Pantene Ice Shine Créme

I bought this Pantene Ice Shine Anti-Frizz Smoothing Créme a few weeks ago, and I'll be honest, I don't quite get what it's meant to be or do. I bought it because I thought it may be a bit like a serum but in a cream version, if they even exist. Either way the ice shine range hadn't really let me down yet. But this has. Because it doesn't seem to have a purpose in life.

 It says 'frizz control with added shine' so I squirted a bit out and smoothed it onto my hair. I didn't even use that much and it made my hair lank, greasy looking and heavy. So yeah it smoothed the frizz but also made me look like I'd been dunking head first in a chip pan.

It's just a really odd product, definitely not what I wanted or expected. Even the tiniest amount doesn't work or do what I wanted and thought it was for. However, all is not lost. Even though it does not work on straightened/neat hair that you want to wear down, it could work for smoothing an 'up do'. I have also been using it to create a waved effect. I curl my hair with some medium barrel curlers brush it through then rub this through out. It's the only way I can find to use it that doesn't end in greasy looking disastHAIR.

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  1. I've flicked thru your blog yesterday and not only that I love the layout but I like that we've got sorta simmilar taste!:) I tried Pantene samples of shampoo/conditioner/mask and it took me two washes to get my hair back to normal, we just don't get on, dear old Pantene, do we? xx

    1. Aw thanks! Ha yeah I know what you mean about the tastes! You have loads of products on yours I either love already or need in my life soon! x

  2. im a sucker for hair products but i deffinatly wnt be using this one, thanks for the great review hun

    1. pantene usually do some pretty good products but yes defo avoid this one!


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