Objects of Desire; Camila Prada

I often find myself lusting after things... When I say often I actually mean constantly, like, ALL the time.
This one is a slightly strange tale (well, to me it is anyway!) and is the first blog post dedicated to artists/crafters/designer-makers I love the work of! (I intend to do a few of these kinds of posts)

......Whilst studying at Staffordshire University (I graduated this year from 3D Design in case you didn't know) I often walked past a lovely display cabinet in the Dwight building (unfortunately this building was not named after Dwight Schrute however much I lol-ed to myself it should be). All over Dwight they have display cabinets full to the brim of local ceramic artists work, but the one that constantly caught my eye was a collection called 'Pepe and Friends'. It was a cute collection with a very Japanesey kawaii feeling to it. I even went online to research the artist and sent an email saying how much I loved the collection....
About a year ago a mutual following on Twitter occurred between myself @Hello_TerriLowe and a tweeter named  @CamiBami I thought nothing of it and we exchanged general niceties.... THEN a few week ago, she unveiled her new products.... having no idea what type of designer-maker she was I clicked on the link and LOW AND BEHOLD.... It was her! The mother of Pepe and his friends! 

The past few weeks her range has undergone a bit of rebranding and pretty much relaunched. She's causing an absolute design storm on websites like Pinterest at the moment and I am certain this time next year she'll be a Millionairre (read in the tone of Delboy but not intended as cynically!ha!)
Anyway, feast your eyes readers. FEAST.YOUR.EYES.

My personal favourite; BIG POPPA! (£12)
Lucky Egg Head (£25)
Andiamo (£25)
Tootsweet Figurine (£15)

You can find all these products and more at http://camilaprada.com/
Absolutely full of win & once I quit being a pauper I am definitely investing on some of these treasures!
I also love the narrative of the site and the product description taglines, have a look to see what I'm talking about.....!

All photographs courtesy of http://camilaprada.com/

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  1. These are so pretty!! xox

  2. Awwww these are all so lovely. I want!! Xx

  3. Ahh these are so adorable, love the first one :)

  4. The first one is defo my favourite! Such a cutie!


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