Today I tried leopard print nails.... I have tried this TWICE now (boom) and it's so easy! I put it off for a while because I got bored of watching lengthy tutorials on youtube and they made it out to be a lot more complicated than it actually is. You also don't need expensive apparatus to do it. A lot of blogs will harp on about high end varnish's and fancy expensive nail art pens but I managed to find a nail art pen from Claires in freeport for a very cheap price (as it's an outlet everything in the store is 30% off making it around £2.50)
Anyway here are some pictures taken step by step:
 I started off with Lasting Finish by no. 17 (in boots) polish, the colour is 'chaperone'.... I think it was about £2.50 and it very good varnish, chip resistant and you can wear it for about 5 days without it going shit.....
 Next I used a matt nail varnish from Claires. Due to the 30% off it was only about 90p! I wouldn't use it over the whole nail but for something like this its great. ALSO if you use a matt finish varnish they dry VERY quickly even if you're making thick splodges like this. 
 I just used the normal nail varnish brush from the pot....
 Then using the long brush end of your nail art pen/varnish thing just flick around the white bits at random. Do it really lightly....
 Just build it up around each splodge of white...
 Et voilá!! I also added a few random little flicks of black in after this stage too and got a turquoise nail varnish to dot around the white for a bit more detail....
I think altogether the varnish's cost no more than £6...
 So, it really doesn't cost a bundle to do this. And its a relatively quick process too!
The pot has a long brush and also a more accurate pen nib. A frikking bargain. It's quite hard wearing also.
I hope this clears up the mystery for some of how these nails are done!

Souper Fusion

Once again I find myself back tracking through all the images taken months ago, playing a nice game of catch up with all these fancy pants things I like to consume....
Here's a nice discovery; Rice Flame Bar and Grill is a really nice, simple and (relatively) cheap restaurant based in Manchester. As you know I love a bit of oriental and when it's a 'fusion' it's a new level of intrigue. I did feel a little guilty not going to my all time favourite  Asian Fusion place, Tampopo (which pisses ALL over Wagamama's, it's a lot less corporate and the menu is more interesting and the food is so much nicer!)
But regardless of this I had a go;
The menu was a little hard to read to be honest, I see what they did though. They tried to make everything simple with clear descriptions of what was in each dish. You choose a main and then the rice or noodles to go as the base of the dish.
I chose Japanese Java Curry with a base of coconut rice (all time favourite type of rice)
It was all freshly prepared on an open kitchen and came super fast to the table. The coconut rice was AMAZING. It wasn't how you usually find it when they add a tin of coconut milk. It had a lot more flavour in and was just delicious. God knows what they did to it. The curry itself was a pretty much typical japanese curry but not as thick, all the veg was crunchy and cooked perfectly. I think it cost around £5.99 for the dish and it was a good portion, overall very pleased!
 Next we have a soup from the range of Glorious Soups. Even though this was a 'skinny soup' (I have major angst against anything which is 'low fat' or a 'diet' product) I bought it anyway. The flavour was Fragrant Thai Carrot.
 Apart from the amazing label graphics (I spotted a while ago on the Lovely Package website) It was a really nice soup.
The consistency was good and even though it was a 'skinny' soup it still had a really nice creamyness about it. There wasn't a carrot taste to it at all. I bought it on offer for £1 but it usually retails at around £2.50 I think. I don't think I'd pay that much for it as there are other brands that do very similar tastes and style of this kind of soup.
& finally we have a 'new' yoghurt from Asda. It's Orange and Chocolate flavour and once again; the bane of my life 'low fat'.....
I had high expectations for this yoghurt.  I thought it would be just like the Muller chocolate orange flavour yoghurt (which, by the way, is very nice) Unfortunately this was nowhere near as good. The yoghurt itself was pretty much flavourless and the orange bits were tasteless also. The chocolate flakes tasted like cheap chocolate (soz I know you're thinking 'its a fucking asda yoghurt what do you want!) but considering there's such a small ratio of choc to yog you'd imagine they're splash out a few more pennies to make it taste nice!

Marks out of ten:
Rice 9/10
Soup 7/10
Yoghurt 3/10

October Glossybox.

After waiting nearly a month for my first Glossy Box it finally arrived. I signed up just after they dispatched last months orders so just missed out and have had to wait an aaaaage for this. If you've been living in a cave and don't know what Glossy Box is, it's a £10 beauty box which you subscribe to (you can opt out at any time) and they automatically post you one once a month. It contains sample sizes of the products although there is rumour they give you a full size one now and again. I'm pretty gutted I missed out on Septembers box as it had things I would definitely use inside.
Anyway here's my box (wheeeey);
 As you can see, it's in a really nice little gift box you can use again....
 I think the reason they're so popular is because it does feel like you're opening a present. You get a card inside that tells you more about the products and also the price of the full size versions of the products. 
 There were 6 things inside this months (7 if you include the little dermolgica wash bag thing)
 This was the teeniest of all the samples, its a lip balm (and a bit of a bobby bonus in the box). But it's probably the thing I'll use the most.
And there were 3 small perfume samples in little vials. Which are handy.

What else?

-Dermalogica Thermafoliant - This is a really nice little exfoliant, you could tell it was a very good quality one as the texture was very fine and had a very unusual but nice smell. It did make my skin feel lovely afterwards.

-Dermalogica Recover Masque - This was a little disappointing. It smells strange, and not in a good way. I also didn't notice very much difference afterwards.
*I was a bit miffed as to why the Dermalogica items were 'age smart' being 25 and looking around 15 I need the opposite of that.....

-Leighton Denny Nail Polish - A good quality varnish, but they sent me 'babydoll' which is a vivid but baby pink tone.... I put it on to see if it looked any better.... but nah. It's still pink, a bit vile.

-Stila eyeliner - I love the colour of this! It's shit green with goldy shimmer in. Unfortunately I find eyeliners that are kind of crayony a bit crap. They never stick and unless it's black I tend not to use it. I might use it occasionally on the lower lid on days I can be bothered to make an effort.

-Robert Piguet perfumes - Very good little samplers all in tiny little vials. Great to stick in your bag as back up scent for when you get worried you smell a little funky. Apart from one that smells like old women (the red one)

I think I will keep the subscription for another month, just to see what the next one is like. I have a Boudoir Privé box on it's way this week to see what that's like as well. The same concept as Glossy box but apparently with more high end products in.

Juice Box.(pt 2)

Here's the second round of beverages I've sampled lately.
Tipped off on Twitter by local illustrator (and gentleman) Undead8bit about these fancy sounding juices from Morrisons, I immediately got on it like sonic:
 the apple and beetroot variety is the more 'out there' errr 'wtf' flavour I saw, they were on offer at 3 for £5 which considering the price of juice these days, ain't bad. It's really foul tasting when served at room temperature but when chilled it's a lot nicer. The initial flavour isn't offensive but the after taste is pure beetroot. Beetroot unpickled is a flavour I really want to like (and frikkin loved in the M & S Beetroot salad) but I think this after taste put me off it even more. I'm sure I'll drink it all and survive though. I suppose it all depends on how much you like beetroot.

The second one of these new fangled juices is the apple, rhubarb and ginger flavour. Rhubarb always reminds me of going my nan's house at weekends when my grandad had freshly grown some and we would dip it in pure sugar and just eat it raw. I'm sure the dentist loved that. 
 This one was really nice. Just the right amount of tang from the rhubarb and punch from the ginger. The apple is a bit of a neutral non entity in it so doesn't need to be commented on I guess.

& finally we have GIN GINS, bought purely for the quirky name and packaging (and subliminal thoughts that I want proper ginger hair) Now, I see you looking at the picture thinking 'errrr they're ginger sweets love' Well.... WELL.... They are, BUT you can dissolve them in hot water to make a tasty, spicy ginger treat of a beverage.
They come individually packed so handy to take out and about (emergency ginger beverage? idk)
I added two to my cup ready for the boiling water (poured without adult supervision, living on the edge)
 They dissolve relatively easily. And leave a murky looking water. 
The taste is slightly stronger than a traditional ginger tea bag would be. A more 'natural' ginger flavour though. I think I prefer eating them as sweets though even though the texture it a bit weird you get a more concentrated hit of the spicy ginger flavour.

Marks out of ten:
Juice 1 5/10
Juice 2 7/10
Ginger 6/10

Juice Box.(pt 1)

When I started this blog, I thought ''you don't really get weird/new/exciting drinks to try'' and then it turns out it seems I try them more than anything else so far. So this is the first (of two) posts dedicated to beverage! hola!
 Copella Winter Warmer is a scrummy apple juice with loads of lovely warming spices in, you can have it cold or pop it in the microwave for 60 seconds and it's the best thing in the world ever, the drink of the Gods I tell you!! 
 It's really tangy yet not overpowering and the spice is just right to give you a warm snug winter belly. Yum.
Then, this one time in China Town in Manchester I was searching for some magic tea I wanted (which I didn't find, woe) I came across this:
 Super bright colours and strange goo in drinks? I'm on it! There were a few flavours such a 'Thai Tea' 'Green Tea' etc but I thought I'd play it safe and go with 'Lemongrass' flavour.... 
 Which contained Basil Seeds?! 
As you can see, it looked a lot like frog spawn.... not the most appetising appearance. This didn't put me off though as it reminded me of  my favourite China Town tipple; Aloe Vera King Juice which contains aloe vera pulp. Anyway.... I am disappointed to say this did not taste like that, and was more of a honey flavour?!! The basil seeds weren't offensive and this would be nice if you like honey, but unfortunately I don't! It was a bit like a liquid version of a Halls Soother. Grim.

Next up there's Marks and Spencers Sparkling Blueberry and Pomegranate water... It was nice but tasted more like sparkling apple juice more than anything. And apple wasn't one of the main flavours on the front so a little silly. I still wish M&S would bring back their Strawberry and Aloe Vera drink as that was amazing!

And finally for this post, we have BUBBLE TEA! Bubble Tea is a thing that I've seen all over the internet for months and just needed to try it. Then, suddenly, it's everywhere (well, in London and Manchester anyway) Bubble tea is like a flavoured milk based drink with tapioca pearls in the bottom. I imagine it's definitely not to some people's tastes as when you suck them up the straw its a bit of a weird sensation! They're like chewy soft things, very weird. It comes in loads of flavours, including; lavender, almond, green tea, banana and melon (plus loads more) 
This was banana and lavender flavour, it's served really chilled so really refreshing. You can have it without the 'bubbles' too which I did when I tried it the second time from Wasabi in Manchester (which by the way, is an awesome sushi restaurant, that pisses all over yo! shushi).
In the next blog entry I'll be having a try of some morrisons juices and ginger tablets (you'll see!)

Marks out of ten:
copella 9/10
lemongrass drink 2/10
m & s sparkling water 6/10
bubble tea 8/10

A mixed bag.

So, my phone has died the death of deaths in the river of pee and toilet water... Thus losing the pictures of all the new things I've tried recently. So I'm just playing catch up at the moment and seeking a mini sd card thing for my laptop so I can retrieve all the pictures!
Anyway, here goes;
I love Thai and Oriental food, so when I saw this on offer for half price I had to try it...
It was just kind of like a fancy Micro Noodles pot but with king prawn wontons in.... Because it had to be microwaved the wontons were all goopy and soft. The broth was really bland and the noodles were soggy. However, the prawns were a good size and quite juicy! For £1.24 I think the price was ok for a quick snack/light lunch.

This yoghurt is amazing!!!! It's on offer at the moment in Morrisons (2 for £3) they're in lovely little buckets. The yoghurt itself is slightly sour, but the cinnamon and apple goo at the bottom is the best,   and if you're a tight bastard like me you can save the cute little bucket to keep other shit in.

This is 'Rosehip' juice from Ikea to be honest I had no idea what the expect flavour wise for this, so had to try it. It's very syrupy and not a very pleasant taste, especially when it's not chilled. I defo would not buy it again. Soz Ikea! It was about a quid too so pretty expensive for a little drink like this, and I reckon the only health benefits would be if I wanted to get diabetes as it was very sugary. 

Marks out of ten:
Soup 4/10
yoghurt 9/10
juice 1/10

Beetroot & Chocolate

Today I have sampled two new taste sensations....
The first was this absolutely delicious Hot Salad from Marks and Spencers....
I am a massive fan of feta cheese (in fact it's been on every meal I've had for the past 6 meals now, whoops) and enjoy a bit of beetroot now and again, so I saw this and it instantly had appeal... And for £2.99 it's a very reasonable price considering it's M&S. Some of the salads in major supermarkets are nearly this price and just consist of pasta and mayo and are by no stretch of the imagination anywhere NEAR as tasty as this.

to jazz it up a bit and because I have more potatoes in than an Irish potato farmer, I sliced up some spuds, coated them in pepper, sea salt and rosemary and fried them for a bit too!

The outcome was amazing, the best salad I have had in a long time! I must admit the lentils got a bit much after a bit though and there were 3 slices of apple in the pack (which I still can't work out if they were there by accident or not) but saying this is was by no means offensive! I ate every last leaf. Yum yum.

Second up, I visited Freeport, Talke earlier on today (in search of underwear but found Thorntons instead)
This immediately looked wonderful:
I've had some of the other products from the chocolate block  range and haven't been overly disappointed by any of them yet. They retail at £1.70 each or 3 for £5 .... which sounds wonderful doesn't it? Great offer yes? NO. I was fully annoyed when I looked at my receipt and found I only saved 10pence! On the plus side I do have 2 more bars of chocolate than first intended. And thankfully it's pretty tasty.... It's got a kind of artificial cherry flavour to it, which isn't as bad as it sounds. Very sweet  but not like glacier cherry sweet though, because they are just plain horrid. It has some really small biscuity bits in too, which is usually a thing I loathe but in this it works well. Very nice and everyone should definately try some of the range! There's loads of different ones. My favourite so far has been the slightly salted pistachio flavour.

Marks out of 10:
Salad 10/10
Chocolate 6/10

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