A mixed bag.

So, my phone has died the death of deaths in the river of pee and toilet water… Thus losing the pictures of all the new things I’ve tried recently. So I’m just playing catch up at the moment and seeking a mini sd card thing for my laptop so I can retrieve all the pictures!
Anyway, here goes;
I love Thai and Oriental food, so when I saw this on offer for half price I had to try it…
It was just kind of like a fancy Micro Noodles pot but with king prawn wontons in…. Because it had to be microwaved the wontons were all goopy and soft. The broth was really bland and the noodles were soggy. However, the prawns were a good size and quite juicy! For £1.24 I think the price was ok for a quick snack/light lunch.
This yoghurt is amazing!!!! It’s on offer at the moment in Morrisons (2 for £3) they’re in lovely little buckets. The yoghurt itself is slightly sour, but the cinnamon and apple goo at the bottom is the best,   and if you’re a tight bastard like me you can save the cute little bucket to keep other shit in.
This is ‘Rosehip’ juice from Ikea to be honest I had no idea what the expect flavour wise for this, so had to try it. It’s very syrupy and not a very pleasant taste, especially when it’s not chilled. I defo would not buy it again. Soz Ikea! It was about a quid too so pretty expensive for a little drink like this, and I reckon the only health benefits would be if I wanted to get diabetes as it was very sugary. 

Marks out of ten:
Soup 4/10
yoghurt 9/10
juice 1/10