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After having two jobs for the past few weeks (amongst other activities) I'd kind of put Good Morning Magpie on the back burner.... So when I received a completely random order of 2 x postage stamp brooches the other day it literally made my day!
 Each of these brooches/badges are 100% handmade using collectable postage stamps, set on resin on a sheet of acrylic then cut out with a coping saw by hand! Quite a lengthy project (taking around 3-4 days to complete fully!) But I really love the outcome....
 I like to make them look and feel handmade, and  chose luggage tags to package them in as they're so shabby chic and compliment the overall look of the product (I think so anyway!!)
I think my favourite part of this whole process is writing the thank you note by hand!
Every time I sell something I've made completely by myself I just feel this weird sense of achievement, I quite like it!!
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  1. N'aw these are lovely! I do think wrapping and the finishing touches to a product makes all the difference, they're lovely ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  2. Thank you! :)
    Yeah its quite hard to come up with packaging ideas really, most boxes/bags are a bit tacky, at least these are a bit more shabby chic!


Thanks for the comment!

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