Bye Bye Glossybox

After being subscribed to Glossybox since October, I think it’s time to say goodbye. I am so dissatisfied with this box it’s unbelievable. I know on the reviews I’ve seen knocking around blogsphere some people are really happy with this months box and usually I’m one to defend poor contents in these beauty boxes. I understand the work that goes into securing good products to keep consumers happy and defended the Boudoir Priv√© face mask scandal no end via social networking sites. But unfortunately this months box really REALLY disappointed me and my reasoning is below.
First and foremost. I understand it’s been Christmas, yadda yadda yadda but the wait for this months box didn’t contribute well to the disappointment. But that’s not a massive issue here. (I’ll start out with the niggling reasons I’m cancelling my subscription and save the ‘best’ til the end.)
The Box;
 The most sickly putrid pink I have ever seen. It actually offended my eyes. I don’t like it when they send different coloured boxes, if you’re keeping them to store other stuff in it messes up the whole aesthetic of the system! (like I said the first few were minor, niggling downsides)
 Everything looked pretty good in the box on first perusal….
I was most pleased with the primer as I had been after a new one for a while now….
But apart from that the other products were massively disappointing!
 First up, the Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner in ‘Plum’….. Now when you fill in that little questionairre thing on the site, is that just to make you feel a bit special because they clearly take no note of what you put. Why would you send me plum after reading my eye colour/skin tone/hair colour/other preferences on your questionairre. OHIKNOW because it means nothing taking that 10 minutes out to fill that in. I notice some people had hair products in their box, another box I distinctly remember ticking over make up. Another thing I hated about this product was the wasted packaging. The box the extra long bit at the end of the pencil etc. Now I read the long end bit was so you could carry on using the pencil well when you had sharpened in down. Cool Story Bro’ I’m glad some people fell for that one. I really do not like the Eyeko rebrand either and how they have used it as an excuse to charge 3 times as much for what is essentially the same products as their ‘cutesy, anime’ era.
The F-A-B Body Moisturiser is alright. I just don’t like that it’s fragrance free. The idea of these boxes is to have a little bit of a treat once a month and a product that smells of nothing isn’t really a treat to me. I could get fragrance free body moisturiser from Superdrug for a quid.
Anyway these things aren’t the main reason for the cancellation. The product I am most dissatisfied with is the Clarins samples. I know a lot of people were over joyed to get such samples in their box. And I’ll admit when I first opened and saw I got this selection, so was I…. Until I went to use them….
Can you see that? That tiny smidge of cream in the ’15ml’ tube?? I did read a lot of people saying their samples of this were EMPTY and to be honest I would have preferred that, as this feels like someone is (excuse my french) taking the piss. Surely this is against some kind of trading act to mislead people into thinking theyr have x amount of a product and give them the tiniest slither? 
And again with the Night Cream. A tiny little bit of cream in a 15ml tube.

So I have paid ¬£12.95 this month for a range of products that are either not suited, almost empty or a waste of packaging. Not to mention the environmental implications of sending thousands of people empty plastic tubes too. Like I said, I am usually the first to see a good side to any of these boxes. But sorry Glossybox. This one is just disappointing on SO many levels. I know this sounds like a completely scathing review but I am a bit cranky and waited more than the regular time for this ‘special limited edition’ box.
Oh but I got a sweet in the box too so I guess that makes it all ok.
*Edit* Further to this post, I’ve have been tweeting about my disappointment. About 12 tweets later (including other people expressing their disappointment) Here’s the response:
After working for 7 years in customer services I can’t help but feel that tweet lacks a little something…. OH that’s right… the worD ‘sorry’ Here’s what they should of said – ”Hi Terri, sorry you feel this way and the products haven’t been up to standard. Please e-mail us so we can help to resolve this issue” I feel that response MAY have been a little more fitting. But no. 
So here goes. The cancellation process. More like an mini endurance test really….
 Yes I FINALLY want to unsubscribe THNX….
 No, PLEASE cancel it, for the love of god!
I have emailed like they told me too, but I apparently have to wait up to 48 hours for a response, can’t be that hard to sort out a refund, REALLY.