Music Monday #2

So this week, I have mostly been listening to…..
The National // Conversation 16
There’s been a load of hype around The National this year and I’ll be honest, I just didn’t ‘get it’. Then this song came on my iTunes randomly and it’s one of those I just get addicted to listening to, I love it!
”I was afraid, I’d eat your brains”
Flight of the Conchords fans will also spot their friendly fan ‘Mel’ as ‘The President’ in the video too.
Straylight Run // Soon We’ll Be Living in the Future
I’ve been a fan of Straylight run ever since the Taking Back Sunday emo scandal way back when. This song is a lot more upbeat than most of their stuff. Although, don’t get me wrong, I could also listen to Existentialism on Prom Night until the cows come home! This one just reminds me of Leeds 2009, what a brilliant time was had (no, they didn’t play but me and my friend got addicted to this song at that time)
Pixies // Debaser
I’ve been rekindling my love for the Pixies this week too! This has been my ringtone for about 4 years now and has got to be my favourite song by them, so hyper and WOAH HO HO HO. Give it a listen, you’ll get what I mean.
I don’t know if anyone still uses Last.FM since the evil Spotify took over, but if you do hit me up yo!