Juice Box.(pt 1)

When I started this blog, I thought ”you don’t really get weird/new/exciting drinks to try” and then it turns out it seems I try them more than anything else so far. So this is the first (of two) posts dedicated to beverage! hola!
 Copella Winter Warmer is a scrummy apple juice with loads of lovely warming spices in, you can have it cold or pop it in the microwave for 60 seconds and it’s the best thing in the world ever, the drink of the Gods I tell you!! 
 It’s really tangy yet not overpowering and the spice is just right to give you a warm snug winter belly. Yum.
Then, this one time in China Town in Manchester I was searching for some magic tea I wanted (which I didn’t find, woe) I came across this:
 Super bright colours and strange goo in drinks? I’m on it! There were a few flavours such a ‘Thai Tea’ ‘Green Tea’ etc but I thought I’d play it safe and go with ‘Lemongrass’ flavour…. 
 Which contained Basil Seeds?! 
As you can see, it looked a lot like frog spawn…. not the most appetising appearance. This didn’t put me off though as it reminded me of  my favourite China Town tipple; Aloe Vera King Juice which contains aloe vera pulp. Anyway…. I am disappointed to say this did not taste like that, and was more of a honey flavour?!! The basil seeds weren’t offensive and this would be nice if you like honey, but unfortunately I don’t! It was a bit like a liquid version of a Halls Soother. Grim.
Next up there’s Marks and Spencers Sparkling Blueberry and Pomegranate water… It was nice but tasted more like sparkling apple juice more than anything. And apple wasn’t one of the main flavours on the front so a little silly. I still wish M&S would bring back their Strawberry and Aloe Vera drink as that was amazing!

And finally for this post, we have BUBBLE TEA! Bubble Tea is a thing that I’ve seen all over the internet for months and just needed to try it. Then, suddenly, it’s everywhere (well, in London and Manchester anyway) Bubble tea is like a flavoured milk based drink with tapioca pearls in the bottom. I imagine it’s definitely not to some people’s tastes as when you suck them up the straw its a bit of a weird sensation! They’re like chewy soft things, very weird. It comes in loads of flavours, including; lavender, almond, green tea, banana and melon (plus loads more) 
This was banana and lavender flavour, it’s served really chilled so really refreshing. You can have it without the ‘bubbles’ too which I did when I tried it the second time from Wasabi in Manchester (which by the way, is an awesome sushi restaurant, that pisses all over yo! shushi).
In the next blog entry I’ll be having a try of some morrisons juices and ginger tablets (you’ll see!)

Marks out of ten:
copella 9/10
lemongrass drink 2/10
m & s sparkling water 6/10
bubble tea 8/10