My Make Up Bag

I always see blog posts about what people have in their make up bags. I love being nosey and can’t help but have a look and a read. However, after seeing the 20000th post of make up bags containing every expensive make up product going, I’ve decided to share mine. I’m sure a few people probably only buy high end brands to show off a bit. Well, I am going to show off and show you how lovely my face can be without spending enough money to feed a family of four doing so.
I’ve tried most brands and products from MAC to Collection 2000. And I’m sorry, but I just cannot justify spending SO much money on being vein. I don’t think a blusher is worth above £4 and I don’t think an eyeliner needs to be £15. I just can’t think that way about such a disposable thing I’m afraid! To be frank I think people competing online about the expense of their make up collection is similar to who has the most expensive trainers at school….Apparently if ‘you buy cheap you buy twice’… Well that suits me fine because I certainly like to buy!
Anyway here is my current make up bag and what’s inside it…
 The bag itself is TokyoMilk, if you read my blog you will notice I mention this brand a lot, it’s my favourite thing ever (and yes a contradiction in my previous paragraph considering how expensive the stuff is, ha)
A lot of the things in my bag at the moment are cute little sample sizes acquired off ebay or from monthly beauty boxes. The most expensive thing at the moment is my TokyoMilk Iced Green Tea Lip Balm, but you need a good lip balm!
 The most ingenious thing in my make up bag at the moment is my ‘blusher’. Basically I ran out of my bourjois little round pot blusher and kept putting myself off buying it again. I wanted blusher that was quite pink and with a shimmer but couldn’t find the right shade in another brand. Then I remembered a few years ago for Christmas I got one of those Front Cover Eye collection pallets from Boots and it had the PERFECT shade of pink in it with just the right amount of shimmer, so I popped it out and put it in an old mouse foundation pot and saved the bourjois brush which fits perfectly inside with it! (I should be in Take A Break magazine with tips like this!)
 The benefit posie tint, mememe seventh heaven, clinique dramatically different and l’occitane perfume are all in good little sizes and I’ll be browsing ebay for replacements of these when they’ve ran out.
 I use Natural Collection tinted moisturiser as my base nowadays and Collection 2000 Perfecting Minerals powder foundation over the top. I had to buy the Perfecting Minerals off ebay in bulk as Collection 2000 have stopped making it!! Which annoys me profusely!!! It’s the best mineral foundation EVER. Why would they stop making it?!?! I’ve tried others and they are shit in comparison or come in the tiniest tub ever so lasts about 3 days. Every time I use this foundation people compliment on how nice my skin looks. It’s just the best. Ever. Argh!!!!!!!
I also use an eyeshadow for my eyebrows. With a flat brush. I don’t know if this is how eyebrows are meant to be done, but the eyeshadow was free and I already had the brush so saves me money on expensive eyebrow palettes which seem to be the new thing nowadays.
Other products in my bag;

  • Natural Collection Liquid Eyeliner – I use this for my daily eyeliner. It’s a bargain for £1.99 or 3 for £5. It’s not the most pigmented of black liners but it does the job and glides on perfectly.
  • 17 Peep Show Mascara – You can see my review HERE.
  • Cargo Mini Lipgloss – This was in my December Glossybox and was an unexpected win. I didn’t think I’d ever use it, but it’s long lasting and non sticky, a lot better than any other lip glosses I’ve used.

That pretty much covers everything anyway! For nights out etc I do change this selection slightly and also use a bit of Soap and Glory Hocus Focus for highlighter and some eyeshadows when I’m feeling extra fancy.

p.s this is my face:

I’m allowed to pout because I’m a ‘beauty blogger’.