No 7 Amazing Eyes Liner

I got my mitts on a £5 off any No 7 product in Boots this week. I don’t usually bother with No 7 make up as I find their foundations are a really orange tone on me and it’s kind of put me off the entire range. Regardless of that though, £5 off made me look again. I’ve been after a new liquid eyeliner and spotted their ‘Amazing Eyes Liner’ on the shelf for around £8.50. That’s a pretty expensive price for eyeliner but I figured after the £5 was taken off it was a bit of a bargain.
 The eyeliner boasts that it’s a ‘new formula’…. I’m not sure what the ‘old formula’ was but I find the consistency of this really gloopy and sticky. It doesn’t really ‘glide’ on the eyes like you would expect a liquid liner to do. Don’t get me wrong – the pigmentation is great. It’s a really good ‘shade’ but it kind of sticks…. If that even makes sense? I’m not sure how to word it.
 The brush applicator is fine. It’s what you expect from any liquid eyeliner. It’s not one of those hard ones, it’s an actual brush. But it is fairly thick. With a light hand you can get quite a fine line though.
Overall I probably wouldn’t purchase this again. Not at full price anyway. I much prefer the bourjois liners. But it’ll do for now. It’s definitely not the worst one I’ve tried!