The Look Show AW'11

So this weekend has been full of fun. I won tickets to the Look Show at Westfield Stratford City down in LANDAN on Saturday. After the initial panic and stress of how to get there (I'm from a rural part of Stoke on Trent, we don't go to big cities much where I come from) I made it and it all came up Milhouse and a super happy fun time was had. We thought we were going to have to stand in a really silly place on the balcony for the show, and this would have been our view:
But then a super lovely lady came along and told us we could have a front row seat on the catwalk!
Sarah Harding (and any bloggers will spy TempSec in the background there)
Dionne Bromfield
& the amazing contents of my goody bag!

image courtesy of @tempsec

We then attempted to have a look around the shops at Westfield.... I have NEVER been in an indoor space that has been SO busy. It's like if you imagine the crowd dispersing after seeing the headlining act at Leeds Festival and trying to walk the opposite way to everyone (Yeah, I have done this, never again) but with shops around and THOUSANDS OF PUSH CHAIRS, why would anyone EVER take a child to a place like that?!?! STRESS. 
After being told Forever 21 was just a mediocre half Primark half H&M type place I really set myself up for disappointment when I heard there was a 3 story one at Westfields... HOW WRONG WAS I. It is amazing.  So much so I had to crack the credit card out (whoops). So that is my new favourite shop ever, the closest one to me is in Birmingham, so yeah a visit is definitely on the cards.

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  1. eeeeeeek, every time i see that westfield photo, i feel like i can't breathe! I have never felt panicky when I'm in London but I couldn't cope with the chaos this time and I felt so dazed throughout the day. I really enjoyed the show though. I didn't see you, you should've said HIYA! I LOL'd when you mentioned the pushchair - I thought the same!! stressssss! x

  2. Hahaha I was going to say hi after but it turned so hectic when people were trying to escape the catwalk! Glad you had fun!! x


Thanks for the comment!

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