17 Miracle Matte Foundation

Heeeeyyyy, you'll notice my blogging it going to be rather sporadic over the next few weeks. I started the new job Tuesday and discovered it's 8am til 11pm shifts but then you get 2 whole days off! I definitely prefer a working week to be done in chunks like that but also don't appreciate the early start as I'm totally not used to them yet.... So for my 2 days off I've slept til at least 11am and I'm knackered! Anyway a quick post to share with you the new 17 Miracle Matte Foundation. I bought this after reading a review on Miss Budget Beauty's Blog. The reason I try not to use liquid foundations is that you kind of always need to use a powder over to make it last and make it non shiny (well I do). So when I read about this I thought it sounded perfect.
The range of lighter colours is really good, I've got one of those skin tones where foundations are either too light or too orange. I can never get it just right! But The 17 Miracle Matte Foundation in 'Fair' matches my face perfectly! It's really easy to put on, I just use my fingers and blend it in. It says it provides medium to heavy coverage but I think it does sway more towards to medium end. Although a foundation must be a miracle if it can cover these massive spots I have going on at the moment! It doesn't 'dry' as matte as I expected which is actually quite good as I can 'top it up' a bit if I want and still blend it in ok, I was expecting it to be a finish like Maybelline Dream Matt Mouse or something. But it's not. It's nowhere near as heavy looking and doesn't dry out the skin at all. For the introductory price of £4.99 it's definitely worth trying! 

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  1. I bought this and I haven't gotten around to trying it!! I'm really looking forward to using it now, Great Post xxx

    1. It is a really good foundation for the price!

  2. I do like matte foundations and I would definitely be trying this if I was back in the UK. Sounds totally up my street but I'm not sure it could overtake my love for the Bourjois Healthy Mix.

    1. I have the healthy mix foundation but much prefer this one. When I use healthy mix I put powder over it because it doesn't seem heavy enough for me!

  3. I have been wanting to buy this as I have quite oily skin, every time I go to buy it though they never have the colour, soft ivory. I think it must be popular!

  4. seen this the other day and really fancy trying it! Little bit scared about choosing a colour - I'm so used to rimmel's colours and have stuck to 200 soft beige, my perfect one! Hopefully if I find a suitable colour I'll try this out for the fun :):)


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