Taste Sensations....Kind of.

I've not done a 'food' post for a while, so here's a few things that have been taste sensations (or not so) lately!
The first is 'Cocobay' Coconut Rum from Aldi.
 With the festive season coming up and money being tight it's always nice to find cheaper alternatives to popular brands, whilst perusing the fine selection of goods in Aldi I came across the Cocobay Rum. I was a bit apprehensive to buy it at first because 1; it was £4.99 (BARGAIN) and 2; the cheap knock off coconut rum in Tesco is vile, really artificial tasting methylated spirit like stuff. Anyway, I bought it regardless and it's the best thing I've discovered in Aldi since their goats cheese pizza! It tastes IDENTICAL to Malibu and retails at a THIRD of the price. Its also the same percentage (12%) Infact I would go as far as to say it IS Malibu in a different bottle. Really pleased with it and would definitely buy more. (Not like, weekly or anything, you know, I can make a bottle last about 3 nights out haha)
Next up we have Wonka 'laffy taffy' I will tell you now.... There's is nowt laffy about it...!!
 It's watermelon flavour and me being a sucker for watermelon, green and intrigue went ahead and bought it. It was vile! It was a like a manky flavoured Wham! bar that had been chewed and regurgitated! So disappointed. It was from TK Max and cost around £2. I do love checking out the weird and wonderful foods they stock in there and hate to be disappointed like this, it also gave me a slightly sore throat haha. Overall not the best thing I've had in recent months....
& finally we have the new Crabbies Spiced Orange Alcoholic Ginger Beer.....
I'm a massive fan of all things ginger (apart from Ed Sheeran, he can do one) So obviously when I spotted this I had to try it. I usually have the Crabbies Ginger Wine with lemonade for a tipple as it tastes slightly sweeter and nicer than the bottles of Crabbies Ginger Beer, but got this for a change. It wasn't overly orange, or ginger. The flavours were really subtle and it was quite refreshing. It was good but not great. I probably wouldn't purchase it again unless it was on offer.

Marks out of ten;
Rum 9/10
Taffy 0/10
Crabbies 6/10

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  1. haha cocobay!! I drank that a lot in my first year of uni :/ I agree it tastes the exact same as Malibu x

  2. Yes and not the artificial (like shampoo) taste of other cheap malibus! Bargain bargain!

  3. Ohh I really want to try the new Crabbies!!

  4. Its good but not amazing! Worth a try tho!


Thanks for the comment!

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