Frosty Heartbeats

Frosty weather equals frosty finger tips. This also means inspiration for some frosty inspired nail varnish. I came across this ‘2true’ nail varnish in Superdrug the other day for £1.99. It’s a really lovely iridescent white/silver glitter, when its on alone its a bit wishy washy so I teamed it up with 17’s new shade ‘Heartbeat’ (£2.99) for some wintery goodness.
These colours are also quite inkeeping with the Pasty Pastels trend I blogged about last week!
 I do like the 17 Lasting Finish varnishes, they last for days and days and have some of the most lovely shades. I particularly like ‘Chaperone’ which is a nice grey tone. The 2true nail varnish despite it’s cheesy name is a really hard wearing one also.
It’s really hard to get a picture that shows how nice the colours are together, when the light hits in the right place there’s a nice purple/pink hue.
One day I’ll work out how to take a decent photograph of nails.