Hey Foxy

Wanna see something cute yet practical?
Here ya go!
 My new Foxy bag from Temporary Secretary! Ain’t it sweet? Yeah it is! I’ve been lusting after it since before Christmas so bit the bullet and invested. It’s a great size. Not too big, not too small – Fits all the essentials in! I love how his little nose is also the button to close him up (yes, it’s a him) 
 Another thing I like about Foxy is his buckle strap. Like a belt you can adjust the size to suit and it looks good too.
Although he does look slightly freaky when he is open. Poor little foxy.
You can purchase your own little Foxy from http://www.temporary-secretary.com/ for £18. Swish swoo! He comes in a few different colours too, because he’s good like that.