Joliebox (formally Boudoir Privé)

Well, after the 'scandal' last month over that face mask Boudoir Privé have pulled out all the stops to rectify their reputation, the most notable change being the transformation into Joliebox
 Joliebox is an already established french version of this beauty box fad. The black box looks a lot more classy than the previous pink version I think....
The colour of the ribbon is amazing too (the little things eh)
 The main difference I noticed in the box was the lack of card explaining your products in further details and the cost of the product full price. It's just my lazy side speaking I guess, as this means I now have to good to see if I got my 'moneys worth' (I probably wont do that though actually)
The first product I tried was the OPI shatter effect nail varnish in Gold Shatter. I must admit I expected more of a 'shatter' effect, I wanted it to be as bold an effect as the Barry M Shatter range but alas it's way more subtle, I've used it over the nail varnish I received in this months GlossyBox
This looks a little dark for me but it's Jane Iredale Shimmer Powder in Rose Gold. It doesn't say what it's powder for but I assume it can be used all over your face, don't go over bored mind, else you'll end up looking a bit odd. Maybe a touch for blush?
 Some loose Kusmi detox tea. I don't have a tea strainer but I was going to invest in one anyway, so that's all gravy. Its maté, green tea and lemon flavour.
 New Kid iGloss in Babydoll, it says its non sticky but I've found it a bit tacky to be honest, the colour is quite nice though....
It also has a mirror on the side and an extra bright light in the light. It's a great concept but don't look directly at the light at I was seeing stars for about 20minutes afterwards.
 I assumed the Mitchell and Peach shower gel would be Peach fragrance but it's a really strong lavender....
 Some face cream, I do like getting face creams and have a growing collection.
 & finally a little brush that will come in handy as I'm always losing them.
they also said to look under the paper for an extra 'gift'... I don't really count leaflets as gifts but hey ho!

Overall it was once again a good box. I still can't decided which to stay subscribed too. Glossybox seem to have one month bad one good, but when they're good they're really good, yet BP/Joliebox has been consistently OK.


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  1. Hi - your extra was the make up brush!

  2. Thanks for the blog wishing I'd done joliebox too now dammit! Do you know if you use the polish alone - ie on unpainted nails - does it still crack or does it go like normal polish?!

  3. I love all... fantastic.
    I follow you

  4. I just received mine today and love it! Looking forward to trying the tea! x

  5. Just keep subscribed to both! Haha :) x

  6. I must subscribe to this, looks a million times better than GlossyBox! x

  7. Oh I wish I could afford to keep subscribed to both, I really do!
    Not sure if the crackle nail polish works alone, I would imagine so though! I can't see why not.
    Yeah overall it seems better for me than GB but GB was so good this month too!
    Thanks for the comments guys!

  8. This does look pretty good to be fair, I'm tempted to sign up. On a total aside, I love your background :)

  9. Oh, I am normally never tempted by the beauty boxes but I really am by this one!! =p

    ~ Lauren <3

  10. Oooh very nice products, love that crackle one, looks much better than the ones I've tried tbh...

  11. Thanks Celia!
    This was a very good box overall, defo got value for money and I liked the fact they included the tea too which was a really unexpected but pleasant bonus!

  12. This box looks so full! I will miss getting beauty boxes next year! I HATE feeling i've overspent in a couple of months and spend 6 months recovering! (Also really glad someone remembers Miss S make up, i think i was about 12 at the time! Ancient! x

  13. I really do need to cancel at least one of mine, but it's such a hard decision! Apparently you could cancel every month, see the spoilers then resubscribe to get that months one then cancel again (if that makes sense haha)
    I know I feel so old yet look so young! x

  14. how much does it cost? looks like a lot of good quality stuff! x

  15. Its around £12/13 a month with postage and packaging included, Like I said this box has been constantly full of stuff I have used/liked whereas Glossy box for the same price has been SO hit and miss! Depends on your taste I think though!


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