference. Both are quite heavily fragranced, but it's refreshing to see some ingredients such as Punica Granatum Fruit Extract and Rubus Idaeus (Raspberry) Fruit Extract high up on the ingredients list. 

The stand out product from this Poundland beauty range is the Squeeky Clean Saint Or Shimmer Lotion. It reminds me of Soap and Glory Hocus Focus but this is for your body rather than your face. Containing some nice, familiar ingredients such as Vitamin E, Coconut Oil and Sweet Almond Oil, this is lovely for slathering all over before a night out and will be perfect for summer days where you're showing your legs off a bit more and want a diffused glow! I love it.

You can find this entire range over on Beauty @ Creightons online here.  Where I'm surprised to see a few more recognisable brands such as the Amie skincare range and CafĂ© De Bain. Oooh la la.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Living Alone (With a Cat)

I've lived on my own for around 2 years now. And I don't mean alone with friends, away from my parents, I mean alone, alone. Before you get any ideas crazy stalker murderers out there, I do have a security system and a mean punch in case you were going to try and break in - but seriously, don't come near me, thanks. Anyway, yes, living alone. It's not as scary as you think really. I absolutely love it. After living with my family for the largest chunk of my life, in the same house, in the same street, it came as quite the culture shock when I eventually moved out in to Student Halls. Then to living with friends, then with one friend and then finally just me and my cat Kitty. There were a few pros to living with other people - such as splitting bills and having someone else to occasionally do the washing, I personally found there were many more cons. It just stressed me out and annoyed me too much and ultimately it made friendships harder when living with your best friend! 

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Do You Use Protection? (On Your HAIR, Of Course)

For a good few years I avoided using heat on my hair. Before I had my extensions in, I used to leave my hair to dry naturally, without blow drying it, and didn't reach for my straighteners or heat tools at all. In recent months though, I have done a complete U-Turn on this anti-heat stance, and now blow dry after every wash and smooth my hair and extensions over with my Remington Keratin Therapy Pro Volume brush tool. Sometimes if I'm feeling fancy I will even curl it too! At first, I completely disregarded the need for heat protection products, just because I'd not really needed them before. After seeing how much of my extensions and real hair was breaking off after each styling session though, I soon realised how much I really needed to protect my hair again heat and styling damage. As with all new discoveries, I've gone mad on trying each and everyone I can get my hands on. The one problem I've found when searching for a Heat Protection product though, is that a lot are not meant for use on dry hair and always say to apply to wet or damp hair! I'm not sure where the logic for this comes from, as the main item you need heat protection from is straighteners, which are always used on dry hair, hmmm. But I've finally found some products for heat protection on  both dry hair  and wet, and this has excited me enough to write a blog post about it. 

best heat protection products for hair