Well, we have like 4 weeks left until ALL my work needs to be done for the FINAL hand in at uni. EEP!
I’m working on a honeycomb theme now, progressing from the initial pollen ideas. I will still produce some final outcomes from the pollen studies but at the moment I need to develop a final design/collection for this little lot!
I read ‘The Bee That Became’ by Ted Hughes and it was such a magnificent little story I couldn’t let it pass by without making a piece inspired by it! I STRONGLY suggest you read it! I know honeycomb is a bit passé but as I hate geometric shapes and designs I thought it would be an interesting challenge to make something I found aesthetically pleasing out of them. Still going with a collar design as well it’s an interesting task I’ve set myself!
Here’s some pictures of my progress (sorry for the poor quality, I keep forgetting my camera at uni so my phone is the culprit for these images)
Etching, sawing, saw piercing sections out!
after enamel.
larger components.
working out how they fit together?!
mock up cabinet display
Mock up Cabinet Display.
Mock up cabinet display.
Now I have my basic shapes I need to work out how to attach them together to make some kind of body adornments! This is the tricky part as they are enamelled so no soldering can be done! I also can’t solder before I enamel else it’ll just melt off! Awkward. So I need to develop some form of cold attaching technique…. Eeep! I’ve just this second had an idea involving resin though. So I am off to do some doodling! Any feedback very welcome!!!