So, this week I have mostly been trying the following new ‘tings;
 A-HA. Chai Latte instant hot drink flavoured with Ginger and Lemongrass. I was a bit dubious when trying this, I know I like chai, I know I like latte, I know I like ginger and I KNOW I like lemongrass…. but in ONE SACHET?? It was going to be great or gross…. Turns out it’s kinda great. You just put water in and it makes a really nice milky hot drink. It’s going to be perfect for toasty nights before bedtime. Especially when I’m throwing a tantrum over the heating being temperamental. I got this from Sainsburys and paid £1.69.
 Next there’s Pepsi Max Citrus Freeze and the new Doritoes Jalapneo FIIIREEEEE flavour. I bought these together because I saw an advert and I’m a sucker. They were on offer 2 for £2 though which was reasonable. The Pepsi was a bit disappointing. It was a strong or crisp citrusy taste like I expected. The Doritoes on the other hand were pretty darn good, I wouldnt say the were jalapeno flavour though, they were a bit like a more meaty flavoured Chilli Heatwave. They went down a treat on a bowl of chilli with soured cream too.
 And finally ‘Rockstar’ Sugar free energy drink in ‘perfectberry’
I’m a big fan of ‘Rockstar’ energy drinks regardless of their immensely cringy brand name (!!) The blue and the red ones are really nice and fruity. This however, was shit. Really flavourless and bland. It was supposed to be strawberry, raspberry and something else. It doesn’t really matter what the other berry was it was supposed to taste like to be honest because it tasted of nothing anyway.
Marks out of ten:
Chai 7/10
Doritoes & Pepsi 6/10
Rockstar 1/10