Frugo Ultra Fruity Drinks

My all time favourite section of any supermarket is the ‘world foods’ one. I love trying all the new fancy products and lovely flavours from around the GLLLLLLLLLLLLLOBE. On my recent perusal, I discovered these colourfully wonderful FRUGO drinks.
They’re a Polish brand but all the info on the little glass bottle is in English. They were 33p each too so I tried all the flavours they had in stock (there was another ‘black’ one too but it wasn’t on the shelf)
 The white one was a nice mixture of coconut and lychee, I thought I wouldn’t like this one as lychee drinks always tend to taste a bit too syrupy for me. But this was really refreshing and light.
 The green one is probably my favourite out of the flavours. It was a kiwi/apple flavour with just enough amount of ‘tang’ to it.
 The grapefruit and lemon one was another surprisingly refreshing flavour, pink grapefruit juice is usually very tart and bitter but this was really nice.
 You’ll also notice there’s an orange one on the top picture, it’s orange and passionfruit flavour. It’s not the most exciting one I’ve tried but still non of them were repulsive, or syrupy or horrid. Overall a massive hit! Especially for the price, I found these in Tesco by the way.

Marks out of ten:
Overall 9/10