Hair Care Bunch

Recently I have been on the search for a new miracle hair product. After not having my hair cut for a year and a half  it’s really been starting to suffer. I’m refusing to go the hairdressers until it’s slightly past the length I want it as every time I do they INSIST on chopping about 6 inches off, no matter where I go, it’s so frustrating. The last straw was my last visit where the guy gave me a ‘mushroom’ do…
Just LOOK at that fringe! It took ages to grow out and finally in January this year my hair started to get somewhere….
But alas, that is the longest it has reached, it is now November and 10 MONTHS later it is still this length….
I just noticed how different I look in every picture ever. How strange!
Anyway. I realised it’s not that my hair isn’t growing, it’s just in such bad condition it’s pretty much breaking off as fast as it’s growing. So I’ve been trying lots and lots of conditions the past month or two and here’s a little review of each.
First I tried some products from the new Tressemé Split Remedy range. They were on offer in Boots a few weeks ago (3 for £10) so decided to try it. I chose the shampoo, conditioner and intensive conditioning mask. The range claims to reduce split ends and damage by 80% after the first three uses. So being ambitious I tried all three each time I was washing my hair. This didn’t produce any amazing results and I wasn’t really very impressed, so I started using just the shampoo and conditioner. It turns out that actually made my hair feel SO much softer and looked healthier after the first try of this, the intensive conditioner seemed to make my hair hair less conditioned somehow?! However, still not the amazing result I was expecting. I’m still using it until it runs out but doubt I will be buying this product again. The result is similar to using regular Pantene Pro-V products…..
Whilst browsing in Holland and Barratt a few weeks ago I noticed this Pure Argan Oil

It wasn’t cheap at £12.99 but I thought after reading all the rave reviews about Moroccan Oils online it was going to be a wise investment. I mean, if its not going to work in its purest form, what would work?
So, I’ve tried it in a few ways, putting on over night, applying just before shampooing, using as a serum afterwards… I must say it’s not amazing results to the appearance of my hair, but I think, it improves the overall condition over time. It smells pretty horrible to. I’ve been using it as an alternative to moisturiser since though and I must say on my face/skin it has been amazing. Not so much for my hair though, I’m impatient and always want immediate results!

The next product I’ve been trying came in this months Boudoir Privé, its called Leonor Greyl, Huile de Palme…. When I first opened this I was a bit bamboozled, it looked and smelt so 60’s and like something you’d find in your nans cosmetic collection amongst Wella hairspray and ‘poison’ perfume….
It’s a pre shampoo treatment which I always avoid as I have some kind idea in my head that they just wont work. I mean, you wash them out? How can it do anything?! But regardless, on it went. The first time I tried it I left it on for about 45minutes. (you can leave it overnight or as long as you want really) Washed it out and was amazed at the result. My hair was so shiny and manageable, it didn’t feel like it had any product or residue in. I am impressed! 
The full size of this is around £24 and I’ve used my tiny bottle 4 times now and still have over half  of that left! A little goes a LONG way, I would definitely consider investing in this. Now when brushing my hair I notice hardly any breakages at all, it’s truly amazing stuff! 
The last product I’ve sampled on this quest was the new Dove conditioner. 
You only leave it on for 1minute, which seems to be the new thing in conditioner Town nowadays.
 I picked up a few of these little sample sizes and they have enough for about 3 tries in one little tube…
I really didn’t have high hopes for this, but it’s actually SO good! It’s left me hair feeling really soft and smooth and looks over all a lot healthier. I would buy this off the shelf as I’m sure it would be a massive bargain and use it in between the oil.
Overall, my quest has been rather successful, already I am seeing the results;
*Less Breakage
*Healthier Looking &
*It’s starting to grow again.
I’ve also stopped blow drying my hair every time I wash it and only use the hairdryer if I need it drying quickly. I use my straighteners a lot less, perhaps twice a week if that and I also have started dying it a darker shade of red, as the regular dye I use lightens as well as colours and is not as good for my hair as a darker colour. To keep the red colour rich I use ‘Directions’ hair dye in Pillarbox Red, I love how it looks on the darker shade! 
Have you got any tips for hair care?
What’s the hair product you can’t live without? 
I may do a follow up post if there are any good suggestions!