Cherry Good.

Hello! Happy Friday! 
I've been posting a lot about beauty products lately and totally forgot about all the wonderful new grub I have been filling my belly with. Here's a few I have sampled lately....
Mmmm nothing is more delicious than almonds and cherries! (well, I can actually think of a million things just as delicious really, I'm sooo greedy) Spotted this yoghurt in M&S the other week and had to try it, it was about 60p and immediately got me intrigued. It had crushed almonds and cherries in it and was a really nice thick creamy yoghurt. The only downside was they also added a very artificial cherry taste which was unnecessary when it had so many actual ingredients in!
 Next on my M&S splurge was this!!.....
 It was a cold day and I fancied something stodgy and filling, this looked like proper comfort food! (although I will admit the price was not so comfortable, it was about £7!!!)
 I was expecting like shredded beef in it, like a stewed steak consistency but it actually had massive chunks of steak at the bottom and a really rich thick gravy...
 In the oven for 30 minutes et voilá!! Now it did say it was meant to serve two, but I was hungry damnit!! I ate it all, it tasted AMAZING, the black pudding was a nice little addition to the dish too and made it extra tasty, a lot of people don't like black pudding though, but it really complimented the overall flavours.
I must admit a few hours later the richness (and quantity!) got to me a bit, my tummy did not feel the best. But it's defo worth a try, maybe share it though. I'm a little piggy.
Finally, I spotted these in Morrisons 3 for £6.... 
I'm loving these little 'tapas' size meals they're doing in all the supermarkets at the moment, these ones were of particular interest (I also had a Laksa curry which was LOVELY but forgot to take a picture)
The King Prawn Pad Thai was a little mediocre. nothing special. But the Chilli Chicken and Lime Quesadillas were very nice. I love anything with a bit of a spice and a bit of lime! And the portion sizes are pretty good if you're eating alone and they're really quick and easy to prepare.

Marks out of ten?
yoghurt 5/10
Beef & potato crush 7/10
'tapas' meals 7/10

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  1. Arg sounds nice but waaaaay too many carbs for me!


Thanks for the comment!

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