Boudoir Privé October (in November)

 I know, I know, another beauty box blog review, on the internet, how original! Well, I’ve got some time on my hands and a lack of new foodings to try, so I’m doing it anyway…..
 So, my Boudoir Privé box FINALLY arrived, I must admit, this kind of tainted my initial excitement of the whole signing up and waiting for the box to arrive process, it’s taken around 2 and a half weeks and they had to post it twice, but it’s here. IT’S HERE. And actually, it was kind of worth the wait! (also you will be pleased to know that Boudoir Privé have after this month altered their postage system so hopefully this long wait wont be an issue again!!)
 Now, I signed up for this box purely because I found a 50% off code making it a bargainous £5. That included my postage too so overall awesome. As you can see it’s packed with7 items altogether, which is a lot more than I expected to receive. I think they’ve gone a bit ‘all out’ this month as the online/blog reviews for Glossy Box were amazing last month….
 The first thing I grabbed and tried from the box was this Korre’s Guava body butter. It’s in a 50ml tube which is a fair size for a ‘sample’. I was really impressed! It smells amazing, like cocoa butter with a hint of fruit. I’ve been using on my hands as I get a bit of dermatitus, especially in this weather, so it’s definitely going to come in handy. The full size (150ml) retails at £12.50.
 The next product looked a bit erm, 60’s… Leonor Greyl Huile de Palme is a pre shampoo hair treatment oil. Because it’s oil it’s solidified in the bottle, but a quick blast with the hair dryer and it turned to liquid again. I’ve just tried in on my hair now so will be reviewing it in a bit more detail on a another blog post. The full size of this retails for £24.
Digging more into my hoard of goodies I discovered the Studiomakeup liner styler pen. I appreciate that they’ve sent a black one, usually in things like this you get some crazy colour no one really uses, black eyeliner is a staple of my FACE so this is going to be put to some use. It’s full size too and should cost £12! Trying it on my hand it’s a really pigmented rich shade too, I’ve used the bourjois one before and found it a bit too transparent.
 Not really impressed with the sample of Mémo Paris perfume. It’s very musky and is probably going to give me a migraine. I’ve found with these perfume samples they always send ones that remind me of old women. Maybe thats just my opinion though, I prefer more fruity scents. Although it’s a nice size again like the samples in Glossy Box last month.
 Cetuem Illuminating mark and créme de lite came in two nice little sample sizes. They’re probably last around 2 weeks if used sparingly enough. I’ve only tried the créme de lite so far which retails at £45 for the full size. So far I can’t say I’ll be splurging that much but time will tell. It does seem to leave a bit of a sticky feeling on my face but also has left it looking nice. Oh what a catch 22. Ha.
 And finally there’s Rose & co Rose Petal Salve. I have actually tried this before, I bought it from boots in a multipack with the other salves from this line. I was a sucker for the cutesy packaging. They’re £5 each so I feel quite pricey for what I can only describe as ‘jazzed up vaseline’… I think I shall stick to my Burts Bee’s lip balm for now, although you can use this on other area’s and it has got a nice delicate pinky hue.
They always send a little leaflet with these boxes which I think it great, you can read about them all and how to use them and they also tell you the retail price of the full sizes of the products. 
I think overall for my £5 I definitely got my moneys worth. I will stay signed up to both this and Glossy Box until at least after Christmas. I think each box is trying to ‘out do’ each other now because there’s so much competition, but that’s only a good thing for the subscribers I guess! 
Marks out of ten?
9 and a half!