My Miracle Winter Product

So, with the chilly days ahead and frosty winter imminent I thought I'd share my 'miracle' skin product.....
Hemp Moisture High Balm
Body Shop
I suffer from Contact Dermatitis which I managed to lumber myself with during my degree by being naughty and not wearing gloves when messing with irritating chemicals! During the winter it flairs up and gives me what I call ZOMBIE FINGER.....
I find this product a lot better than the Hemp Hand Protector cream, I didn't have very positive or significant results from that. But with this balm its amazing. I think because it's a balm it protects your skin as well as moisturises where are the cream just soaks in.
This balm can be used ANYWHERE. I use it on my lips and even around my eyes when they get a bit of dry skin on them. Its such a great investment product! And lasts AGES too!

Also, as a sneaky Christmas treat the Body Shop are offering 50% off the Medium Size Hemp Gift Tin if you enter the code JOY50  at the checkout! Amazing when you see the goodies inside. This code is only valid today (05/11/11) so get it whilst you can!!

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  1. May have to try this, my lips and hands get so stupidly dry in the winter! xxx

  2. It's well worth the investment, its the only thing that can clear up my zombie fingers! I was really surprised after using the hemp hand protector to no avail, its really wonderful stuff! x


Thanks for the comment!

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