Waste not, want not.

So after being signed up for Glossy Box and Boudoir Privé for only a month and a bit, I’m already itching to re-use the boxes. Every month they come in such good quality packaging, it would just be such a shame to waste them. 
I’ve seen a few blogs re-using them to store nail varnish, make up and hair products in…. But my idea is to re-use them to create special little treat boxes for presents….
On a recent visit to Hobbycraft I discovered these amazing ‘handmade’ stickers for only a POUND per pack. 
This being such a bargain I’ve stocked up. I was going to use them for making cards and what not but because they’re such nice quality and have a slight decoupage layering to them with a hint of glitter, I thought they would be excellent additions to the boxes I have already collected….
 Now I obviously didn’t want to go getting someone’s hopes up by making them think they had a lovely Glossybox/boudoir prive box, so I used the stickers to cover the logo’s…..
The boudoir privé logo was slightly larger so I added some smaller flowery stickers underneath the main sticker….
 I’m not going to reveal what is in the boxes though as they’re for Christmas presents for some VERY lucky people!
I think both the boxes work really well for this idea, the stickers I chose by coincidence really compliment the pink shades of both boxes. I’m fairly impressed with myself and considering I have some stickers left over and the boxes came free with the monthly subscription this is a bargain DIY.
Excuse me whilst I go and pat myself on the back a bit more…..