Staffordshire University AMD Degree Show 2011.

Well, that’s it! Uni is officially over. Here is the 3D Design section of this years degree show.
As you can see there was a mix of medium on display from furniture to Jewellery, I think we all pulled it off pretty well. Now I’m not going to lie our course has been handed the shit end of the stick this year with a lack of support and guidance towards the end, so I think the final turn out was pretty good.
We were all left slightly disgruntled by the lack of promotion and marketing done by the University, as usual like any establishment of that kind they invested more in making themselves look good than praising and promoting the students work on display. As demonstrated by the ‘Industry and Business Evening’ in which the ‘business and industry’ faces were lavished with refreshments for over an hour in a separate part of the campus leaving the students with work on display wondering what the hell was going on… I think we saw 4 people all evening as the curators of the event failed to mention our course existed.
Saying that though a lot of positive comments have been made from people who did see the show. And that is awesome! I just had my expectations set a bit too high in regards to what happened at degree shows I suppose.