October Glossybox.

After waiting nearly a month for my first Glossy Box it finally arrived. I signed up just after they dispatched last months orders so just missed out and have had to wait an aaaaage for this. If you’ve been living in a cave and don’t know what Glossy Box is, it’s a ¬£10 beauty box which you subscribe to (you can opt out at any time) and they automatically post you one once a month. It contains sample sizes of the products although there is rumour they give you a full size one now and again. I’m pretty gutted I missed out on Septembers box as it had things I would definitely use inside.
Anyway here’s my box (wheeeey);
 As you can see, it’s in a really nice little gift box you can use again….
 I think the reason they’re so popular is because it does feel like you’re opening a present. You get a card inside that tells you more about the products and also the price of the full size versions of the products. 
 There were 6 things inside this months (7 if you include the little dermolgica wash bag thing)
 This was the teeniest of all the samples, its a lip balm (and a bit of a bobby bonus in the box). But it’s probably the thing I’ll use the most.
And there were 3 small perfume samples in little vials. Which are handy.
What else?

-Dermalogica Thermafoliant – This is a really nice little exfoliant, you could tell it was a very good quality one as the texture was very fine and had a very unusual but nice smell. It did make my skin feel lovely afterwards.
-Dermalogica Recover Masque – This was a little disappointing. It smells strange, and not in a good way. I also didn’t notice very much difference afterwards.
*I was a bit miffed as to why the Dermalogica items were ‘age smart’ being 25 and looking around 15 I need the opposite of that…..
-Leighton Denny Nail Polish – A good quality varnish, but they sent me ‘babydoll’ which is a vivid but baby pink tone…. I put it on to see if it looked any better…. but nah. It’s still pink, a bit vile.
-Stila eyeliner – I love the colour of this! It’s shit green with goldy shimmer in. Unfortunately I find eyeliners that are kind of crayony a bit crap. They never stick and unless it’s black I tend not to use it. I might use it occasionally on the lower lid on days I can be bothered to make an effort.
-Robert Piguet perfumes – Very good little samplers all in tiny little vials. Great to stick in your bag as back up scent for when you get worried you smell a little funky. Apart from one that smells like old women (the red one)

I think I will keep the subscription for another month, just to see what the next one is like. I have a Boudoir Priv√© box on it’s way this week to see what that’s like as well. The same concept as Glossy box but apparently with more high end products in.