W7 Metallic 'planets' range.

First off – Sorry for the poor quality pictures, they’re off my ‘back up’ phone! & messy nails, I was in a rush to do a blog post because it’s been so long since my last one! But here’s a few pics of these amazing W7 nail varnishes all named after planets. W7 is a one of those brands I did see loads about but I thought it was a bit of a cheapy one you find on the counter of Ethel Austins or something…. However, I’m really impressed with these colours and varnish.
 I bought this set purely because I noticed this amazing shit green shade, named Metallic Saturn. 
 I was a bit ‘meh’ about the other shades, but  Jupiter and  Mercury are amazing now I’ve tried them!
 Really lovely deep colour with lovely fine sparkles in, when you move your nails in the light the colour changes from a lovely golden tone, through to blues and reds…
 Mars was a bit more of a wishy washy colour, it also had a nice range of tones when different lights hit it.
 And venus was a nice purpley blue colour.
They’re really hard wearing and rich colours. The set of 5 cost £9.99 altogether from TK Max so a bit of a bargain.