LIVE Colour XXL Shake It Up Colour Foam

Before I start I’d just like to apologise for the inconsistency of these photographs! My Nikon D40 has decided to die a little bit so the flash doesn’t work!
So, I’ve been dying my hair every tone of Red you could imagine for around 10 years now, my hair is a naturally grim dark blonde tone and I haven’t seen it in its natural shade since Year 7. 
Open to new ways to dye my hair Red I saw the new LIVE Colour XXL Shake It Up Colour Foam…..
I chose colour 488 ‘Cranberry Kick’ as it looked like the most vibrant red in the series. As you can see…. My roots have come through quite nicely(*cough) over the last few weeks and I have totally neglected to dye it for a while, although saying that the previous red has stuck in my hair quite well thus far…
So, the dye comes in a rather ‘fun’ little Shaker Maker cup….
 It reminds me a bit of ‘squishies’ off the simpsons….
 Although it has the simple instructions on the side of the tub a more detailed instruction leaflet is inside along with all the usual hair dye potions….The cup smelt really fruity, like they’d put the smell in the cup rather than the product itself.
 The main difference is this dye has a liquid and a powder which is something I’ve not come across before unless it’s been a bleach dye. So this was something a bit ‘new’….
 It’s really simple, you just pour it all in the cup and replace the lid. You then ‘shake vigorously 40 times’…. I shook a little more than 40 times as the mixture didn’t appear to be mixing very well….
It’s a bit scary really, I mean if that lid came off at any point during this shaking process I imagine it would look like a bit of a massacre….luckily that did not occur.
 The foam seemed a lot runnier than I was expecting. The cup was also very full so make sure you open it up again over a sink/bath as I’d imagine it would be very easy to get this everywhere…. When I was applying the dye I also noticed big blobs of powder in the foam which hadn’t mixed in properly…
The application process is pretty simple, you just rub it throughout your hair until its all covered. That seems to be the only part of this that is any better than regular dyes. It’s really easy just to slosh it all in…. However, it’s also very easy to make a proper mess of it! I got way more on the bathroom floor than usual. You leave it on for 30 minutes and wash out as usual….
As you can see it’s come out a really even colour but not anywhere near as red as it claimed on the box (it never ever does though!!)
It also didn’t leave my hair with that ‘just dyed’ feeling, it felt a little dry to be honest but maybe that was subliminal because of the powder in the mixture. And also it seemed to remain a bit greasy. Very strange texture really.
Really I don’t see how these new foam dyes are any better than regular dyes and unless they’re on offer again (this was £3.99 instead of £5.99 from Boots) then I probably wont be buying it again. To be honest I think the whole foam hair dye thing is a bit of a fad…. Oh well, it’s done my roots and thats all I was after anyway haha.
Thanks for reading!