Bargain of the Day - 17 Femme Noir

You may recognise the 17 Femme Noir set from a few months ago as it was a free gift when you purchased any TWO 17 products... I almost succumb to the offer but there wasn't 2 items I wanted and I couldn't justify buying anything just to get this for free, as I thought I would just use the eyeliner and nothing else. So I left it, forgot about and purchased the no7 eyeliner with one of those £5 off vouchers instead (which I reviewed here:Review 17 Amazing Eyes Liner). Anyway, I was browsing Boots today and noticed they had a stand FULL of 17 Femme Noir sets...and guess how much they were?!?!?! £1.50! That's right - ONE POUND FIFTY. So I grabbed 3!
It contains: 1 x Ultimate Volume lipgloss in 'very berry'
1 x black liquid eyeliner
and 1 x glittery eyeshadow 'night sky'
 Alone the liquid eyeliner retails for £3.99. Which is what I went into Boots to buy anyway, so it worked out a pretty good deal. I was expecting not to like the lip gloss at all but when on it's actually a really nice colour and not as bold as I thought it would come out. The lipgloss once again retails at £3.99. I'm still not sure if I will use the eyeshadow very often though. But regardless of that I still got 3 products which add up to around £11 altogether for £1.50!! So glad I got 3! I'm not sure of the availability of these nationwide but the Boots store I visited was in Hanley, Stoke on Trent so you'll have to see if your local one has them or brave a visit to Stoke!

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  1. What a steal! That eyeshadow is always in no17 gift sets though!

  2. What a bargain! Am tempted to just get it for the liner! x


Thanks for the comment!

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