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Initially, I'd just like to apologise for the abundance of nail posts this week (well, two, but that's two more than I would of liked really!) All my stuff is still in boxes because I'm a professional procrastinator. However, I nipped to a local outlet mall called Freeport yesterday and spotted this rather splendid Glittery nail varnish in Claires. I'm not sure if this is common knowledge but Claires outlets that are in these 'outlet malls' offer 30% off the high street price. And they still stock current products, so if I see something in a local Claires I always check out the Freeport one (which is about 2 miles down the road) and get it for a cheaper price! If you've not heard of Freeport it's the same company as Cheshire Oaks, I don't know the name of any others outside the Stoke on Trent/ Cheshire area though I'm afraid!
 Anyway, I was drawn to this nail varnish because it reminded me of the OPI Rainbow Connection Nail Varnish that I'd seen on LLYMLRS blog. She had discovered a Technic dupe which was a fraction of the price for £3. This one from Claires comes in even cheaper at £2.50.... and with the 30% discount EVEN cheaper £1.80. You really can't go wrong. The only problem being that Claires nail varnishes don't tell you a shade number or name so I can't tell you which exactly it is! But they had quite a good range of glittery polish to choose from anyway.
 I've teamed it with the w7 Metallic Jupiter, which is an amazing colour. It's a dark dark purple with fine iridescent glitter in it, but when the light hits it it changes into a goldy, greeny hue. It's amazing. 
 I applied two coats of each of the varnishes. Both seem quite chip resistant thus far despite the heavy coating. 
It's like having a little galaxy on each nail.
I just need to learn how to apply it a bit neater next time.
Oh and extra kudos if you 'get' the titles' reference.

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  1. These look great together! So cheap too will definitely be buying one of the glitter polishes from there:)

    1. I bought 3 different ones and it came to about £5, bargain!

  2. That is so pretty! Wonder if the discount is the same in American Claires in outlet malls - i'll have to go poke!

    1. I bet it's cheaper in america anyway! Britain seems more expensive for everything else!

  3. They look lovely :o) x

    1. It looks a lot prettier in real life, so hard to capture lovely colours via old poor quality camera! haha.

  4. They look so pretty!! And I wish my nails were as neatly painted as yours! :-)


  5. Oh i think i like these nails more then yesterday, but i like lots of colour :)So pretty! xx

  6. beautiful nail lacquers :)
    the new header its beautiful, in my personal opion, is more suitable with your wallpaper :)
    but the old is lovely too, but different, more retro.

  7. very cute :D i've never seen this combo before. i'm quite a nail polish addict hahah!~ but it's cool that you found a place where you can get the same nail polish cheaper..wish we had that option here in nyc lol.


  8. What a colour the metallic jupiter is! O.o Me needs. Now. *sneaks away from just started assignment to get it* :D xx


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