Beetroot & Chocolate

Today I have sampled two new taste sensations….
The first was this absolutely delicious Hot Salad from Marks and Spencers….
I am a massive fan of feta cheese (in fact it’s been on every meal I’ve had for the past 6 meals now, whoops) and enjoy a bit of beetroot now and again, so I saw this and it instantly had appeal… And for £2.99 it’s a very reasonable price considering it’s M&S. Some of the salads in major supermarkets are nearly this price and just consist of pasta and mayo and are by no stretch of the imagination anywhere NEAR as tasty as this.
to jazz it up a bit and because I have more potatoes in than an Irish potato farmer, I sliced up some spuds, coated them in pepper, sea salt and rosemary and fried them for a bit too!
The outcome was amazing, the best salad I have had in a long time! I must admit the lentils got a bit much after a bit though and there were 3 slices of apple in the pack (which I still can’t work out if they were there by accident or not) but saying this is was by no means offensive! I ate every last leaf. Yum yum.
Second up, I visited Freeport, Talke earlier on today (in search of underwear but found Thorntons instead)
This immediately looked wonderful:
I’ve had some of the other products from the chocolate block  range and haven’t been overly disappointed by any of them yet. They retail at £1.70 each or 3 for £5 …. which sounds wonderful doesn’t it? Great offer yes? NO. I was fully annoyed when I looked at my receipt and found I only saved 10pence! On the plus side I do have 2 more bars of chocolate than first intended. And thankfully it’s pretty tasty…. It’s got a kind of artificial cherry flavour to it, which isn’t as bad as it sounds. Very sweet  but not like glacier cherry sweet though, because they are just plain horrid. It has some really small biscuity bits in too, which is usually a thing I loathe but in this it works well. Very nice and everyone should definately try some of the range! There’s loads of different ones. My favourite so far has been the slightly salted pistachio flavour.
Marks out of 10:
Salad 10/10
Chocolate 6/10