Life After Uni….

…Is a pretty daunting prospect right now. I have just taken on a new job at my existing work as a Community Champion. So it’s basically fundraising and creating a lot of positive hoo-har about the store in the local area. It’s an Ok job but not enough hours and I really want to step away from retail completely now I’ve finished uni. Which is easier said than done really.
On a positive note I have sold a necklace via the degree show! Its going to the Vice Chancellor of the uni for his personal collection apparently. I’m just really gutted I undersold myself with the price. I could have charged so much more! But considering I wasn’t expecting to sell anything it’s good going. It’s covered my costs anyway so nothing lost.
Now the job search continues. I really want to do some Youth work, guiding them with options etc once they finished school. Something I never really had. Hence why I’m graduating age 25!
Starting the Metapod business workshop on Thursday which is a free business course to help people set up on their own, and network. I’ll admit I am not the best networker in the world, so I guess good practise!
Anyway. there’s a quick update. (I’m trying to blog more, honest!)