17 Peep Show Mascara

 Spotted the new 17 Peep Show Mascara in Boots today and thought it was in some pretty lovely packaging so bought it. The whole burlesque thing and pink packaging never usually appeals to me but for some reason this did! It was £5.29 saving £1 on the RRP and you also got a free 17 Peep Show Eye Palette. I do like these free gifts you get with 17 cosmetics now and again, the last one I got was the Nude Eye Palette (in a time before blogging) and it's one of the best things in my make up collection if only for the cremé blusher inside it.
This palette just contained eyeshadows, I don't actually own any in these shades so thought they'd make a nice change. They're a really nice quality, the colours are rich and they have a creamy matte consistency. All basic, neutral tones which would suit most people. Probably a staple selection of colours for most people.
The mascara itself doesn't seem to be the highest quality, you're getting what you've paid for though.... Although I am probably going to frown upon any mascara's after using the amazing Blink + Go Mascara from this months Glossy Box which is amazing to say the least. However for the price of this it's pretty good, you can build up the layers even when it's dried. After about 7 applications later you can get quite a nice false lash look.....It's on a par with the Rimmel Scandaleyes for quality but without the chunky brush so you don't make a mess of yer peepers.
£5.29 for the two products is a pretty good price!
Have you tried this or the blink + go/scandaleyes yet? 
What do you think?

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  1. I wanted to get this the other day but the free gift was out of stock so I'm holding out! I use No17 mascaras quite often and think they're alright, for the pennies anyway :) x

  2. For its price it sounds like a good mascara. And it's pink and cute which is always a good thing! The eyeshadows look pretty, so I'd get the mascara to get them as well!
    Happy day!

  3. really nice post!:)
    Lovely greetings xx

    Would be really happy about a visit;):

  4. the packaging it nice! The mascara is defo value for money

  5. Wow, the packaging is so cute!!
    I might just have to buy this!

  6. Muito lindo seu blog, adorei e ja estou lhe seguindo. Espero que vc goste do meu blog e também passe a me seguir.
    Beijos do Brasil e do Nolhares

  7. So cute, love the colors.

  8. The packaging is so adorable! I love finding something so cute for such a good price. Your blog is really lovely :)

  9. the packaging is really nice, stands out amongst the rest of the 17 range on the shelf too.

  10. I saw this in boots and I didnt have enough money to get it but I'll definitely be going back to get it xxx


  11. Great post! thanks for the review, they are v.cute.
    I found your blog on Next Blogger Network, I love it if you could check out and follow my blog;
    Thanks :D Keep up the great blogging! xx

  12. @Megan - yeah defo worth it for the money!! Especially with the free gift.

    @Cato805 - oooh thats interesting, thanks for finding me! I'll follow you! :)


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