Juice Box.(pt 2)

Here’s the second round of beverages I’ve sampled lately.
Tipped off on Twitter by local illustrator (and gentleman) Undead8bit about these fancy sounding juices from Morrisons, I immediately got on it like sonic:
 the apple and beetroot variety is the more ‘out there’ errr ‘wtf’ flavour I saw, they were on offer at 3 for £5 which considering the price of juice these days, ain’t bad. It’s really foul tasting when served at room temperature but when chilled it’s a lot nicer. The initial flavour isn’t offensive but the after taste is pure beetroot. Beetroot unpickled is a flavour I really want to like (and frikkin loved in the M & S Beetroot salad) but I think this after taste put me off it even more. I’m sure I’ll drink it all and survive though. I suppose it all depends on how much you like beetroot.
The second one of these new fangled juices is the apple, rhubarb and ginger flavour. Rhubarb always reminds me of going my nan’s house at weekends when my grandad had freshly grown some and we would dip it in pure sugar and just eat it raw. I’m sure the dentist loved that. 
 This one was really nice. Just the right amount of tang from the rhubarb and punch from the ginger. The apple is a bit of a neutral non entity in it so doesn’t need to be commented on I guess.
& finally we have GIN GINS, bought purely for the quirky name and packaging (and subliminal thoughts that I want proper ginger hair) Now, I see you looking at the picture thinking ‘errrr they’re ginger sweets love’ Well…. WELL…. They are, BUT you can dissolve them in hot water to make a tasty, spicy ginger treat of a beverage.
They come individually packed so handy to take out and about (emergency ginger beverage? idk)
I added two to my cup ready for the boiling water (poured without adult supervision, living on the edge)
 They dissolve relatively easily. And leave a murky looking water. 
The taste is slightly stronger than a traditional ginger tea bag would be. A more ‘natural’ ginger flavour though. I think I prefer eating them as sweets though even though the texture it a bit weird you get a more concentrated hit of the spicy ginger flavour.
Marks out of ten:
Juice 1 5/10
Juice 2 7/10
Ginger 6/10