BB might stand for something else….

So I first read about BB creams a few months ago in Grazia magazine….I was immediately taken in by the miraculous claims that they’ll transform your skin and an amazing alternative to foundations.I have dry skin which is prone to hormonal breakouts so have been after a new product for a while and from the description these creams sounded perfect. So, I’ve put this ‘review’ off for a bit because I’ve been waiting to see if there were any long term benefits to using it after being pretty disappointed by the initial products….
First I tried the Garnier ‘Miracle Skin Perfector’ BB cream for ¬£9.99 from Boots. I bought it in ‘light’ as there was only the option between light and dark…. And light is way too dark for my skin! The consistency is nice and goes onto the skin well. But the overall look afterwards is a greasy, shiny, not very covered one. It has a fine lustre/shimmer to it. Some people have been saying it’s great to cover spots and blemishes and even rosacea…. I beg to differ. It provided little coverage at all. 
However,  after using this for the past few weeks on a daily basis underneath my mineral powder foundation, I have noticed an improvement in the overall texture of the skin. I used to moisturise every morning and every night but now it seems I don’t really have to, I’ve had no dry patches at all. So the long term effects are ‘good’. 
I also tried this bb cream off ebay, which I thought must have been good if it’s from the country the ‘craze’ originated in…. This was very different to the Garnier product. It was a thick and gooey consistency. Very similar to a cheap foundation. In fact I think it was just a cheap foundation in a different packaging. There was no lustre/shimmer to the product and it’s now residing in the bin. 
So really, for the price, I think the BB creams are just something you can find else where in different more affordable forms. For example;
This is what I was using before I bought the BB creams. Hocus Focus by Soap and Glory, underneath the popular Dream Matt Mouse foundation. The good thing about this is that you can use the products separately and don’t need to use another powder on top like with the BB creams if you want coverage for the day.