Organix Hair Care

I spotted the Organix haircare range in Boots a while ago, I was initially drawn to it because of the bold packaging and the new essential key ingredient in hair care ‘moroccan argan oil’….I’ve previously blogged about hair care and trying to work out what it best for mine (being dyed for over 10years and incredibly dry!)….
 I was put off buying them though because they were rather expensive for a brand I’d not heard of (£6.99 a throw) and on the bottom shelf (generally, in supermarkets anyway, the ‘value’ brands are lower down on the shelves and the more expensive ‘better’ brands are higher up on the shelves) so with that subliminally in my head I always talked myself out of buying them….
 I noticed this week though they were on offer as 2 for £8 which means you get one for £1.01, a rather good offer considering the price per bottle….I had a look on the Boots website though and the reviews were literally 50/50 for the range. On the moroccan argan conditioner there were 4 people with 5 stars saying it was the best thing ever and 4 people had given it 1 or 0 stars saying it was the new bane of their life?!
 So I invested in the moroccan oil conditioner….
 & because they were out of stock of the shampoo to match I chose the brazillian keratin therapy shampoo. I thought it would be good to compliment the conditioner and the combined descriptions seem like the ideal match for my hair.
 The shampoo smells really nice, like a sweet cocoa butter and its a really thick consistency for a shampoo…
 & the conditioner smelt even nicer!
 However, the thing that did put me off was the instructions saying to apply it ‘generously’ to hair. Don’t get my wrong, I use a good handfull of conditioner anyway but when it’s telling me too I kind of think I shouldn’t have to if its that good(?!)
One of the reviews I read said that after they had used the products their hair was really brittle and hard to comb through. I see what they mean, BUT after I had brushed through my hair afterwards and it began to dry it did feel really soft and looked so shiny. Also I have visible split ends and you can see where my hair is going to break off near the ends (I know, I know I do need it cut, but I have mental hairdresser anxiety, not been for over 2 years now!)but now my hair is dry I can’t see any?! Obviously it’s not repaired my hair fully as no product can do that, but it’s definitely smoothed over a multitude of flaws. Even though I don’t feel it’s been the miracle hair care product I’ve been desperately searching for I’m still pleased with the results considering the price, fragrance and overall final result of the product. I may have to revisit this post to update after using the whole bottle but for now a definite 7/10.
It also doesn’t boast it on the product but my hair has taken much less time to dry naturally. I’ve been just giving wet hair a blast with the hairdryer lately and leaving it.
I’m still on straighteners strike and not used them for over 2 weeks now (and used curling irons once) it does seem to be at the stage now where it looks healthy and better without being straightened (the first few days looked frizzy and horrendous) but the less you use them the more your hair gets used to sorting itself out I guess. Remember the 90’s when no one owned straighteners *sigh*