Bath Tub Teabags?!

A post with a little bit of a difference today. It’s a combination of two things I love the most (kind of!) – Beauty products and drinks! Although for the love of God, don’t drink these, I can’t imagine it would be a very good idea. When I first saw them for sale in Whittards I was a bit confused, a tea bag for the bath?! I know Whittards specialise in Tea but this was a whole new level of tea…..But then thinking about it, it makes sense. Especially if you love a steaming hot bath like I do.
 The scent is Lemon Balm and Lavender. They’re a really refreshing smell and I’m not sure if it’s subliminal or not but I also pick up some PG tips in the nose buds. Also the cat went CRAZY for the smell. She was drooling on the box and everything like the refined feline she is.
 So you put them in the water and let them brew for a little bit, I must admit I was expecting the bags themselves to be a little bit more aesthetically pleasing as they did actually just look like massive teabags!
Now I didn’t take pictures of the water because a; where I’m lodging the bathroom is a lovely shit green suite, my favourite colour but you can’t demonstrate water activities very well and b; it looked like someone had pee-ed in the bath! The water went a really sickly yellow colour haha. I also played around with the bag too much (squeezing the goodness out and such) and it burst leaving a soil like substance in the bottom of the tub. Apart from that though the smell and silkyness left in the water was lovely. It was really relaxing and refreshing and left my skin feeling really smooth, I was pleasantly surprised. Have you tried anything like this? What do you think? I’m unsure if I would purchase them again but as a gift for a tea lover I think they’re great.