Davina McCall for Next.

I’ve never been known as a ‘fitness fanatic’. I mean for the last 2 years of high school I forged a note claiming some form of ailment every week to get out of P.E (sorry mum!) But this year, after doing Race for Life and not being able to run more than a metre without having palpitations, I decided it was time to try and get (slightly) fitter.
I’ve been going to the gym like once a week for a few months now. Which doesn’t sound like much but you know, its expensive! The ONLY thing I hate about going to the gym is the fact I have nothing to wear! I have some rancid tracky bottoms and I just wear which ever band T Shirt isn’t in the wash basket that day. I also need to splash out on some new trainers as Converse just don’t seem to cut it for all this working out hoo har.
So, this week I joined the Next Bloggers Network and the first post that grabbed my attention was Davina McCalls collaboration with them to come up with some sporty yet on trend clothes and shoes.

”Through her hugely successful fitness DVD’s, Davina McCall’s infectious enthusiasm has inspired countless women to exercise. Now, launching in Next Directory, online at next.co.uk and selected stores in time for Spring 2012, Davina For Next provides the ultimate workout and post work-out clothing along with a range of innovative everyday shoes which feature dual density technology to reduce stress on joints. The range addresses every active pursuit, from aerobics to running, from power-lifting to pilates – all in great modern shapes, fabulous colours and outstanding fabrics.”

Here’s my pick from the range so far;
I never wear trousers/jeans, in fact I only own one pair of jeans and one pair of chino’s that I have still not ventured out the house in. But looking at this top and bottoms I can imagine I would feel comfortable wearing this both in the gym and popping to the shop to get a reward bag of crisps afterwards too.  
These are my favourite shoes from the range, I like the Cath Kidston-esque print on the above and the red one, although probably not suitable for the treadmill are so cute you could wear them with almost anything.
 The shoes also encorporate something they’ve named ‘Next F.I.T’ technology. Which sounds to be similar to the Sketchers ‘Shape Up’ range. Which could never be a bad thing, toning your ‘Beyonce’ whilst doing day to day activities.