Perfect Present

....To myself.
TK Maxx is possibly one of my favourite shops in the world. They always get such random and interesting stuff in, each time I go in I spend around 45minutes just looking and digging through the amazing stuff.
After discovering the Lollia Handcreme in there a few weeks ago I keep a special eye out for more Lollia products. In Manchester yesterday I discovered absolutely loads of these amazing little gift sets....
They smell so so nice, I can't really describe it, everytime I put the handcreme on people comment on the smell (in a good way obvs) & this little set includes the handcreme, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner....
It cost £9.99 for the set, which would make a great christmas present but I'm selfish so keeping this for myself anyway. It's a really good price considering that the handcreme separately was £3.99....
& even if you're not aware of the brand it's still such a pretty shabby chic packaging design. They had a variety of sets including ones with bath salts and hand soaps in, kind of regretting not buying one of those too!

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  1. I love the packaging! It would make a very pretty gift!

    There's a TK Maxx next door to my office but I've never been in - will have to go check it out! :-)

    Em x

  2. You've never been in?!?!?! You NEED to go on a regular basis dear! I can understand people being put off, it is a bit of a garage sale at times but you can always find a treasure!

  3. this looks like a lovely set - will check it out in TK Maxx x

  4. They have loads of nice presents and stuff at the moment!


Thanks for the comment!

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