Truffle Shuffle

Some time this week a magical idea popped in to my head to make TRUFFLES! I've never even thought about making them before but after a quick google search I just had to see if they were as easy as they sounded to make.
The first batch I've made (I'll be making more!!) were Green Tea and White Chocolate flavour.
So simple, all you need is
100g soft cream cheese
175g icing sugar
250 white chocolate
For mine I used 1 tablespoon of Vitalife Matcha Green Tea
and then nuts or something similar to coat them (in the end I actually opted for ground almonds instead of the chopped nuts for this recipe!)

So, melt the chocolate....

 Plonk in the cream cheese....
 Then the icing sugar......
 Mix it all together until smooth.....
 Add any extra flavour (you could leave it at just white chocolate, or add a splash of rum if you made dark choc ones or nuts or anything really!)....
 Mix it altogether....
 then once it's mixed just pop it in the fridge for about an hour....
 Pour your coating into a bowl (you could use coco dust, chopped nuts, icing sugar, chocolate vermicelli....) 
 Roll into small balls.....

 Cover in the coating....
 Et voilá!!!
 I have these little tubs from some microwave tapas meals that are going to be ideal to store them in and give to a few people as presents....
So there we go, an amazingly simple recipe and method! I'm going to try another batch using chocolate spread and cream cheese and cover with nuts and also try the recipe using actual cream instead of cream cheese. Addictive.
They are a tad too sweet for my taste too so I really want to experiment with more and more flavours!!

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  1. Omg I so want to make these! I may have to same time this week if I get a chance :) great idea and would be lovely to give to someone too !! Xxx

  2. I was thinking of getting some little cake cases to put them in too to make them look extra pretty for gifts :)

  3. Thanks very much guys! I've just done another batch with milk chocolate and spiced rum! nom nom!

  4. May have to steal this recipe! Such a nice gift idea xx

  5. I'll just add that I've tweeked it a little and ended up dipping them in chocolate now and they're even better!! I'll update tomorrow x

  6. these look terrifying! i used to make rum truffles at brownie (i know, we were clearly boozy) and cream cheese never featured :P id love to try one and be proved wrong, but i look forward to seeing the rest of the ones you make, especially any white chocolate ones, nomnomnom in my tum

    thanks for the comment, what does the hemp balm smell like? honestly dont think i could take the shock of anymore hemp smells, it was horrible! *shudder*

    Sara x

  7. They look yummalicious! I made some gin and lime truffles last week, yummers!

  8. Yarp, I know theres a few methods of making them, the other was with cream and butter but I opted for cream cheese because it sounded easier! the hemp balm isn't an overpowering smell. A more subtle version of the cream I guess but it's not as offensive at all!

    Gin and Lime truffles sounds AMAZING!

  9. Those look great Terri!

    We actually have a green tea truffle recipe in our Green Tea e-Cookbook (with biscuit pieces, and coated in chocolate) - give that one a try too, they're delish!

    We'll be sure to try your recipe out next :)

  10. These look INCREDIBLE. I'm a huuuuge matcha fan so I'll be trying these out!

  11. Matcha is so good! Just needs a more cost effective source to buy it!

  12. Wow! These look SO good! - Definitely giving them a go! :-)) xoxo

  13. These look fantastic! I'm definitely going to give these a try! Check out my blog:


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