Japanesey Treats

Yesterday I went for a meal at Stoke on Trent’s only Japanese restaurant – Miso. It’s located in the deepest most darkest depths of Stoke town centre; an area I do not choose to frequent very often unless good food is promised! It is a truly horrid place (proven by some suspect chavs who walked past and shouted I was a ‘dirty cow’ on the way in haha!) But regardless of this the food was worth it and one day when I summon up the courage I will venture back and do a proper review of their goodness – that may be fairly soon as they currently have an offer on lunchtime Bento boxes for buy one get one free on Thursday’s and Friday’s!
Anyway, whilst I was there I noticed they now have a super mini shop bit where you can buy some little treats to take home – and being a sucker for anything new, cute or brightly packaged I got this little selection:
Altogether it came to £4.40 which isn’t too pricey considering the price some of these fancy sweet shops sell foreign goodies for.
Here’s what I got:
Pucca are little fish shaped pretzel snacks, chocolate on the outside and a creamy chocolate on the inside. I do not think that the restaurant have been keeping them in a ‘cool dry place’ though as they creamy inside was quite hard and gritty. The flavour was alright but I don’t think you can beat good old fashioned English chocolate brands though.
Melon Milk sounds disgusting but I bought this after trying a few too many bubble tea’s and love melon flavour drinks now. It was a really see through melon flavoured milkshake and was just the right amount of sweetness. I really liked it – a lot!
Pepero almond and chocolate pretzel sticks were once again not up to scratch due to the storage of them. The chocolate had gone all white and horrid looking but they still tasted fine. I like these because they have the right amount of almond within the chocolate. You don’t get very many in the pack though which is a shame. They’re the same as popular Japanese snack Pocky if you’ve ever tried those.
And finally
Well, I don’t even know what the weird little sweet things were called but apparently they were ramune flavour, which I believe is a popular drink in Japan. They just tasted like sugar to me. And disintegrated very strangely in the mouth.
I have tried worse Japanese food, I used to like with a Japanese girl at uni and some of the strange and often wonderful food stuffs she would share was a really good experience. My favourite were those sour hot candies that are popular over there too, the least favourite being wasabi flavoured whitebait in a packet like crisps, yuck!
I do enjoy trying everything twice!