A Macaroon a day…..

…..Keeps the gym away?
After discovering the Marks and Spencers seasonal Mini Macaroons just before Christmas, my macaroon adventures continue. The only other establishment I can find these wonderful things within a 30 mile radius of Stoke on Trent is Waitrose in Sandbach! And they don’t come at a bargain price I can tell thee. Anyway, I’ve invested. A whole pack of 7 wonderful macaroons…..
 Because there is 7 in a packet I’ve decided to savour them a little bit and limit myself to 1 a day haha.
 As you can see, 7 different flavours. I’m looking forward to the Earl Grey one the most!
 I wish I could handcraft them in my kitchen. I did half heartedly attempt macaroons once (bought a book and everything) but alas it didn’t work. I’ll try again one day.
 They look so lovely all lined up with their lovely colours and shape. Yum Yum. And not only are they a culinary sensation they are also bang on trend this season – see my Pasty Pastel post.
 They have numbers down the side too so you actually know which flavour you’re having instead of just guessing.
 The pistachio flavour was very subtle but just right. It could have maybe done with a little more filing in the middle too.
And the texture was slightly less gooey than the Marks and Spencers version, but they were about a third of the size of these ones so that may make a difference.
Anyway, I cannot wait for tomorrow’s Raspberry macaroon. And I wonder why my waist is no longer 26 inches…. *sigh* I just love food.