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This week I found a wonderful little crafty gadget in Aldi for £2.50; Recently graduating from a BA(hons) in 3D Design: Crafts (or as I like to deem it making cards for grown ups {I jest it was a bit more technical than that}) I'm always on the look out for little crafty goodness to keep my degree relevant to my life (and make me feel better about accumulating £1000's worth of debt for a degree not really relevant to getting a 'real job')
 Rubber stamps can be pretty pricey, (I know someone who paid around £30 to have their own customer stamp made which was on a par with this one!) so this one where you can simply pop in your own wording was a bargain. It would have come in amazingly handy when I was creating my own business cards for my degree show, but it will still come in handy for when I make occasional sales from my Etsy store: for personalised, handmade thank you tags.
You have a little set with tiny little rubber letters on, you just pop them off this and onto the stamp.
 It's really quite simple, if not a little fiddly
And there you go! You can switch and swap the letters to say whatever you like. It comes with an extra ink pad too!

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  1. THAT IS SO COOL! I dont have a real degree either 'Tourism Business Management' aka holiday expert who worked in Disney World. I want a real job ! x

  2. Hahaha I like to think my degree helps me to put on my eyeshadow better as i'm educated in the arts!
    I have a new job I'm waiting for a start date for but its nothing to do with crafts!

  3. We had the really old school ones at home when i was growing up that my mum would use when she was an Avon lady. I think they are really neat though and a much more affordable way of stamping and making your own stationary.

  4. I like how it looks a bit like typewriter font and how I can change what it says really easily.

  5. OMG I need one. With this and my Dymo label maker, I would be invici-label!

  6. HA you just reminded me I have a Dymo too!!

  7. Ha this is amazing! Looks so cool x

  8. I am desperate for this in my life, i'm currently studying Illustration and it would be PERFECT as i hate doing my own tiny fonts!!
    Thank you for finding this, ultimate life saver!

  9. Thats good then! It certainly would have made my uni work a little bit easier! :)


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