BOOKS – The Wasp Factory

To add to the reportoire of reviews on my blog I thought I’d do a little book one. I don’t read very much I’ll admit, so this therefore proves that if I make it all the way through a book it must be mint. Now before I start this blog post, I will just tell you a little but about the correct pronunciation of the word BOOK…. I know a lot of you say it ‘bUk’; I will tell you now, you are wrong my dear friend! If you’re from Stoke on Trent and pronounce it correctly as ‘bOOk’ then bravo! You’re a winner! So if you’re ever in the city or talk to a Stokie dunna you dareeee pick up on the accent. Stokies say it better!
Anyway on to the book itself…..

The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks.

I was recommended this book by a friend. I had never heard of it and really did not know what to expect. When I read it was a ‘Gothic Horror Story’ I expected all kinds of Twilight shit going down. Alas no vampires, no werewolves and definitely no Edward bastard Cullen. It’s hard to write a book ‘review’ without giving away the entire plot of it all. But basically it follows a young Scottish lad called Frank. It’s fair to say Frank is a bit odd. His days are made up of pissing on heads of dead animals and generally being an absolute loner and freak. Frank keeps a little contraption in his loft which he uses as a little house (or factory) to kill wasps, the wasps meet their demise in many ways, the most notable ways being set on fire or drowning in Franks piss…. He has a ‘disability’ which doesn’t become clear until the end of the book. That’s the serious twist. You simply don’t see it coming but when it does – BOOM! It’s a ‘what the fuck’ moment indeed.  In fact there are many ‘WTF’ moments throughout the book. When you find a chapter becoming slightly dull and lengthy a massive twist happens and you find yourself sucked in again. If you want to read more about the actual storyline check out the Wiki Page, but it does contain a few spoilers.
Like I said, if I have finished a book, that alone means it’s pretty good! Read it and be prepared to gasp…