Music Monday #5

This weeks music Monday is a little early I know, but this weekend I am moving home and might not have a chance to do this post on Monday! I’m pretty certain a majority of readers of this blog won’t ‘get’ my choices this week, I’m guessing by the lack of comments on last weeks post, nobody liked those either!….
 I’ll be honest I’ve no idea what type of music you guys are in to! So comment and let me know, it’s always good to discover new music and share your favourite bands. I’m into a bit of everything. From quaint folky bands like Belle and Sebastian and The Moldy Peaches to some electronic beats in the form of m83 or Aphex Twin with a bit of cheesy motown and noisy punk in the middle. If you’re into your noisy punk and alternative music you couldn’t possibly have missed the massive musical news this week of two of my favourite bands of all time (!!!!) At The Drive In and Refused getting back together and doing some shows. So far they’ve only announced non UK gigs, but I’ve heard whispers of them doing some UK Festivals this year. I just really hope it’s not going to turn out to be the massive FAIL that Glassjaw were at Leeds….

At The Drive In // One Armed Scissor
Refused // New Noise
And in case these aren’t your cup of tea, go back to your happy place with this;
What type of music do you like?
What is your favourite song right now??