Back to the old's cool - Corn Silk

Ever since they discontinued the amazing Collection 2000 Perfecting Minerals I've been on the look out for a new miracle product to give me the same flawless complexion that did. I recently bought a lot of it in bulk off eBay but now eBay's supply has run out and I can't live off the ones I have forever. So, I was thinking -which make up powders have been around since TIME BEGAN? Then I remembered a product my Nan always used to use - Corn Silk. The young whipper snappers may never have heard of this mystery product before, it's not even stocked with the make up in Boots. It's with the skin care!? So I nipped in today to see if they still had it and they did! It costs £8.75 for a 12g tub and is on offer at the moment as 2 for £12. So I grabbed one of each of the loose powders. They only come in the translucent shade and as a loose powder, in Semi Matt or Satin. 
 It's still in rather retro style packaging....
 It's not the same coverage as the Collection 2000 Perfecting Minerals as that can be used alone over a moisturiser and still produces a good coverage. Corn Silk is more to seal your foundation in place, but I will be using it over boots Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser....
The secret of the formula contains Walnut and Silk (although not that secret if it says it on the front of the box)
And it has a really retro poofer in to apply it with too. I've opted to use a big face brush instead though as I find the poofer awkward.
The powder itself is a really silky smooth one and easy to apply. It's has a slightly shimmery lustre to it giving you a nice fresh complexion and lasts throughout the day. I think in comparison to come translucent powders on the market you're definitely getting value for your money. Although it is not as good as my beloved Collection 2000 Perfecting Minerals it is definitely a good contender for a replacement during a day to day make up routine. I will use this for the daytime now and the remainder of my beloved for nights out or special occasions. The other thing that attracted me to Corn Silk was the fact it doesn't clog your pores and it's doesn't feel heavy on your face.

Have you got any retro beauty must haves? I've seen a few blog posts about the 80's classic Lipcote knocking around, I wonder what else will become popular again this year!?
You can see the rest of the contents of my budget make up bag here.

& in case you weren't convinced, watch the advert!

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  1. As someone with a heart for the retro-ness, I've always had a bit of a thing for the cornsilk packaging, and I never understood why it was with the skincare. I bet if it wasn't it could possibly be used an be known a lot more!

    Saying that i've never used it but I can imagine it being really good if it's still the same old product as it once was.

    1. Yeah I think there's a reason it's still around! It's a really nice texture.

  2. The packaging looks really sleek and actually quite modern! I don't have any retro must haves but a must NOT have is stop n grow. That stuff was vile!


    1. Ah to me it looks like the 80's in plastic tub form! haha. I've never heard of stop n grow.... quite glad of that by your reaction to it!

  3. I'd never even thought of buying this old favourite! My nan used to use this all the time (mother knows best!) Lx

  4. There's gotta be a reason it's still about, I can see why now I've used it myself!


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