Bags of Initiative

I spotted this amazing 'shit green' shade bag in Debehams the other day and absolutely was in awe of the colour. I've been after a new bag for a while but wanted something more in the style of a 'Cambridge Satchel' (& I did get one in this style from Spitalfields Market last week as well though,typical you find what you originally wanted after you've purchased the next best thing, but huzzah! anyway) 
So, because this one ticked a few boxes and I'd given up hope finding the one I wanted for the right price I got it anyway. The thing that really bugged me about it though was the buckle on the front. It says 'Jasper Conran JEANS'.... Why does it say JEANS when it's a BAG?! I really don't appreciate it..... So I used a bit of initiative. The two things I love almost as much as 'shit green' are BUGS and BROOCHES..... 
 Take one beautiful bug brooch.... (sorry it's out of focus, my DSLR is broken)
 ...And attach it to the bag! 
 Ok, it's not a massive DIY/craft project I know, but I'm just so glad I thought of it! Now the bag feels like its MINE and I know no one will have the same one. (unless someone sneaks out and buys the exact same things now maybe)
Also green and purple are the perfect contrasting colours, I like it a lot. And to be honest I'm surprised something so simple has made such a difference (to me anyway! haha)

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  1. Love this idea- I have loads of brooches but would never think of trying this ,, thanks!
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  2. Well another reason to put it there too is to prevent little holes in the bag too! Good huh?! :)

  3. Maybe next time I go to Debenhams and I buy a pair of jeans it will say 'Jasper Conran BAGS' on that brown leather label thing they put on the back?

  4. That wouldn't surprise me! What a way to ruin a good garment.

  5. love this green bag and you're right about the contrasting colours! nice blog, hope you come and visit mine!

  6. I love this idea! Sometimes the buckle on the front of bags like this ends up putting me off buying the bag at all - but seeing this has changed my way of thinking!


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