Bye Bye Lovely Dwellings

 So in 2 weeks time I will be moving out of my beloved apartment to become a mere lodger at my friends house. I do love my place ever so much so a bit sad to be leaving, my house mate is going travelling and I can't afford the rent on my own and don't want to be living with anyone I don't really know that well! The good thing is I can save what's technically known as a shit load of money lodging at my friends, I wont have noisy couples upstairs arguing (never met the people in the flat upstairs but I can tell you their names are Carl and Emma and he just ''DOESNT KNOW HOW HE MAKES HER FEEL'' winge winge winge 24/7 and kitty will have 2 new feline friends to run around with. I will also be starting my new job at some point in my life (if they ever put my CRB check through and email my references, its beginning to annoy me slightly as I can't start my new job until both of these are done; one ref got lost in the post, the other wasn't signed so got sent back and now I feel that is also lost and the final one they sent to my manager even though it was a personal reference and not for her to do!)
New year
New job
New dwellings.
Just whilst I'm reminiscing here's some pictures of how I made my own place feel a bit more like 'my own'. Nothing here cost me more than £15, and that was for the mini antlers. The rest of the frames etc were salvaged for free or charity shops for £1.
I know the 'keep calm and carry on thing' is done to death now, but when I first painted these frames in duck egg blue the keep calm imagine matched perfectly. It's now replaced with a Flight of the Conchords pictures though. Eat, Sleep, FOLK! The post cards in the other frames are Mark Ryden, he is possibly one of my favourite artists ever.

This wall is my favourite thing to look at ever. I got the large and small baroque frames from my grandad who is a massive hoarder and painted them an off white-ish grey. The mini canvases are upcycled material from Ikea which I simple stretched around some old mini pictures I had and stapled on the back and the two vintage style metal wall hanging were from TK Maxx in the sale. I got the antlers from a place called Dagfields near Nantwich which can hold many a treasure I tell thee! They're stuck onto the frame with some epoxy resin glue.
Before the antlers were on the frame they temporarily lived on this notice board, once again the cork board itself was salvaged from Grandpaps house and covered in the Ikea material. I'm not gonna lie, I just like this image for Kitty posing in it.
 I tried to keep to all light and pretty colours, this duvet cover was from Tesco and it was so Cath Kidston-esque but at like a 3rd of the price.
And once again, everything here apart from the cat and the mannequin was salvaged/free/cheap as cheaps. I think I probably only spent about £200 altogether on furniture etc for the place!
I guess its all a but unintentionally 'shabby chic'. I think the key factor to decorating a place and making it look your own isn't money or expensive items, I just chose one colour I liked and worked around it. I didn't think in my head I would only spend a small amount, it just kind of happened. Which is pretty good in my opinion.
Loads of fun times have been had here, I will just share with you my favourite image so far me and my friend have created....
We name it 'The Evolution of Cat!' (we were actually trying to recreate the picture on the tray by my feet though, blame spiced rum, its always the spiced rums fault)

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  1. Love the stag pictures. And the cats so cute. Great blog:) followed

  2. Love the picture of you and your friend with the cat! Your new room looks lovely, I have a really similar duvet to that and I love it! Hope you have lots of fun in your new house xxx


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