Souper Fusion

Once again I find myself back tracking through all the images taken months ago, playing a nice game of catch up with all these fancy pants things I like to consume….
Here’s a nice discovery; Rice Flame Bar and Grill is a really nice, simple and (relatively) cheap restaurant based in Manchester. As you know I love a bit of oriental and when it’s a ‘fusion’ it’s a new level of intrigue. I did feel a little guilty not going to my all time favourite  Asian Fusion place, Tampopo (which pisses ALL over Wagamama’s, it’s a lot less corporate and the menu is more interesting and the food is so much nicer!)
But regardless of this I had a go;
The menu was a little hard to read to be honest, I see what they did though. They tried to make everything simple with clear descriptions of what was in each dish. You choose a main and then the rice or noodles to go as the base of the dish.
I chose Japanese Java Curry with a base of coconut rice (all time favourite type of rice)
It was all freshly prepared on an open kitchen and came super fast to the table. The coconut rice was AMAZING. It wasn’t how you usually find it when they add a tin of coconut milk. It had a lot more flavour in and was just delicious. God knows what they did to it. The curry itself was a pretty much typical japanese curry but not as thick, all the veg was crunchy and cooked perfectly. I think it cost around £5.99 for the dish and it was a good portion, overall very pleased!

 Next we have a soup from the range of Glorious Soups. Even though this was a ‘skinny soup’ (I have major angst against anything which is ‘low fat’ or a ‘diet’ product) I bought it anyway. The flavour was Fragrant Thai Carrot.

 Apart from the amazing label graphics (I spotted a while ago on the Lovely Package website) It was a really nice soup.

The consistency was good and even though it was a ‘skinny’ soup it still had a really nice creamyness about it. There wasn’t a carrot taste to it at all. I bought it on offer for £1 but it usually retails at around £2.50 I think. I don’t think I’d pay that much for it as there are other brands that do very similar tastes and style of this kind of soup.
& finally we have a ‘new’ yoghurt from Asda. It’s Orange and Chocolate flavour and once again; the bane of my life ‘low fat’…..
I had high expectations for this yoghurt.  I thought it would be just like the Muller chocolate orange flavour yoghurt (which, by the way, is very nice) Unfortunately this was nowhere near as good. The yoghurt itself was pretty much flavourless and the orange bits were tasteless also. The chocolate flakes tasted like cheap chocolate (soz I know you’re thinking ‘its a fucking asda yoghurt what do you want!) but considering there’s such a small ratio of choc to yog you’d imagine they’re splash out a few more pennies to make it taste nice!
Marks out of ten:
Rice 9/10
Soup 7/10
Yoghurt 3/10